A 4th plateau experience (pure DXM 850-900mg)

As an experienced dxm user, i decided to go onto another level the other night. I sent away to this dude who sold me 5g. of dxm powder. I decided to take about 850-900mg. of pure dxm to experience something more. Not that the normal, lower doses weren't a great experience, but I really needed a journey into myself, deeper into the realms of what is real.

It began with the normal feelings of being in an alian world, all of the questions and answers swimming through my brain. Then i saw the portal into the next world that had all of the worlds inner workings floating in it. I entered it with great expectations.

I must say, it wasn't like i was tripping, it was more like my soul had left my body and was swimming through space. I had no feeling of my body whatsoever. I had no recollection of my current life, just what was before me. This feeling is in no comparison to the effects of any drug i have taken.

I dont know if i could call this an out of body experience, because it was nothing like the stories of this happening. The body almost had no relevance at all to the experience.

It would take me all night to explain in detail what happened to me, but it envolved visits to alien cities, conversations with unknown beings, and self exploration from all points of view.


1998 The Third Plateau
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