A semi "good" account of the 5th plateau (3240mg)

This is my recalection of a "5th plateau" experience of a dxm trip. Over a period of about 24 hours I took 3.2 grams (yes, 3240mg.) This was made up of: nine 4oz bottles of robitussin maximum strength cough. Yes, this is true. Yes, I have proof in the form of pictures and witnesses.

Anyhow, here is what I can recall from the insident (I live with friends, and this was during the summer during a week I was not working.)

On monday, throughout the day starting around 3pm until tuesday at 3pm I took aprox. 3.2 grams of dxm. The build up over the 24 hours was intense, starting from 1st building up to a high 4th plateau.

At approx. 11am on tuesday I stopped my regular intake. However, at around 3pm that day a friend of mine came over, and threw me a 4oz bottle. I thought, what the hell. I could barely move by this point. Anyhow, that last 4oz just hit me incredibly hard. I should probably be dead. Anyhow, from about 4pm that day until around 11pm on THURSDAY I saw nothing but pure white. I didn't move. I didn't piss. I didn't eat. I didn't drink. The CD "Remeber Two Things" by Dave Matthews Band was on repeat, and played until Saturday morning.

Anyhow. I am not quite sure weather I was awake or sleeping for most of it, but all I know is I remember pure white. Also, I recall thinking I was a drummer for Dave Matthews Band, playing along-side Carter Beauford, in a field in the middle of a forest. The scene was similar to that of the MTV video for "Crash Into Me," but not quite the same. Anyhow, when I finally regained normal vision, I could still bairly see. I would relate the vision as to that of being very very drunk, as in, drunker than you would ever want to be.

Until Saturday, I was tripping at 4th plateau. Gradually over the next few days, I regained normality. On about Tuesday of the NEXT WEEK, I dropped into that stage known as the "dxm after-glow." You know, the nice ass feeling you get, and you feel like jesus.

This experience was nothing like other accounts of a "5th Plateau" i have heard. I felt no neasia, no sweating (that I can remember), etc.

It was a wonderful experience, that I will NEVER REPEAT. However, I am glad it happend, and very very happy I did not end up in the hospital (which my friends debated taking me too, but apparently I managed to mumble "I'm fine. Go away" every few hours.)

1998 The Third Plateau
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