Accidental ingestion of 2 grams

The day that the DXM powder arrived I was working at home, my wife was out of town. I converted pounds to kilograms, missed a decimal point, and figured I should take 2000 mgs (it was supposed to be 200mg).

This was my first taste of DXM ever, and I had no idea what a ride I was in for. The first thought I remember was, "There's a guy sitting at his desk just tripping his ass off...and its me!" I don't think I had really moved in quite a while. The phone rang and I noticed it was my wife, so I answered it before I knew I could barely talk. "What's wrong?", was the first thing she asked me (how did she know something was wrong?).

"I took something." What a way to scare the hell out of your wife while she's still at work. I managed to tell her I was fine, not to worry.

I went and sat on the couch, and tried to meditate. I was very high at this point, and just wanted to explore it some. Sitting there, I remember a feeling of energy building up in me, and then exploding outward (like an orgasm). At that moment the light and fan in the dining room beeped and turned on. This has happened before when the power has gone out, and then come back on, but this time none of the clocks in the house were flashing. I swear this really happened.

I of course had no sense of time, except that I knew I had taken it sometime around 6 pm. At some point I staggered to the bathroom and threw up, thankfully not ingesting the entire 2 grams. Much of the next couple hours was spend just sitting on the couch, in a blurry cross-eyed trance. A couple times I left my body, and felt like I was on an invisible space ship that was starting to take me away, but never did.

Interestingly, I never did feel any fear. I went to bed at midnight, and laid there for the next 6 hours before falling asleep. It was not a restless or boring time, though I can't really remember much about it. I do remember that I could not tell if my eyes were open or closed. I could see the room, my pillow, the bed, everything. Except when I waived my hand in front of my face, the scene did not change.

The next day was a day of recovery, but by the next I was fine.


1998 The Third Plateau
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