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Obtaining and using DXM

A Beginner's Guide to DXM : A must-read for beginners

Safety Precautions you must take : PLEASE READ

OTC list : A list of all OTC medications containing DXM

The Powder Page : Information on ordering pure powder

Tips and Tricks

Medical Information

Dextromethorphan in the treatment of a child's epilepsy

DXM as used as a smart drug

Informed is Pharmicological information on a variety of prescription meds and published the following on the intended use of DXM:
Adverse Reactions and Interactions
Contraindications and Cautions
Risk Groups

Historical Reports : A very out-dated report of robo use from around 1993. Provides interesting historical information. Comes from the usenet days before the DXM FAQ was written.

The Dextromethorphan Defense : Dextromethorphan and the Opiate Screen; a small test done on DXM users to see if it tests positive on urine tests.

Trip Reports

Jetboy's DXM chronicles...A multitude of dexperiences. So many that they got their own page. Thanks, Jetboy!

DXM + Acid experience (submitted by anonymous) ...Want a cheap way to travel? Buy yourself 2 tabs and some DXM!

Scott H's DXM experiences (submitted by Scott H.) ...another multitude of dexperiences.

1200mg experience...Now my being -- which was really a universal "we" as opposed to an individual identity -- seemed to contract into a single point then explode outward countless times, the infinity of space and time and perception and being contained within each explosion.

Stories written while on DXM (submitted by Greendrag) ...It is sort of like being omnipresent. Wondering through time and through different dimensions. Connecting my usual plane of consciousness with the elevated one I am currently on.

A typical third/fourth plateau experience (submitted by anonymous) ...During the various stages of the third plateau experience, one may glimpse one's life and self from a wholly external perspective...

A usenet poster's third plateau experience (submitted by anonymous) ...I felt as though I was traveling through galaxies at warp speed. I knew my body was there but it felt numb, like it had been pumped full of anesthetic.

2 experiences: 1st and 2nd plateaus (submitted by anonymous) ...I felt euphorically happy, but in a mellow way. I felt complete. I didn't "need" anything to make me happy, I was happy to just be.

A second plateau trip mixed with cannabis (submitted by anonymous) was the first time that I experienced the thc/dxm thing. My timing was right and I loved it. At one point in the evening they both mixed and BAMM! Everything became alive in a cartoon world.

A bad experience with DXM freebase (submitted by anonymous) ...I didn't know exactly how much I had extracted, so I went to a head shop in my city and bought one of those cheap scales. That was my mistake.

"The Summer of DXM" (submitted by Agaton Sachs XIII) ...4 experiences: 150mg, 500mg, 900mg, 1200mg... This summer, 1997, I didn't have a summer job for the first time in years and years, and since my interest for drugs had grown, especially the more psychedelic one, I decided some self-expermentation would be a good way to get a few non-happening summer days to pass.

Pneyz's Experience (submitted by Pneyz) ...It seemed that my anatomy was setting out to disprove the fundamental laws that govern the elasticity of objects. I was stretching, but not in painful ways. My body had finally decided that it was partial to a ellipsoid shape, when I realized I was now traveling at a fair speed towards the center of a mottled green torus. I passed through the donut hole and fell out of the clouds onto earth.

Experience with 600mg (3rd Plateau) (submitted by Scott) ...I was numb all over. I was my spirit. I was flying around my mind. In a vast space. It was a very enlightening. Almost like a spirital expeirence. I felt like i was one with every thing.

Diamond's Experience (submitted by Diamond) ...Next thing I knew I was a flower... I don't know how I got that way (Dream, Hallucination, or Imagination?) but I felt all the powers of the plant. I lived its entire life in a matter of (apparently) minutes!

An accidental 1800mg Delsym Experience (submitted by Charos) I called my friend...he did some calculations...paused...and promptly said "well,'ve just drank 1800 MG, hang on for the ride".

A DXM abuser's first trip (submitted by anonymous) ...I had to have that feeling of oneness and being able to comprehend the world, the universe, etc. I was able to express myself without any hesitation.

A story of getting kicked out of school for distributing DXM powder. (submitted by Ythan) ...They ultimately treated the DXM the same as an illegal drug as far as the consequence they chose for me, which is unfortunate but I can also understand.

A fourth plateau tale from Evilfrige (submitted by Evilfrige) ...As we drove I stared at people on the street...they were all dead...or perhaps just rather sickly. I looked in the rear view. My face was uglier than the people's on the street.

An irc log DXM experience on #DXM (submitted by Z*****) ...most of what i saw, and what i felt, feels alot like i lived in a dream.

An account of the 5th plateau (3240mg) (submitted by anonymous) ...Gradually over the next few days, I regained normality. On about Tuesday of the NEXT WEEK, I dropped into that stage known as the "dxm after-glow."

A 4th plateau experience (pure DXM 850-900mg) (submitted by Robofreak) ...Then i saw the portal into the next world that had all of the worlds inner workings floating in it. I entered it with great expectations.

A Second Plateau experience (225mg of DXM + pseudoeph + guaifenesin) (submitted by John Shaft) ...i seemed to be more of a 'composite' than an individual person.

A rememberance of childhood (2nd plateau) (submitted by E) ...Never have I remembered so much of my past life all in one night

A Negative First Experience (240 mg of Coricidin) (submitted by anonymous) ...In the morning I felt tired, shaky and weak. The effects did not wear off until the next day.

A vivid trip involving multiple substances (submitted by Shostiru) ...I began to look around me. I felt suddenly shocked that with such incredible beauty and energy around us, we as humans choose to spend our time in sterile and unnatural surroundings. It felt as if a black veil were dropping from my soul, or perhaps as if an evil spell were being banished. I could sense the life and joy around me in the trees, the clouds, the skies, and even the stars. There was life all around me, and I could suddenly see the pattern to it.

Atlas's 700mg DXM Trip (submitted by Atlas) ...i envisioned the whole house like a community of space-aged pioneers and we were spinning in the house, which was spinning on top of a big rock in outer space.

Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah's Badass Robo Experiences (submitted by Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah) ...The ceiling started to come down at me and go up as I stared deeper and deeper at it. It would come down in bubbles and rotate back and forth.

A group-trip experience (submitted by Dan) ...I now realise that it was my state of mind causing the trip to be as it was. This trip was one of the most amazing, bonding, empathogenic experiences I have ever had.

A 2nd plateau experience (submitted by anonymous) ...I felt the couch begin to undulate, kind of a rolling wave sort of motion and noticed the walls and ceiling didn't meet at a 90 degree angle.

Accidental ingestion of 2 grams (submitted by Longman) ...This was my first taste of DXM ever, and I had no idea what a ride I was in for.

Bad Experience with DXM powder (submitted by Melvin) results with powder DXM were inconsistent and at times unpleasant. However, some of the trips were just fine and seemed to work as well as the Sucrets.

A trip in the woods (over 1 gram) (submitted by Melvin) ...I began to see my mind as a sort of liquid cave and started journeying to different parts of it. I found myself narrating my journey out loud and my girlfriend said that she could also see the same thing.

A journey in the astral body (Submitted by Sage) was like this world only without a mask of ignorance to observe it through. As if there's a mask of some kind hiding the truth of this dimension that was only then to me removed.

A recalled experience from 1992 (8 oz robitussin) (submitted by Corndog of Carbondale) ...What I recall most is that the whole experience progressed in surges, or 'waves' as we referred to them then.

A descriptive first-time experience (354 mg) (submitted by hadez) ... While enjoying these CEV's in my little own world i suddenly felt my body kind of "fall" and it was as if my body had turned into liquid.

Hadez's 2nd trip (354 mg DXM + Cannabis) (submitted by hadez) ... I bent down and got an enormous hit. I immediately went into a breakpoint of peace and everything seemed to tune out. I looked around and it was like i was in space.

A DXM Baptism (submitted by Harry Hood) ... I was looking for a good high. I got a new outlook on life instead.

A small trip on 480mg DXM + A Few Joints (submitted by Zmalloc) ... Upon starting to peak I have now entered into DXM Happy Land. Total and utter body engulfment by euphoria and a warm fluidity that caresses me.

An account of DXM use from the 70's (submitted by anonymous) ... It was at this point that we both experienced an overwheming sense of seeing?, feeling?, actually being part of god!

Agent Mike's experience on 541mg (submitted by Agent Mike) ... I rode a rolled coaster in my head. it was moving and shaking and was exhilarating. then as I noticed the tool music playing, I watched the music bend and form waves in my head.

October Light's 450 mg Experience (submitted by October Light) ... As if my mind has become somehow crystalline, like that pure October light that pours out of the sky and transforms everything - so that nothing is changed but everything is perceived differently.

Shaman's 1200 mg DXM trip (submitted by Shaman) ... As we lay there still on the pavement, looking up at the universe, thoughts and ideas of a most powerful nature crossed my mind, i was open to the inner workings of the universe. it was utterly amazing and unexplainable.

Bildow's DXM trip (1 1/2 bottles of Tussin DM) (submitted by Bildow) ... heres somthing to do while robotripping thats pretty interesting: Stand up,and walk back and forth swinging once at the air everytime you step ahead. Repeat this, it wont get boring. Trails coming from your arm and being able to hear your arm break through the wind is enough to keep you busy.

A trip in a public place (submitted by anonymous) ... it took a good 30 minutes when everything around me started getting dark and the little green plants turned neon green then everything went black except an ambulance station about 50 yards away

Zendo's Un-trip (submitted by Zendo) ... Then I thought to myself, "If only I had some weed." Then I got this brief vision of last time I rummaged through my closet looking for something, I came across an old jar of leftover THC oil that I never used.

Tales from the Bathroom (submitted by Sativah) ... I thought that was it and I started getting ready to get out and go watch tv again, then the weirdest thing happened. The whole bathroom lit up...

A Parallel World (300 mg DXM in Coricidin) (submitted by anonymous) ... As I lied there all reality melted away and reality spun away in a pool of crystal gel.

Terror from beyond the Body (14.56 mg/kg) (submitted by Trevor Wycliff) ... I had no control over myself, I was just a tourist in this physical body.

Mental Wallpaper (1000 mg of powder) (submitted by October Light) ... For at least an hour I concluded that I was self-evidently insane and had always been that way, but had only been managing to conceal it until now.

The Marshmellow Trip (1900 mg Delsym) (submitted by anonymous) ... We took the bus and there was this guy talking to us. we were just starting to feel it. He said that his brother burned him witha marshmallow and showed us this scar.

Shapes of Plasma (480 mg Coricidin + Alcohol) (submitted by Lost in Boredom) ... All of a sudden I realize something different than any other trip when I close my eyes and concentrate on the music Im carried away from my room and im floating on the dimly lite colorful shapes of plasma its 3D totally and its all im my head WOW.

Friday Day Trip (600 mg extracted powder) (submitted by Johnny Stucco)... I was getting out of school early on Friday so I figured I would try it then. I made the powder on thursday and capped it then too. At 1:30p.m on Friday i took them all.

A buncha Trips (various dosages) (submitted by Spiridon)... Brought it to the roller rink, our local hangout. We all sat behind the arcade games and passed the bottle around.

DXMing on the Dance Floor (1050 mg of extracted Sucrets) (submitted by anonymous)... One second the dance floor was packed. The next i was the only one dancing, then all of a sudden it was packed again.

A Massive Blob (300 mg generic syrup) (submitted by anonymous)... First I was flying around these strange worlds. I would visualize one and it would appear before me. Next a series of odd shapes morphed together to form a massive "blob".

First Hallucinations (700 mg extracted robo) (submitted by anonymous)... I started to have some visuals, First time in my life I have ever had a full blown hallucination

Dehydrated Trip (600 mg Sucrets) (submitted by Melvin)... The moral of my story is this. DO NOT take DXM if you are sick. The inert ingredients in the cough drops probably helped to flush my kidneys and speed up the dehydration process.

DXM-Vodka Cocktail (parts 1 and 2) (submitted by Melvin)... Recently I read something about diluting the powder in 100 proof vodka. I grabbed a bottle of Smirnoff 100 proof at the store and decided to give it a try.

The Shocking Intensity of Red Baron's First DXM Trip (700 mg) (submitted by Red Baron)... We seemed to be coming up with the most incredible insights about the brain, human life, our existence, our universe , reality vs fantasy, and various related topics.

A Party and a Bad DXM Trip (submitted by Satva)... Why I had those feelings of death, I'll never know, but I do know that it changed me for the better.

A DXM Experience in Meditation (200 mg) (submitted by anonymous)... I tried several experiments and learned that I could easilly control what I would dream about by creating hallucinations in my minds eye and "playing around" with them until I drifted off.

2 reports: First DXM Experiences/How I got to like Brother Cain (submitted by JHawk)... The first time I had heard about DXM being a potentially useful psychoactive agent was in 1970...

Welcome to the 3rd Plateau (submitted by anonymous)... What was odd, was that it was smaller than a proton and more immense than the universe, at the exact same time.

Purple Haze Hyperspace (720 mg) (submitted by GenoCyde)... I slowly heard this slightly familar voice singing "PURPLE HAZE" and I saw a oddly dressed black man kind pull a magic 3-d eye thing out of the black liquid and start screaming lyrics to a song that seemed so strangly familar...

Ace's Dexperimental Report #1 (150 mg + 354 mg) (submitted by Ace)... By 7:40, my room was quite dark. "In-a-gadda-da-vida" was in the CD player, and finally the effects began to creep in slightly. I didn't even realize it until I noticed I had begun dancing a little when the drum solo started.

Revelation (submitted by n-carnation)... Then Hazy stopped, and with a blank face started to smile; a revelation. Hazy cautiously turned and saw a flower where the beacon was. A flower so beautiful, incredible, and full of life it made Hazy stumble.

The Benylin Experience (354mg-450mg Benylin Cough) (submitted by anonymous)... Anyway, my parents were going to be out of the house for a couple of hours, so I thought it would be a good idea to trip on DXM.

My First Terrible Experience With DXM (submitted by anonymous)... I remember hearing very loud high pitched screams that sounded like a girl was getting gutted. At this point i began to get scared and nervous.

Smoking a Rat? (submitted by anonymous)... And for some reason I got some sort of odd thought in my head that "smoke a rat" was a cliche of some sort; a phrase frequently used, and I thought the irony would be wonderful if I actually did smoke a rat.

Really Weird Experiences (submitted by First Time Charm)... I basically felt as if I were just floating along, very light and carefree.

DXM and Flasher.exe (submitted by dexdbob)... I could also tell that I was moving my eyes up, down, and about like REMs (Rapid Eye Movements) during sleep, so I could be able to see my surroundings.

Tussin Space: Transdimensional Emergence

A Night in DXM Space

DXM in the news and periodicals

Poor Man's PCP : an article about DXM taken from Pills-a-go-go magazine, author actually decides to find out what DXM is like for himself, drinks 8oz, explains the trip that follows. Portrayed in a somewhat negative light.

EASY ACCESS: The latest fix is Over the Counter : a newspaper article from the March 13-15, 1998 issue of the Cheboygan Area Tribune, a newspaper based in Cheboygan, MI. The paper gives a typical example of how media would prefer to spread lies and misinformation about DXM just to get more money through an "interesting topic". The sad part is that this is nothing compared to many news articles I've read on other drugs.

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