A Buncha' Trips

Sup? I'm Spiridon, 15 yo, 140 lbs, 5'9", and with decent drug tolerances since I spent my entire 8th grade year getting drunk EVERY weekend and sometimes during school. I started reading the FAQ and thought, "Hey, what a neat thing to try." So then I started Roboing.

First time: I downed half a 4 oz.bottle of vicks 44 that I found in the cabinet. Spent most of the time watching videos and stuff but I felt pretty good so I went for a walk. Just a nice headrush and maybe some altered perception, nothing much but very pleasant.

Second time: Tried taking Robo Max and hated the taste so I did the Agent Lemon extract. Worked great, I swear by it now. Downed the stuff with some sugar and water to dilute it at about 4:30 PM. I was on my way to a party and figured I shouldn't drive so I called a friend to pick me up. Nice warm feeling on the way there. I was very in to talking so I guess this was the first plateau. Got to the party, not much, just a few people. At 5:30 I hit the second plateau, everything got a little darker and hearing was flanged, vision was double, still felt good. We listened to some Rage and it sounded awesome, then somebody put in Aphex Twin and it blew my mind. Every sound reverberated through my body and I had some nice CEV's. Came down at nine. Every was so real again, it made it feel weird. Overall, pretty fun. I think the dosage was 340mg, maybe?

Third time: Did another Agent Lemon but this time I went in bulk. Swiped two 8oz. from grocery store and extracted roughly 1300mg. Brought it to the roller rink, our local hangout. We all sat behind the arcade games and passed the bottle around. None of my friends were familar with it so I told them to take a little swig. My bitch took one big one and was fucked for the night. Rolling on the floor, laughing, itching, fucked up. I took a even bigger one and stayed well within the 2nd plateau. A friend had somehow sneaked in a case of bud light in his skate bag so I had three beers, too. Felt real nice, very floaty head but, at the same time, a heavy body. Someone else found the combination not so good, as he ran outside and puked his guts up. Had some awesome visuals out on the floor under the disco ball.

I have about a gram of agent lemon extract which I plan to split with my brother. I've got a strobe and some cool music so I should have my best trip yet. Will report back.

1998 The Third Plateau
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