The Benylin Experience

WEll, here goes; this was my second DXM trip, and sorry to say, it wasn't as good as the first. For the record, I am 5'11", 130 lbs. I am also 15.

Anyway, my parents were going to be out of the house for a couple of hours, so I thought it would be a good idea to trip on DXM. I bought a 4oz. bottle of Benylin Cough Formula stuff, and a box of Dramamine, as I have heard it can spice up your DXM trip.

So at 5:50, pm, I proceeded to chug the bottle of syrup. It was surpisingly not as bad as I though it would be (last time I used Drix.), but still disgusting. Now would be a good time to mention that I was feeling somewhat sick throughout the day, and pounding my near empty stomach with over a bottle of cough syrup sure doesn't seem to help it out.

At about 6:15, I had finished the Benylin and 6 Dramamine, and tried to drink some Tussin DM, which had been in my medicin cabinet for a while, but that shit is like fire going down your throat! It seemed to have alcohol or something, because it was absoluty REPULSIVE. No matter, I drank about one or two ozs. of it, and went on the internet to pass the time. It took till 6:45 roughly, to feel some effects. It was pretty good, except I was feeling quite nauseated. I tried to smoke a ciggerette (yeah, like that would have helped), but It was too windy outside, so the lighter woulden't work. All the while, I was felling like shit, because my stomach desparetly wanted to turn itself inside out .

I went up to the bathroom and tried to puke for maybe 15 minutes, but I couldn't, which was probably the worst part of the trip, because in most cases the person throws up, but I couldn't; I just kneeled in agony at the toilet for awhile. So then I tried to gag myself, with my finger, so I could throw up, but even after 15 more minutes, each feeling like a decade, it was not working. I went into my room and listen some music, and it was good (Red Aunts, highly recommended), but I still felt like crapola. Crapola it probably an understament; the pain in my stomach was unbearable, I despartly wanted it to end, trip and all. So it did what I had to do; I went back into the bathroom, CRAWLING, and took my toothbrush, and jammed the handle end down my throat, and proceeded to throw up, each barf felling like hell (for me, at any rate, barfing in the worst expirence in the whole world, and there isn't anything more uncomfortable).

I felt MUUUUCH better after that, and I went downstairs, watched some TV, the trip not progressing at all, at a mild 1st platuea, so I went to bed, at 8:15 in the evening.

A little note: The total amount of DXM I consumed was between 354mg-450mg, but I puked up a good deal of it after 2 hours (I could see and smell it in the toilet bowl). And to this day, I still get queasy after recalling these recent facts (may 15, around then).

1998 The Third Plateau
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