Agent Mike's experience on 541mg

The other night I was in my dormroom and I decided to do DXM. I had done it once before and I considered myself ready for a stronger experience. On a previous trip I ingested 350mg via Tussin maximum strength cough syrup. this time I decided I would do 541mg on 6oz of the same syrup. Although I have never tried any real hallucinogens before, I really wanted to to robo. I felt I was ready for such a experience and I had long been interested in ketamine and other dissasociatives.

I began by drinking the magic elixir in two drinks, both diluted with ice water. the taste was not entirely disgusting but then again I like the flavor of wild cherries;-). I went out and had a cigarette and after I returned I noticed the effects were starting to kick in. it started as a nausea feeling with a bit of euphoria. the feelings continued for about ever getting stronger and stronger. after about an hour and half the effect started kicking in hard. `I turned off the lights and concentrated on the blacklight and Christmas lights above my roommates bed. after I laid down the CEV's kicked in in full force. for about 15 minutes I rode a rolled coaster in my head. it was moving and shaking and was exhilarating. then as I noticed the tool music playing, I watched the music bend and form waves in my head. this lasted about 10 minutes and my roommate was getting scared. he said I was cunvulsing and talking to myself even though I dont recall any of this. then as I closed my eyes. I watched a claymation like video in my noggin. having the time of my life.

my roommate quickly interrupted me to give me a beer. unfortunately the beer was frozen and I remember describing it as "fizzy fuzzy big and buzzy" then I told my roommate it tasted like icicles. it was weird. for the rest of the evening I watched some people get drunk. I remember thinking that drunk people act very weird. and I observed them for the rest of the evening. I went to bed about 5 hours after drinking the DXM and I was still very "intoxicated" but I woke up the next day with very little hangover and the night seemed like a dream.

-Agent Mike

1998 The Third Plateau
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