Bad Experience with DXM powder

I've been experimenting with DXM for about three months now after serendipitously discovering it when I swigged a bottle of cough syrup in the middle of the night to quell a hacking cough. As I tossed and turned in bed the symptoms started hitting me and I knew right away something psychoactive was going on. I had just gotten over meningitis a few months earlier and feared I was having some sort of relapse.

The next morning I dug the bottle out of the trash and began researching the active ingredients. It was then that I discovered William White's DXM FAQ and became intrigued.

I've experienced THC and psilocybin but the DXM experience is completely different. I personally enjoy the experience and feel that I can use it responsibly to enhance my self awareness with an occasional recreational indulgence. Since that first night, I have experimented with DXM on numerous occasions. Most of the trips have been very positive but there does seem to be a wide margin of variety to the outcome.

I prefer to ingest DXM via Sucrets cough drops (cherry flavor) and have even grown fond of the taste. However, I recently decided to get right to the source and called up a chemical company that listed DXM for sale on their internet catalog. To my surprise they cheerfully took my name and credit card info over the phone and within the week UPS delivered a small, brown, glass bottle containing 100 grams of DXM. I then bought a cheap Deering gram scale and eagerly delved into further experimenting.

The DXM powder is white and very fine with no immediate odor. It could easily be mistaken for cocaine cut at first sight. But I soon found out that the first problem was the taste. Pure DXM has to be one of the worst tasting things I've ever put in my mouth. What's worse is the fact that the taste lingers and almost nothing will get it off the taste buds.

The first dose I measured out was 600mg or roughly 1/4 tsp. I held the measuring bowl up to my mouth and tossed the powder as far back behind my tongue as I could. The horrid taste made me shudder and gag for a good 2-3 minutes until it subsided. I tried drinking various liquids to wash the taste out and finally found some relief with some sour Jolly Rancher candies.

The effects seemed to hit me much quicker than the cough drops and within 30 minutes I was hitting the first plateau. I dimmed the lights and prepared myself for the usual mental ingression as I settled back on the couch with some ambient music. I noticed the onset of nausea much more acutely than with syrup or drops. To my surprise, the trip leveled out around the second plateau and stayed there. No visuals or spacial distortions. I was somewhat disappointed but did note that there was almost no hangover effects the next day whatsoever.

Afterwards I tried varying the amount of DXM and also took note of when and how much I had eaten before. I made sure to wait at least a week between trips to ensure I had recovered. I found that the powder did work if there was not a lot of food in my stomach. Maybe the absorption rate in the small intestine and bodily conversion to DM (as opposed to DXM) had something to do with it.

What concerned me was the degree of variation in results. The cough drops had always produced a steady and predictable trip. Also, the powder DXM tended to produce some acute gastric distress and cramps. And then there was the taste. By now I was developing an aversion to it and would shudder each time I looked at the bottle or even thought about it. I even tried diluting it in various liquid beverages but to no avail. There had to be some way around it, some way to ingest the chemical and bypass the side effects.

I went to the store and bought a package of fruit roll ups. The fruit candy came rolled in thin strips about one inch wide. I measured out some DXM powder then tore off a three inch long strip of fruit roll up and creased the middle like a rolling paper. I then poured the powder into the roll up and folded the ends together and made a small ball of it with the powder inside.

The fruit roll passed plaeasantly over my tongue and went down without a hitch. No hint of yucky DXM. This seemed like the perfect delivery method. No nasty syrup, no gross powder, no sucking cough drops for an hour. In a short time I was getting a buzz and feeling quite pleased with myself. Then things got really bad. All of a sudden, I felt the urge to vomit immediately. I ran to the bathroom and up came the contents of my stomach and then some. The only consolation was that I was too stoned from the DXM to care about or perceive the nausea.

A few more ill fated attempts with the fruit rolls confirmed my suspicions. For some reason my body was ejecting the pure DXM. I had been using between 500-800 mgs for these tests. As soon as the gelled fruit roll disolved and the powder hit my stomach it was hurl city. This also happened to my girlfriend so I know it wasn't just a particular reaction on my part.

Here are some journal notes from one of the experiences:

22:20 Ingetsed 500mg of DXM-HCL rolled into a fruit roll up candy. Dose should be equal to 4.9 mg/kg. Drank lots of water and took ant-acid tablets. Ate a full meal earlier at 19:00.

23:23 Experiencing mild stomach pain. Simialr to growling feeling of an empty stomach. Also notice some mild and subtle anxiety. Noted some dizziness just now as I looked away from the book. As I finished the above sentence, I definitely am noticing a shift in awareness. Light headedness akin to a fever.

23:30 Dizziness and a feeling of intoxication are increasing. Mild sense of nausea is building and a burning feeling on the inside of my scalp. I suspect nausea may be related to focusing problems with optic nerves. Am going to try switching to low light conditions. Took two more ant-acids. Feel drunk trying to walk.

23:40 Noticed pupil dialation in the mirror. Level 1 effects are very pronounced. Gastric distress seems to be sporadic. Slight burning feeling in my brain. having trouble focusing on anything further than arms length. Intoxication seems to be overtaking me. This may be the last entry for a while.

00:07 Just vomited but now I feel much better. have been sitting in the dim candle lit room listening to OMD. Nausea was coming in waves and making my mouth water. While in the bathroom I also noticed that my eyes were very red and dialated. Experiencing hand-eye coordination impairment and a sense of time distortion. Feel deeply involved into level 2.

00:23 Getting hard to write. Feel much better after purging my stomach. Experiencing peripheral visons and hallucinations. Medium and long range vision is very distorted. Logic becoming abstract.

01:10 Feel a distinct buzz. More like an intellectual smart-ass drunkeness. Am going to attempt to dim lights again and reestablish a heady trip.

01:18 Noticed that my experience has been entirely cerebral up to now and has not included any visuals or hallucinations. I am going to see if the effects increase. If not then I may ingest Sucrets cough drops to increase dosage. Will wait till 02:00 for visual effects. If none noted by then I will ingest the cough drops.

01:48 Began ingesting cherry flavored Sucrets cough drops at 01:44. The entire bag should contain 300mg of DXM. However, since I threw up earlier I now have no accurate way to measure the amount in my system.

02:33 Just finished the last of the cough drops. I still feel just mildly drunk. If anything I feel as if I've sobered a bit. Very disappointing. I hope the Sucrets work.

03:15 Final entry. Very disappointing, most effects have completely worn off. Instead of the usual sense of dreamlike consciousness I am feeling drunk and sleepy. Not at all the desired result. Overall the experiment was very discouraging.

As the notes show, my results with powder DXM were inconsistent and at times unpleasant. However, some of the trips were just fine and seemed to work as well as the Sucrets. I'm not sure but maybe the powder form has excess bromide salts. Sometimes the nausea was accompanied by a tense feeling in the back of the jaws not unlike the feeling I got when I sucked on too much rock salt as a child.

My overall opinion about using powder is slightly negative. The powder was expensive ($250 for the 100 gram bottle), tasted like android shit, caused more pronounced stomach trouble, and for some weird reason gave inconsistent results. My advice based on my experiences would be to stick to syrups, gel caps, or cough drops.


1998 The Third Plateau
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