2 experiences: first and second plateaus

First Plateau Trip:

I dosed on about a half empty stomach in the mid-morning at home. I tripping about an hour and a half later. I didn't realize it right away, because I was sitting down, and (throughout the entire trip) I felt the effects most when I was standing and/or moving. When I stood up, I didn't really feel dizzy, but...like my entire body was subtly vibrating.

I felt euphorically happy, but in a mellow way. I felt complete. I didn't "need" anything to make me happy, I was happy to just be. I had no interest in food (I didn't feel full or sick or anything, it just didn't interest me, if that makes sense) for the next six hours, and very little interest in it afterwards.

There was some work I needed to do that day...I had to bring in a HUGE table from my garage, and various other things. I didn't feel like sitting still at all, just wanted to get up and do something, so I brought in the table. I enjoyed it so much that I was sorry there weren't a hundred more tables to move! But I found other things to do.

This burst of energy and initiative stayed with me the whole six hours (that was the length of my trip).

Also, I recall the mental, and even physical feeling (the subtle vibrating or buzzing) as being very much like a pot high. The only main differences (that I noticed) were that there was no fear of people noticing I was tripping, because despite my mental (and, to a lesser extent, physical) state, I felt that I could comprehend (without interest, I will admit) what others were saying, and I felt that I could still communicate perfectly well.

Later that afternoon, near the point where I started to come down, I put on a Grateful Dead CD. When I put it on (partly due to my euphoric feeling, I'm sure), I literally could not stop myself from dancing! It was such a joyous experience! I flowed with the music...I was the music...it was so beautiful!

Anyway, when I came down, I didn't feel real shitty like a lot of people do when they come down from other highs, I actually felt pretty good..rejuvenated. Sort of like after an afternoon nap on a hot Summer day. I experienced no hangover, either.

Since this first trip, I seem to act more on spontaneity than ever before. Life has been great!

Second Plateau Trip:

I dosed a full 4 oz. bottle of Robotussin Maximum Strength at my cousin's house in Iowa last Wednesday. There were two other friends at his house, and he was there. He dosed half a bottle (his first time), and he and one other person smoked tons of grass! (the fourth person had a piss test coming up). I took like one or two hits, as I recall.

Anyway, I dosed on a completely empty stomach, and about 20 minutes later (a LOT faster than I expected!) the trip started. At first, all I felt was, like, real dizzy and a little disoriented when I would stand up.

B.T.W., we were watching Pink Floyd "The Wall."

After a (very short) while, I began feeling very strange sensations all over my body. It was as if my entire body was subtly vibrating. I felt the urge to sort of move around where I was sitting, so to the beat of the music in the movie, I would sway back and forth.

Then things really got strange! I began having minor blackouts, forgetting things that had happened, you know? Like, I would ask someone a question, and then I couldn't tell if they had answered or if I had even asked in the first place! I really lost perception of time (more so as I peaked), but I think this was within an hour of dosing.

If I had my eyes open, they would be all the way, almost strained, wide open. The only way to avoid this was to shut them.

At one point during the movie, I thought I saw the dude put his hand in his mouth, and I thought I should do it too. I think I put my entire hand in my mouth!

I was becoming EXTREMELY disoriented.

I really wanted to go walk around outside (although I could barely stand up strait, if at all!), and I must have asked the others if they wanted to like a hundred times!

The movie was over before I knew it. It seemed like it lasted about ten seconds!

Throughout this entire trip, I had this strange thought that no one was really tripping too hard (not like me, at least), and they were all getting real annoyed by my strange behavior. However, I asked my cousin the next morning, and he said he had tripped pretty hard too, and that everyone seemed to enjoy watching me!

After the my cousin's friends left, he and I went outside. All of these memories are extremely cloudy right now, I tripped HARD! Anyway, we went outside, and I don't remember going out there, or coming back in, just being there, then inside.

When I stood up and walked around, my vision was such that I felt like I was REAL short, and everything else was too...I was a midget!

Later (I would imagine it was around midnight, and I dosed at around 10:00pm), my cousin went to sleep. I must have blacked out for a while after that, 'cause all I remember is "waking up" in the basement room where we were watching the movie. I was REALLY tripping then!

There was a VCR with a clock on the floor, and (as luck would have it), the clock was 2 1/2 hours fast! As if my time perception wasn't screwed up enough! Anyway, I had an occasional fleeting memory (very vague) that I dosed at about 10:00. I remembered the trip was supposed to last around 6 hours, so when 7:00 am rolled around (actually, 4:30 am), and I was still really tripping hard, I got scared that I would never come down.

While I was in this dark basement room (the only light being the clock), I couldn't stand up at all. My entire body was so numb, I couldn't tell it was there. Since it was so dark, I couldn't see it either. If you haven't figured out what I'm getting at yet, I didn't think I had a body!

I thought I was a spirit flying half way across the universe, and I thought the light from the clock was a bunch of stars. This was REALLY strange!

As this thought passed, I then couldn't remember if I was still in the basement, or if I had left!

Somewhere in the midst of all this, I picked up a fimo incense burner off the floor. I began turning (it was round) and squeezing it in my hand. This was so much fun, I declared it a favorite trip toy. I thought I had discovered the purpose of fimo. Only now does it seem a bit weird!

I also puked sometime during the early morning. The strange part about this was that I wasn't sure if I had really puked until I came down and saw it there. It felt like I was two different people, and the OTHER person puked, weird!

The next day I had an extremely lethargic hangover, but I feel no after effects now.

That was the single strangest event in my life--MUCH trippier than acid! Be careful with this stuff, it's no toy. I would suggest to anyone to have a trip sitter if you ever attempt this---I learned the hard way.

I am planning on trying it again when I can get away for a while and have a trip sitter. All in all, I really enjoyed it. It is impossible to fully describe the experience if you've never done it. What a trip!!!!

1998 The Third Plateau
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