If you have any good graphical/audio software that would be a neat triptoy, click here or ftp to -cherlyn

Flasher a computer strobe-light for DOS. (48 K)

"This is a strobe-light for the PC. It can enhance, or alter brainwave frequency. This can be a helpful tool for a DXM trip. NOTE: if you have epilepsy, do not try this program."

PC-dope/Computer Narcotics audio brainwave stimulator for DOS. (21 K)

"It doesn't make you trip, as it is said to do, but it can stimulate brainwave frequency. It uses pulsing tones, as if it was a strobe-light for the ears."

Acidwarp eyecandy for DOS. (58 K)

"AcidWarp generates soft, friendly pictures on your screen. It selects from over 40 mathematical function to generate each picture pattern. Once displayed the colors of each picture are animated to produce a flowing and moving picture."

Cthugha available for DOS, Windows, Mac, and Unix.

"An oscillator on acid! This trip toy won't necessarily enhance a trip, but it is fun to look at while on DXM. It even responds to music."

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