DXM Baptism

It had been about 2 years since I last drank robo. I loved the high, but just the thought of that foul syrup made me sick. Then I found out about Drixolal cough and congestion pills. It was time to trip once again! I waited til friday night to begin the experiance.

At 6 pm I took 5 Drixorals and 3 Coricidens, swallowing them with a huge glass of OJ. I plugged in my guitar and started to play.After jammin a bit, I could feel the DXM starting to kick in. I smoked a bowl of some KIND weed, and then made my way to the couch.I had a Bob Marley video ready, so I turned on the VCR and zoned out.

Suddenly the DXM hit me hard. I was engulfed with a warm euphoria, a total sence of peace. (It's impossable to totally explain what happened next with words)Slowly my spirit began to enter my mind.At this point, I had no control of what was happening. My spirit was taking me on a journey of my inner self. My conciousness divides into 2 seperate, yet whole beings.Theres me high as hell watching Bob,and there me in my mind with my spirit.
(I'll call these self1 and self2)

Thru exessive drug use I have developed a case of paranoia.It usually only hits me when I'm real high, but it can get pretty bad. My self1 began to feel very paranoid.The feeling started to overwelm me.Self2 see's how stupid this paranoia is.It shows self1 it has nothing to be afraid of. It says, or thinks, or whatever that living in the future and fearing it's many possible outcomes dilutes the present. The time to live is now.

All of the sudden , my conciousness is one again. I feel as if i woke up from a dream. The feeling of paranoia is gone.I mutter to myself something about that being a trip,then i slip into 2 seperate beings again.This continued for hours. Each time I was shown a part of me, and I was shown the true reality of that aspect.I felt every emotion seperatley through the night. With every positive aspect I am shown, I understand myself better.With every negative aspect I'm shown, I feel it's negative power times 100.Through this I realize how bad these parts of me are.When this realization comes,the negative feeling vanises.

Around 11 pm ,the trip through my inner self is over and I'm one again.Yet, i'm not the same anymore.With a total understanding of myself ,I am left with a complete sence of love and harmony.I find a paper next to next to me that I wrote on during the trip. It reads "Rekon with ones self. Tripping myself into reality. Spirit out of body.Do things to make you happy more."

This trip was a beutiful, insightfull, horrorifying, happy,scarry,religous (Icould go on and on) experiance.I was looking for a good high. I got a new outlook on life instead. I no longer get paranoid, I have changed alot about myself and have stopped alot of bad habits. DXM is a wonderful drug that's helped me learn (and relearn) alot about life.

-Harry Hood

1998 The Third Plateau
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