DXM-Vodka Cocktail

I've been continuously frustrated at finding ways to ingest DXM powder effectively. The stuff tastes REALLY bad and has a tendency to make me vomit. I managed to get it down with no taste by using the fruit roll up method but found this always leads to vomiting unless I use low doses.

Recently I read something about diluting the powder in 100 proof vodka. I grabbed a bottle of Smirnoff 100 proof at the store and decided to give it a try. I hadn't been able to get the DXM to mix well with other liquids but found the DXM powder dissolves really well in the vodka. With minimal stirring I was able to mix the powder in with no traces of remaining particles.

In a clear glass I measured out 500 ml of vodka then stirred in one whole gram of DXM powder. I then topped the glass off with orange juice to help mask the taste. The drink still had the horrible DXM taste but wasn't nearly as bad as straight powder. I kept diluting the solution with more orange juice each time it was half full until I could barely taste the powder. I also ate a few saltine crackers just before and during the ingestion.

The DXM kicked in pretty fast and strong. I hit upper plateau level pretty fast. Unfortunately I also got a bit of nausea and one short spell of vomiting. However, keep in mind that I used a whole gram (1000 mg) of powder and 500 ml of alcohol. I have noticed that alcohol tends to increase the effects of nausea quite a bit. For lower amounts of DXM and/or alcohol the process might not have caused any nausea. The alcohol used for the solution could probably be cut down to 250 ml since the powder mixes in it so easily. Anything less than that would be hard to work with.

Another test subject who assisted me ingested 600 mg of DXM in 500 mls of vodka with orange juice and experienced only mild stomach distress and no nausea.

The advantages of the vodka cocktail are that with proper dilution one can mask the DXM powder taste and ingest the stuff with less hassle. By carefully monitoring the amount of DXM and alcohol and maybe even ingesting the solution slowly over a longer period of time, one might be able to get the powder down painlessly and with no bad side effects. Just be careful with your measurements and think twice about premixing large quantities and leaving them sitting around. The last thing you want is for somebody to accidentally overdose on a DXM Screwdriver.


In a clear glass, mix desired amount of DXM into some clear grained ethanol (grain alcohol). Any clear grained drinking alcohol should work (i.e. 100 proof vodka). 250-500 mls of ethanol should suffice or just enough to allow stirring and visual confirmation of dilution.

Dilute soltution with juice or syrup to suit taste.

Drink slowly or slam it if stomach will allow.

Kick back and enjoy the trip.

(Note: As an alternative to regular vodka or other alcohol, try the following. Mix approximately 1/4 ounce of cannabis with approximately one liter of Everclear or other brand of at least 190 proof grain alcohol. Let solution sit for 3-4 weeks. Drain off liquid and discard cannabis. Liquid will be a dark green color and have a high concentration of THC. Use this substance to mix with the DXM for an enhanced psychoactive mixture. The THC may also help quell some of the nausea.)

DXM-Vodka Experiment #2


Attempted a second experiment involving the DXM/Vodka solution. Experiment involved three test subjects including myself. Below are the journal entries from the experiment:

Subject #1- Male, 36 YOA, 203 Lbs.

Good health but history of weak stomach and heartburn problems. First time DXM user, frequent marijuana user with minor experiences involving LSD and psilocybin.

Subject #2 (Me)-Male, 32 YOA, 190 Lbs.

Good health
Moderate experience with DXM use including some very high 3rd plateau experiences. Also some minor past experience with marijuana and psilocybin.

Subject #3- Male, 30 YOA, 200 Lbs.

Good health
Occasional marijuana user with minor experience with DXM, LSD and psilocybin.

Arrived at S1's apartment in the early evening. Made sure to prewarn subject not to drink alcohol and checked his recent history of prescription and OTC drug use. Mixed two doses of DXM powder into shotglasses then filled the glasses with regular Vodka. S1 stated that he had taken some Zantac earlier in the day for heartburn. S3 was delayed and had not arrived yet.

19:00 Mixed shotglass solutions with some orange juice in large glasses and began ingestion. Warned S1 to drink slowly, but he became distracted and finished his DXM drink in approxiamtely 40-60 minutes. Both of us noted that the bad taste of the powder was still present but reduced to a tolerable level similar to raw aspirin.

20:03 S1 began reporting onset of level 1 symptoms. Stated he was experiencing mild dizziness and spatial distortions akin to being drunk. I also began feeling a mild similar buzz.

20:10 S1 reported nausea and seemed to be a bit tense. Possibly having a tense reaction to onset of mild anxiety.

20:12 S1 began vomiting in the bathroom. Seemed fine afterwards but still a bit shaken and tense. S1 reported that the experience was much more than he had expected and commented that it was more intense than LSD. Could only describe the experience as "very strange."

20:26 S1 experienced another wave of nausea and vomiting with a bit of diarrhea. I began feeling some more pronounced dizziness and vertical distortions. Still slowly nursing my drink.

20:40 S1 losing control of balance and sweating. Reported more anxiety and slight fear as well as flushing.

20:48 Convinced S1 to dim the lights and sit still. Put some Enigma on the stereo.

22:00 S3 arrived and we mixed an identical DXM/Vodka solution. However, S3 refused to wait for the orange juice and downed the shotglass solution. (Yukk!) Downloaded the Flasher program on S1's computer and experimented with alpha waves. S1 reproted seeing a background of designs and scenery behind the lights in his monitor.

22:20 S1 gets the idea to make a flaming "zipper". Tried to convince S1 that it was a bad idea and a fire risk.

22:26 S1 ignored my warning and made the flaming zipper anyway. I nervously clutched my keys and sat by the door but somehow the apartment didn't catch on fire. Later the three of us tried a short walk but decided to go back inside due to dizziness and paranoia. S1 vomited again after attempting to smoke a cigarrette and drink a beer.

00:01 I began peaking and feeling moderate dizziness and dissociation. Finished my DXM drink. S1 beginning to come down a bit and feeling more in control. S1 took a few bong hits of marijuana. S3 sat on the floor after vomiting and seemed to be buzzing pretty hard.

At this point the journal entries end. Most of the time during the trip the lighting was fairly bright to moderately dim. S1 did report some minor CEVs but tried to suppress them due to a rushing sensation. S1 later reported an inability to fall asleep right away and kept seeing brief patterns and visions while lying in bed.

S3 continued to experience a moderate trip later into the night.

The trip was mild for me but I am used to doing 900mg doses. Also, the powder doesn't seem to affect me as strongly as Sucrets cough drops which I usually use. Nor does it seem to last as long or cause as much grogginess the next day. Overall I was pleased with the experimental use of the DXM/Vodka solution. I believe that if the solution is ingested very slowly with minimal alcohol it shouldn't cause too much nausea in a healthy person.

1998 The Third Plateau
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