2nd Plateau Experience

My DXM Experience
John Shaft

Hello. First, a bit about me.

16 year old male, 6'1", 180lbs. Much experience with cannabis, but that's all. Medical info... taking Wellbutrin (anti-depressant, amnioketone class, NOT MAOI), 450mg/day. In relatively good health.

The Substance: Benylin (regular)
3mg DXM/ml
6mg pseudoephedrine/ml
40mg guafensin/ml (erk)

Dosage: 5 tbsp (75 ml)
225 mg DXM
450 mg pseudoephedrine
3000 mg gua. (double erk)

Well, here's the timeline. It's real-time as I write this, so it's a pretty accurate chronology of the experience.

Note: I decided to go back and edit this a few days later. It had gotten kind of rambling towards the end.

Thought I'd skip the Wellbutrin tonight, since the plasma concentrations of it peak about 6 hours after dosing, which I figured may fuck with the DXM. Better safe than sorry. Did, however, take my usual B-complex vitamins... Not my usual high dose tho.

Took 2 tbsp of syrup. Don't mind the taste, but washed it down with some coffee. Read the DXM-FAQ over to make sure I hadn't missed any important info.

Took 2 tbsp of syrup. Thought I'd moderately divide the doses in case I became immediatly ill...

Bid family goodnight (said I was real tired), and retired to bedroom to see what was in store.

Took 1 tbsp syrup. Feeling slight buzz at this point, comparable to cannabis. Slight nausea, probably from the alcohol + sweetner. Seems a little early for the DXM to be taking effect, probably just the anticipation :)

Lie down in bed, turn off lights. Typing this on my laptop... Heartbeat not actually fast (checked), but I'm really aware of it. Strange. Nausea dissipating, probably just in my mind. From here, updates as they come...

Now something's happening... Thoughts more fuzzy, strange 'warm' feeling throughout my body... Minor hallucinations, splotches of kinda light green in peripheral vision. Senses heightened... Everything seems somehow really cool... for instance, my chair is one of the more interesting things in the universe right now... No nausea at all, i guess that gua. wasn't as bad as they say. Some drymouth though... not as bad as with cannabis, but still there. I was just remembering a hendrix song... "Voodoo Child" I think. It was like hendrix was in the room. His voice was so clear, and I didn't even have the song playing.

Apparently fell asleep earlier. Woke up to find the DXM in full swing. Muscular effects similar to caffeine (ie jittery, tense). Heart rate still normal though. Moderate nausea. For some reason, I couldn't bring myself to believe that there wasn't anyone else in the room. I couldn't see anyone else, but I got that vibe...

VERY interesting... at this point in the trip, I realized (?) that I had in fact been mistaken my entire life, and I was really a liquid. I seemed to 'flow' around on the bed, I probably looked hilarious.

Probably peaking soon. Nausea almost gone, intestines starting to become slightly 'audible'. Still don't feel alone, altho it seems that *I*'m made up of several (5+) different people now. It's not like I hear voices, but at the moment I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one in my head. It's related to the earlier thing about being a liquid, i seemed to be more of a 'composite' than an individual person. My eyes seem to be open very wide. Mild hallucination, everything seems to have a 'silver lining'. I still find everything irrationally fascinating. I'm having a hard time with the perception of future events though. I know I have to go to class tomorrow, but it seems strange that I don't already know what's going to happen ahead of time. Actually, the feeling of 'not knowing the script' is rather frightening now.

Nausea almost completely gone. Wicked drymouth, but water just doesn't taste good anymore. Sadly, it's all I got... Having a hard time concentrating on things, although I do sometimes get moments of incredible insight into some mundane object. All perceptions are seeing more intense... colors are brighter, lights are downright blinding. Even pain feels kind of good, just because of the sensation. I have apparently re-solidified, no longer flowing around :)

I'm too 'hyped-up' to do any serious thinking... maybe next time i should find some syrup without pseudoephedrine. Altho I didn't really plan for this... the syrup was the only stuff I had. Well, going to attempt sleep, classes tomorrow. I'll write more at skool.

Couldn't sleep, not surprisingly. May have to take a day off tomorrow. Same effects as before, but a little more lightheaded and dizzy. Time does seem to pass a lot quicker while on DXM...

The Next Morning :) Well, it's been about 10 hours since dosing, and still going strong. Same strange visual effects (everything 'brighter'). It still seems like my eyes are open really wide, but I checked and they aren't... Oh well. Feeling some tension, but not anxious at all. Walking straight requires concentration, but at least my thoughts are still lucid. Decided to go to class after all. Actually, I can't think of anything I'd rather do in this state of mind. Weird. I hope I manage to keep my wits :) "Hey, teach! Guess what! I'm stoned out of my tree on cough syrup!" :) As some have noticed, when i get up from my chair I seem to keep rising for about a second after I'm fully up... It's rather like floating. For this reason I just sat down and got up about 20 times.

Legs seem a little shakey. Strangely, I feel less nauseous than I usually do in the morning. Not as much drymouth anymore. Going to have something to eat and go to school. Of course, I'm going to be listening to Hendrix on the way :)

Was re-reading the FAQ. Knowledge is good. Took my dose of Wellbutrin this morning before reading that it lengthened the trip. Oh well. Maybe it was good that I skipped last night's. *gulp* Just took my morning b-complex thing too. Heading off for school now, will type more there. The bus should be fun :)

Got to school... walking was damn near impossible if I looked at my feet while doing it, but I was okay if I just looked straight ahead. Listened to Hendrix on the bus... I didn't find the music to be improved at all. Maybe I should have done that last night. Still feel kinda 'floaty'. Eating a croissant, nausea is slowly dissipating. I was probably just hungry.

Nausea returned with a vengeance, almost heaved a few times. Decided to go home. Still feeling the same as before, just a little less. Must be coming down. Walking is a little easier now. Throughout the trip I was able to converse normally with people. Wasn't sure whether I was a solid or a liquid, but I made sense when I spoke :)

On the bus going home... Nausea has faded a bit, probably just because I'm sitting relatively still doing something relaxing like typing. Perhaps this is the hangover... altho it doesn't feel like it, it just feels like I'm having a really bad day. Of course, only having gotten 2 hours of sleep last night (while tripping hard, probably worthless sleep) the feeling of malaise is explainable.

Seem to be coming down now. Feeling a bit better. Weird effects almost completely gone. Feel refreshed, even though I've slept about 2 hours in the past 24. Guess I'll stop now, unless something noteworthy happens.

Almost 27 hours since dosing. No psychological effects, but the muscles in my face and neck seem tense. That's all, folks.

Overall, this was a very enjoyable experience. I'll probably do it again sometime within a few weeks, maybe at a higher dose. That is, if I can find some DXM-only stuff. Next time, though, I think I'll do this when I have the house to myself for an entire weekend. Such an opportunity presents itself in two weeks... There may be enough left in the bottle I have for another experience. Looking back, I did actually gain some insight while tripping, even on such a low dose. Maybe I'm particularly sensitive to DXM. IMHO, a more profound experience than weed, but less social and less suited to regular use.

During the day after the night I tripped, the DXM seemed to be the only thing on my mind... not obsessively, it was just ALWAYS there. Like when I went on the bus... I wasn't going on the bus, I was going on the bus while tripping on DXM. When I had a croissant, it wasn't because I was hungry (which I was), it was because the DXM had made me hungry and maybe this would lessen the nausea. In fact that entire day seemed to be nothing more than a little excursion into the real world rather than a normal day. Whenever I go into the class I had first that day I still remember tripping in there... quite a good memory.

The only words of advice I could give to a fellow first-time tripper... don't make plans. By this I mean... don't schedule a FedEx pickup for the next day. Don't have an obligations (work, school) the next day. If possible, just ignore your friends completely the next day. Plan the same as you would if you were going to be naked the entire day (ie don't leave the house, don't invite people over, don't open the door). I think my after-trip experience would have been a lot better if I'd done that. Also, be in a place where it'd be okay to puke. I wouldn't have even minded throwing up if I was at home...

1998 The Third Plateau
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