Experience with 600mg (3rd plateau)

Dosage: 20 coricidin pills-600mg (highest dosage as yet)
Weight: 155
Written By: Scott Bakersfield/CA

On Saturday night around 11:10 I pulled out my Coricidin 24 pack. I took out 8 pills, and swallowed them. About 2 min later I took 6 more, and 20 min after that took 20 more. So at about 11:50 I had finished. I turned on the TV and was watching random crap. At about 12:00 AMP came on MTV. About 10 min after that i started to feel the the affects. I just closed my eyes and layed on the couch. About 10 min after than all of the sudden I sat up really quick because I noticed a techno song I know. It was orbital's the box. I stood up and couldn't walk very well. I went to my room to layed on my bed because I knew the full affects were going to hit me rather quickly. I took out my headphones and put on some orbital. I soon fell into the trance. Im not quite sure what happened next, but i must have just been relaxing because soon I got up and went to go talk to my brother. Then I went back into my room, turned out all my lights and resumed the orbital on my cd player. I really do not remember much of what happened next because its pretty blacked out in my mind. I think i just had some random stuff going on in my head. At about 2 AM, I must have got up to take a piss. I went back into my room and turned the lights on. My dad entered the room, at this point I was peaking. He said to turn Out my lights and to go to bed, and I guess i didn't turn out my lights because he said, "Turn the lights out now!" Then he walked back into my room and started to Lecturing me on going to bed, I do not remember what he said. But I think my subcontious mind was talking to him, because when he was talking to me I was pretty much out of it. I was responding to him without thinking at all. But i must have been doing very good at it, because my dad didn't catch on that I was out of it. So after he left, i turned out my light. And put on my headphones. I think i put on a Jamiroquai cd next. Anyways, this is when the cool stuff started to happen.

Soon after i put on Jamiroquai, i instantly fell into darkness, I felt like I was a spirit. I closed my eyes, and It was like I was in space. All of the sudden it felt like I left my body. Almost like some one had poured my soul and spirit out of my body, because i knew that something was missing. I was numb all over. I was my spirit. I was flying around my mind. In a vast space. It was a very enlightening. Almost like a spirital expeirence. I felt like i was one with every thing. Then soon after that, it felt like I was just floating in space, and I was traveling from one part of space to another in one second. I felt like I was going at the speed of light, because I saw all these little starts that where blurred when I moved in this vast space. Like in Star Wars when they travel at the speed of light all the stars stretch and so forth. Thats what I saw and it was truely amazing. When i was in these trances I had to concentrate so hard just to hear the music that was blaring through my headphones. One of the dissapointments about the third plateau is that music is as great of an experience as it is on the second plateau. After these experiences, I got up and I think i took another piss. Then i walked around the house for a while, I looked down my parents hall, it was very dark, I'm pretty sure I saw a hallucination because I saw a kind of ghost, that I thought was the figure of my dad coming out of his room again to tell me to go to bed or get mad at me. But i looked again and it was gone. I then went over to the couch and layed down and i must have layed there for a while because time either went really fast or slow. I dont think anything happened on the couch that was trippy besides weird dreams. Next I just went back into my room and just started listening to more music. I tryed to have more weird experiences but I was unable to, unless I dont remember them. But next thing I knew it was morning. I must have just drifted off to sleep.

This was my first 3rd Plateau trip. This was a very enjoying experience for me. I also drew a picture at my peak. I kept drawing smiley faces. I think i drew them because i loved the world. I had no enemies and it felt like I loved everyone. On my next trips I hope to do more, maybe 700 or 800mg, but for now, Im taking a break.

Do not attempt to take dxm unless you have read the faq because you should know alot about it before you do it, because you can overdose on it just like most any other drug. (www.frognet.net/dxm/contents.html)

1998 The Third Plateau
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