Tales from the Bathroom (475 mg generic syrup)

I've been using DXM for about 5 months now,each trip to me is very unique and different from each other,but one in particular comes to mind first as the the best trip I've had.I'm an 18 year old male,17 then,weigh 170,I used an 8 oz. bottle of a generic Tussin with about 475 mg. of DXM in it.I usually use around 600 mg. a trip but was running low on money so I just got this generic shit for $2.50.I didn't think the 475 mg. in it would give me the kind of trip I've had.I had harly ever hallucinated on DXM except for bright patterns and that sort of thing but the things I saw in this trip I will never forget.Well I downed the bottle at around 10:00pm and the best way I've found to cover the taste is to take a gulp,swallow it and then take a little sip of wine.Well after it was down at around 10:30 I went to go watch tv in the living room.I sat on the couch and about 30 min. later I started to feel the usual sighns that it's starting. So I slowly walked in to the bathroom,turned off the light and shut the door so it was completely pitch black in there (this is how I always see patterns).Well I sat there for a few minutes and nothing so I remembered reading somewhere that if you filled the bathtub up halfway and layed in it with the lights off you'de get alot of visuals.So I filled the tub up halfway with luke- warm water,turned the light off and layed in it.At first I started seeing the usual patterns and laser looking lights but then it stopped.I thought that was it and I started getting ready to get out and go watch tv again,then the weirdest thing happened.The whole bathroom lit up,not like a bright light but a gray color.It was weird,the light was off but I could actually see in the dark.I saw ever detail of everything,meanwhile it was pitch black.Everything was a ghostly gray and white.I sat there for a while just amazed at this,probably 1 min. at least then all of a sudden everything went dark again and I couldn't see shit.Then in the next 15 min. or so I had the most awesome hallucinations of my life.About a minute after everything went black again,I saw a portal! if you've ever played mortal kombat part 2 or 3,you might remember that portal or tunnel on that level,this looked exactly like it.It was right in front of me,it was a huge spiral tunnel,the inside was pink,the outside was purple and I could down it as it got farther inside it was black. It was spinning slowly.I actually thought I was dead,Ithought back and thought maybe I fell asleep in the tub and drowned and this was real and this is the tunnel everybody talks about.It lasted for about a few seconds then dissappeared.Everything is black again,then I saw the Earth slowly moving away from me.It looked real,and everything was black around it and it felt like I was in space.Then I felt something pull my arms.I looked to my left and I saw and Alien holding on to my arm.His head looked like the classic "Alien",a big head,big slanted eyes,very pale skin.And I looked down at his body for a second and he had on a little white space suit and I looked down at his feet and there were not any.From his waist down were just red lines,like it was a drawing or something.All of a sudden all that dissapeared and it was dark again.All of a sudden this landscape showed up and filled the entire room.It felt like I was flying,I saw streams, mountains,trees and stuff below me I was looking at this land from above.If you can imagine laying on a huge theater screenon your stomach and looking down at a film taken from a plane,thats what it was like.I felt like a bird.At this same time a John Denver song popped in my head,the Rocky Mountain High,or whatever it's called.I don't like his music but it just seemed to fit the mood.It was playing in my head as I was watching this landscape below me moving,as if I were flying.I can't really say how long this lasted but maybe a good 3 min.Then it was gone,I was sorry to see that go,it was such a peaceful feeling flying.So then I sat in the darkness for a while and didn't see anything else and got bored.I changed my position in the tub so that I was looking in the opposite direction.I thought maybe I would see something if I faced this way,and I did.Within about a a few seconds of facing this way I saw these three girls faces,but they looked like they were from the fifties or something,I mean the way their hair and makeup looked,but they looked real.Then the darkness in the bathroom turned into a real bright orange.These three girls heads were just floating around then they started singing a stupid ass song.I cant remember how it went now,but then it was a catchy tune.Then I saw tootsie rolls floating around,then it hit me,this was a commercial,and I was in it!Well to let you know how realistic it was,a tootsie roll came floating up to my mouth and I tried to eat it.Then it dissapeard.Then out of nowhere that dude Yoda from Star Wars appeared.That little green guy with the cloak and pointed ears.I saw him for a few seconds and thought to myself this is getting too fucking weird so I got out of the tub and watched tv,but mainly thinking about all that I had seen.I didn't feel as high as I did usually when I was in my 2nd hour of the trip,but it seemed like all those hallucinations used up alot of the DXM's power and now I was left with a buzz.The rest of the night was very mellow.I went to bed at around 2:00am.Well thats it.It puzzles me that a 475 mg. dose can make such full blown, vivid hallucinations.The visuals I had were like the ones I've read about from 4th plateau doses.But I've never heard of any visuals like those on 475 mgs.It was a very weird and very cool trip.I've had about 20 DXM trip since that trip and I've never had any visuals like the ones I had in that trip and I probably never will again.I thought for a while that I had visuals like that because I took some time off from DXM before that trip,about 2 weeks,thats a long time for me:) But then I realized that on my FIRST time I didn't experience anything like that.I also don't use DXM strictly for visuals,mainly I use it for the high it gives,much like a pot-high to me .Well as I said before it was a weird and VERY cool trip.


1998 The Third Plateau
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