A Negative First Experience (240 mg of Coricidin)

The first time I took DXM was not a positive experience. My friend and I bought Coricidin and proceeded to take six pills in a row, as recommended by another friend. After about thirty minutes my friend and I foolishly decided to take two more pills. A little bit later the effects hit me, I first felt very hot then dizzy. I had to shut my eyes as floor patterns made me feel sick. I thought I was okay and tried to stand up then had to run to the bathroom where I puked for 10 minutes or so. The feeling was more intense than anything I had ever experienced, I asked another friend, sober I might add, to drive me home. On the way she had to pull over once so I could puke again. I had trouble walking into my house, I felt tired, heavy and dizzy. I went straight to bed where I had unrestful sleep. Periodically I would wake up in the middle of the night very awake, then fall asleep. In the morning I felt tired, shaky and weak. The effects did not wear off until the next day. The friend who took the eight pills with me had great fun, she loved it and felt energized the next day. I am still curious about DXM and being more educated than before will try it again probably at a lower dose.

1998 The Third Plateau
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