A DXM abuser's first trip

First off, I was totally against drugs and drug usage all together, but I was depressed and a 2 of my friends who have done DXM a few times told me to try it.

My one friend and I went to the other friend's house and he extracted the DXM from 3 8oz Max. Strength Cough Robitussin. After that and it was in powder form he then put it in 'gel caps' and I took about 8 capsules or so, prior to that I had 10 shots of vodka, I was really depressed. (I didn't know, nor was I told that alcohol and DXM don't like eachother...hehe) I was tipsy/drunk I can't remember and I took 2 capsules, then I demanded more like 5 mins later and 5 mins later I wanted more capsules. I wound up with 8 I believe, or it could have been 6.

About an hour or so later I started tripping slightly and I had no idea what the hell was going on since it was my first time being drunk and tripping!!!! ever....again I never took any drug before, cept the legal over the counter stuff for colds :) I was happy and content and rocking and moving to the music, the music made me really happy....the lights went off and the black light went on and I was scared shitless when one of my friends walked up to me and I saw his face in the black light, the cat dander (which is very noticeable when using a black light) was on his face and I wasn't expecting it cause I never really noticed that but the DXM made me more aware of it and it made me jump about 10 feet, but this was about 3 hours later and moving was NOT a good idea...

Again we had some progressive house/rave and trance on in the background (I like that when on DXM, I cannot stand rock on DXM I get really really upset and it annoys the hell out of me)

I found that I couldn't sleep at all....I was so tired, but I couldn't sleep I was freaking out....I heard voices and I started seeing things, though I can't remember what I saw or heard because of the alcohol.

Around 5 am I finally went to sleep, but not for long because I woke up with this strange feeling, really, really strange......my friend was on the other couch and he couldn't move to help me cause he was off in his own little DXM world....hehe...I began to vomit all over my friend's carpet, this went on for a good 15 minutes...all the vodka, food, soda, dxm and whatever I consumed came up.....after all that I felt alot better....but I wasn't better I was still tripping this time harder!

I was laying on the couch thinking I was going to die because I was tripping so hard and I couldn't feel my heart beat, I thought it stopped, but it didn't (the drug does that to you, makes you think your heart stops) I just wanted it all to stop, so I started praying out loud to God saying "I don't want to die, make this stop NOW!", it of course didn't, not to sound religious but God was probably laughing at me saying 'you deserve it, you did it to yourself' heheh....I felt this throbbing in my head and I started dreaming really funky shit...day dreaming and I went to sleep and dreamt some more, and then I felt as if I left my body, I was floating above my body and I didn't like that at all.....I know I was dreaming this, but my mind and I didn't like this....finally the tripping died down after about a total of 10-12 hours and at about 11 am I was up and tired out from the experience.

I was upset cause I 'hurt' my friends 'poor carpet' I recall saying.....I would not normally say this, so it must've been the drug :) I couldn't clean it up because I could not move until around 2 or 3 pm. I had the 'robo walk' as you call it until about 5pm. I felt the after effects of DXM for about 3 days because I had so much, plus taken with alcohol. I had a few flash backs and a slight tripping feeling, but it only lasted a few minutes.........

After my 'hell' as I like to call it I have since taken DXM many many other times, but this time in VERY LOW doses :) I usually just drink a 4 oz bottle of Robitussin Max Srength cough and it tastes nastier than hell, but I needed the DXM. I found myself 'addicted' to it, after taking it a few times in small dosages......I had to have that feeling of oneness and being able to comprehend the world, the universe, etc. I was able to express myself without any hesitation. To this day I cannot really express myself sober, never could, and it made me so happy that I could on DXM. It became an expensive habit too...$5 a bottle, not good... :) hehe...I wound up spending like $50-60 in a two week period just buying Robitussin for me and my friend who was living with me.

I haven't had any DXM in a long while since I moved back home with my parents. I slowly went through withdrawal I guess you can call it, cause I craved it. I am soon moving to Colorado and will have access to DXM again and LSD, I think I'll try LSD since it isn't as >

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1998 The Third Plateau
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