First Hallucinations

Weight: 190 pounds
Dosage: 700mg
Method:8oz robo-agent lemon extraction.

I zoomed through lvl1 without realizing it.
At level 2, a friend stopped by to smoke a hoot. this sent me to lvl3.
After he left, I started to have some visuals, First time in my life I have ever had a full blown hallucination.
I saw everything as if it were a drawing. I was laying down looking at the ceiling, and it became a "drawing of my ceiling" sort of like the artwork in heavy metal or something. I looked over at my clock, it looked like a drawing of my clock, and I could not read the numbers at all. Then my apartment got all flat looking and feeling for awhile. I had thoughts, and they would turn into a visual, and I would see it. I spent a long time trying to dial my friend to tell him that I had seen his soul, and it waved at me. (one of my hallucinations was this big river of souls or something, and I could see my friend's soul. I knew it was him, but it was a soul-it looked like all the rest of them.) I thought this explained alot to me about friendship an such, because I have a deeper understanding of my friend for some reason.

I was only at lvl3 for a short time, and I definatley sensed a sortof "pop" when i decended to 2. I think I needed a little more dosage. next time I am doing 900mg. The trip was over in about 7 hours. I experienced nervousness and tension and shivers the next day. exactly 24 hours after I was peaking, my pupils redilated for an hour or so, I think it was the DXM leaving my system for good.
After the 24 hour period, I was back to normal.

I did notice that tobacco helped me to see more hallucinations. Weed didn't do much. I also remember my feet feeling like great big heavy squishy things. and not being able to remember anything for more than a minute.

This is not a recreational drug, and should be given some respect.

1998 The Third Plateau
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