A journey in the Astral Body

I chugged two ounces (all I had) of DXM and pseudophedrine, popped two percocets (always gives ya that lovin' feelin'!), and smoked a good amount of grass. My friend was spending the night, but not tripping. He knew I was though. Anyway, he was on the Net and I was sitting next to him when I shut my eyes for a moment. When I closed my eyes, I saw that I was looking at the two of us there. I thought to myself that maybe I was in my astral body. I figured if I was, I could visit different places. So I directed my consciousness toward a friend's house, and bingo, I was in her room watching her sleep!!! It was undeniable astral travel, man!!! I then went to another friend's room and saw her talking with her sister, sitting on the floor. Then I decided to visit my mother in the next room, and there I was!!! I also visited a rainforest, but only briefly. I recalled what I had learned in previous astral practices, and I remembered something about a higher astral plane. This one was a lower one. So I thought to myself, "Well, how do I get to the higher plane(s)." I just decided that I'd close my eyes and try and figure it out from there. It was worth a try, right? Right! The moment I closed my eyes with this intention in mind, I found myself on a bridge...a lot like Golden Gate...but it was as if every minute millimeter and smaller piece of material that made up the bridge was made of sparkling diamonds! It was so awesome!!! I went to the top of the bridge...it was late at night, probably about midnight, but the sky was clear as a nirvanic summer's eve. And everything shone with the most brilliant colors and shines! It was like a city of diamonds and gold...but greater than any one could imagine...its value was not in material or anything like that...its value was in shocking beauty and (however surreal it may seem to the eyes of others) realism. I mean, it was like this world only without a mask of ignorance to observe it through. As if there's a mask of some kind hiding the truth of this dimension that was only then to me removed. It was utterly amazing. The rest of the night and morning (I finally fell asleep for all of two hours at 5:00 AM) I spent telling my overtired friend how much I loved him and a dozen other people. Hehe, also finished a beading project I had been working on for quite a while. Never thought I could do that being so damn anesthized!!!


1998 The Third Plateau
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