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The Third Plateau for good leads.

The Third Plateau [] Can be considered the definitive DXM website. This site provides information not found in the FAQ and goes into the DXM drug culture.It is available for the experienced users, inexperienced users, and the non-users. It is updated frequently (at least 4-5 times a week).

The Lycaeum's DXM Page [] more DXM info

Lycaeum Trip Stories (DXM) [] Various DXM trip stories located at the Lycaeum. Unfortunately, it is titled "DXM- Cheap Thrill Maps".

The DXM Appreciation Page []

Erowid's DXM Page [] Another good source of DXM information.

Sputnick's DXM Page [] Not as good as the Erowid. Has some reports.

Hyperreal's Dissociative Page [] Has information on dissociatives, including DXM.

Big Fun Glossary [] This page, although is not directly dedicated to DXM, gives an idea of a DXM drug culture. Also contains some links.

The DXM E-Zine [] An html version of a printed publication regarding the recreational use and potential of DXM. Three issues, so far. Pure ascii versions also available. Lots of useful information.

Issue One (November, 1997)
Issue Two (December, 1997)
Issue Three (January, 1998)

DeeXMan's DXM Page [] nice site. Has a big collection of trip stories.

Deja Vu: Confessions of a Serial Robo Killer [] has trip stories and lots of DXM info. Very interesting...check it out.

Dev/Null/ The Happy Place in your Brain [] various DXM stuff, including logs from #DXM (dalnet), and one version of Microsoft IE with Dextromethorphan Windows.

Plateau Sigma [] a DXM-induced band! You can download their MP3's at this site

The Rave Zone Drug Archive (DEUTCHE:GERMAN) [] contains some info on DXM and other drugs.

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