An account of DXM use from the 70's

I have done DM 40-50 times. In the 70's most cough syrups had 15mg/5ml. Now only the extra strength has that dosage. I have found that on 360mg my trips have ranged from very mild to 3rd plateau. Sometimes it depended on the drug that I used synergistically with the DM. We used to call DM an enhancer and never thought of geting high on it by itself. I vomited about half of the time but this usually made me feel much better. This may have been due to the guaifenisin. My first trip: 1974- I was 16 years old. Although I was experienced in using Acid, Pot, Pills, etc..I was unprepared for the intensity of the experience. My brother and his friend fromm college each drank 6oz and I took 4. I didn't expect much but 45 minutes after downing the vile syrup, we smoked a bowl of good brown hash. As the robo hit I began tripping intensely. I had never experienced such intense euphoria in my life! Just when I though I wouldn't be ableto get any higher, I zoomed to the next level! We all walked around tothe corner bar and had a few beers. I felt like I was riding around in my body, somewhat dissconected but still able to function. The trip lasted fro 8 hours. The worst part was having to talk with my parent around hour#6. I guess I looked and sounded OK but I was definitely fucked up in my head. My best trip was when I was 19. My friend John and I were going to the beach with a couple of friends. We had 1 hit of good blotter acid which we split. Since that wouldn't be enough, we stopped a the drug store and picked up an 8oz bottle of DM which we also split. Our other friends thought we were nuts to drink cough syrup because they didn't beleive us when we said it was the best high possible. Well anyway, we got to the beach as it started coming on. We staggered to the blanket and laid in the sun. After an hour on the blanket, John still hadn't moved but he said that he felt great. I knew that I had to get him moving or he'd waste the best part of the trip just vegging out. I pulled hime to his feet and we went swimming. He was hesitant because he felt sooo stoned that he thought he might drown. I felt so euphoric and in tune with the universe that I knew nothing bad would happen. We really got into floating in the waves. John had one of his best trips also. When we came out of the waterI said let's run and we started sprinting down the beach on the wet sand. After 100 yards or so we stopped to catch our breath. It was at this point that we both experienced an overwheming sense of seeing?, feeling?, actually being part of god! It was a cathartic experience to say the least! Just though I share that with the other Robo heads out there.

I did have several friend who tried DM and hated it. Be careful with the dosage. The same dosage can produce very different effects. DM is not a reliable drug in that respect. I've always mixed DM with a little alcohol and pot and had good effects. For me it enhances whatever you mix with it. I used to describe the head as 2 hits of good clean acid with 4 quaaludes, it can be that intense and more!

-anonymous...posted in the DXM Guestbook

1998 The Third Plateau
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