Bildow's DXM trip (1 1/2 bottles of Tussin DM)

Name: Bildow
Age: 15
Weight: 110
Method: Drinking 1 1/2bottles of TussinDM ( a cheap brand of Robitussin )
Other: Pot

This is my robotrip experience:

I bought 2 bottles of TussinDM at CVS pharmacy and brought them home to Robotrip with my friend, he had one bottle so i had 1 1/2 and so did he. At about 9pm we drank the syrup, I thought it was digusting but my friend didnt. After about 20 Minutes I started feeling dizzy so i lied down on the bed and started listening to some Mariyln Manson. About 10 minutes later I decided to go downstairs to play on the playstation, my friend ( veteran ) still didn't feel anything. After that i went up to my room to watch TV. I started watching and began to just stare past the TV blankly and could only only see out of one eye. I didn't move from that position for what seemed like 45 min. Then it happened....I turned my head to see where i was and the intensity of the DXM trip began. I started hearing, seeing, and for the most part feeling, especially seeing trails and hearing people talking to me, saying "pssst" "hey" I got up from my bed ( which felt like i was on a speed boat ) to go to the bathroom. This was a unique expeirience, I got up and felt like my skin was stapled to my bed and i struggled down the hall to the bathroom, i went in and turned on the light then felt a push, i looked in the mirror and for a second saw myself as a skeleton. I wanted to expeirience everything i could when robotrippin, it was like i was doing everything for the first time. evenwalking around the house was an adventure. -heres somthing to do while robotripping thats pretty interesting: Stand up,and walk back and forth swinging once at the air everytime you step ahead. Repeat this, it wont get boring. Trails coming from your arm and being able to hear your arm break through the wind is enough to keep you busy.- I did that for about an hour then sat on the Speed boat (my bed) Istarted hearing people talking to me, telling me to stop the boat and to clean the boat. So i got out an old shirt and cleaned my bed untill it was spotless from what icould see. Then the voices went away. 4 hrs have went by and my friend veteran still didnt feel anything, so he decided to go in the bathroom and masterbate. When he came out he was trippin, Maybe he was faking it but i dont know maybe something about jerking off triggers the trip for people whom Robo does not work for. For the rest of the night i talked to imaginary people like Rayane from "my so called life" and Marilyn Manson. I didnt feel tired for about 3 more hours which seemed like days. Somehow i fell to sleep and woke up in the morning andi was still feeling like i did when i was tripping. My friend didnt feel anthing but i still had trouble walking, seeing and talking. I felt like that untill about 3pm that day then i got very tired and slept for the rest of the day untill about 6pm when my father found the empty tussin bottles and my bole. They were right on the floor in the open. I guess its a good idea to write down where you hide stuff when your robotrippin'. This is the most intense trip i have ever experienced in my life, even though i have done acid and shrooms, and it comes in something so cheap and inexpensive and legal as CoughSyrup.

-Bildow - 1998

1998 The Third Plateau
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