Really Weird Experiences

I'm currently in a trip... 1st time. So forgive if this isn't "perfect." I'm about 370 pounds but very healthy w/good bp, etc., and late 30's in age. Never did illegal drugs or even "legal" drugs before & decided to see what this tussin was all about. I first tried a 4 oz bottle of Rob. DM & after about an hour or so I got a rapid heart rate, sick to my stomach, anxious and a little "fuzzy" for a few minutes and that was it, it was over. I figured that because of my weight, the dose wasn't high enough.

Then I got the 8 oz Tussin Cough Maxi strength (Pharmor brand, same listed ingredients as Rob) w/15mg/5ml. Remembering the nausea the previous day and having access to Phenergan, I took 50mg of Phenergan about a half hour before to avoid the nausea then drank the entire bottle of Rob, brushed my teeth to get rid of the flavor & waited.

I took the tus at 12:30 pm and had eatten some chicken about 45 minutes before. Nothing much happened (perhaps a little "fuzziness") till about 1:45 pm. I was working at the computer & started feeling "different." It wasn't a bad feeling, but I figured it was placebo because it was very minute. Then at almost 2:00pm it KICKED in! I felt the buzz coming up my arms and legs and head like a wave & on the crest of this wave was a surfer named "nausea." At first I just laid on the floor, hoping it would pass, but it worsened so I headed for the bathroom (only about 20 feet away) and didn't think I would make it because of it's rapid onset. I'd read a fair amount on tussin before doing it and was "kinda" prepared for this, but was still upset because I thought the anti-nausea medication would have helped. (Next time I'll take them at the same time, maybe I took the Phenergan too early? And maybe the nausea was caused by the "anxiety" of facing the unknown... I'd read about tussin, but had never "experienced" it or any other "high" before.) Well, I hung my head over the toilet trying not to notice smells that climbed up from the bowl, crawled into my nose, down my throat, and into my stomach - where they grabbed the remnants of the chicken I'd eatten earlier and prepared to drag it to the surface. Just before getting to the BR floor, I soaked a washcloth in cold water and wrung it out over the back of my head, neck and face (that felt really good, although I was still VERY sick). For about 2 - 3 minutes I debated whether I should just shove my finger down my throat & get it over with or wait it out (I HATE to hurl) (while on the floor, wringing the washcloth over the back of my neck, head and face seemed to help a little) then, as suddenly as it came, it left (the strong "buzzing" sensation also left with the nausea). I really didn't time this but I don't think the nausea lasted more than 2 or 3 minutes. I realized I was lying there, with my head on the toilet bowl, feeling REALLY fine so after enjoying the feeling of my head against the seat and my arm resting on the floor (yes, it actually occured to me how GOOD it felt), I figured I might as well "enjoy" the trip in better surroundings. I got up and headed back to my computer. I was quite "dizzy" and unstable (also, I have never been drunk so I can't compare it to that). The room where the computer is was very warm (usually is, but it bothered me more now) and I started not feeling real good again so I left there. The more I walked, the worse I felt (a kind of sick-to-the-stomach feeling), so I decided to lie down. (I'm wondering if my pacing was due to anxiety & that it was the anxiety rather than the walking itself that was making me feel kind of sick. Once down, I felt great. Hard to describe; slight buzz, tingle, just "different," anyhow, I hadn't had much sleep the night before & figured I'd drift to sleep but I didn't. I was kind of in a dream state, but still conscious and able to open my eyes at any time. The visuals, when I concentrated on them, were quite vivid and detailed, but not spontanious (I had to "think them up" then once "created" in my mind, I was able to study them). It wasn't that I actually thought of exactly what I wanted to see, but I had to think I wanted to see something then something seemed to form on its own. I stayed in the bed for quite a while I think, then wanted to do some other things and got up.

During one of my times in bed, I had the CD on and my eyes closed. I had the sensation that I was able to see through my eyelids to the ceiling above me & that the room was just darker because my eyelids were in the way. I decided to open my eyes to verify this and realize it was just part of the trip & not reality.

Any movements, even slight head movements in the bed reminded me I was under the influence... can't describe it except to say it felt really fine. While at the computer, I was often laying my head on one hand then tilt it into my other hand and back again and again because it felt really cool to do this. A few times in bed, it felt cool to just "hang" my arms/hands in the air above me.

I also felt very "fuzzy" in that if I bumped into things (which I did a lot because I was unstable) it didn't hurt, it even felt good. I basically felt as if I were just floating along, very light and carefree. Whenever I got to feeling "not good" I would lie down for a while, which brought immediate relief, then get up again. Any major change like from lying down to getting up or from sitting to standing, brought a flood of buzzy, fun sensations. I actually found it quite enjoyable "falling" into bed or even getting back up. The biggest "problem" I had and that I'm still having is that when I move my gaze from one object to another, everything seems to drag along with "motion streaks" and it's now 7:00 pm and I still can't get my eyes to focus easily. If I look at something different, I have to really concentrate and have to blink a lot, widen my eyes and sometimes even move closer to the object before my eyes to focus on it (this wrap-around text is NASTY!) or cover one eye so they don't have to work together (thats the best fix but still not perfect). At about 4:30 or 5:00 pm I really NEEDED some music (I think the lack of stimuli was letting me think about "important" stuff and any form of "concentration" seemed to bring on not-feeling-good sensations, so I put on a CD and played it (Techno & Savage Garden) and that was great (although SG's To the Moon and Back actually made me feel sad & brought back the not-feeling- good sensations so I skipped that song. It is obvious that my emotional reactions to things is quite exaggerated, in my "normal" state that song is enjoyable and, although it carries a "sad" message, never "upset" me before). After a while I couldn't stand sitting still any longer, I REALLY wanted to get up and start dancing to the music which I thoroughly enjoyed. I also enjoyed it with my eyes closed (& my hands touching a wall so I didn't fall over), it felt fantastic. (again, I received a lot of pleasure from something I normally wouldn't have).

There were also a few "really weird experiences" that I can't explain. At one time I was online and I heard the phone at my desk ring (not possible when I'm online) and at the second ring I answered it but there was no one on the line. I hung up and a moment or two later the computer informed me I was disconnected from my ISP so I guess it is possible that I became disconnected, then by chance someone called at that very moment and then hung up before I actually picked up the phone, but it was very confusing and I have no idea what "really" happened.

On a few other occasions I noticed a static-like crackle that was quite loud coming from my monitor speakers or something else near them, but I was never able to locate the source or identify the cause... I'm still not sure if there were actual noises that were "exagerated" in volume, completely imagined noises, or unaltered static that really existed exactly as I precieved it and again just "happened" to occur during the trip (okay, I realize the last explanation is pretty lame... (I've NEVER heard such sounds in this room before) but I'm considering all the possibilities).

There was a definite euphoria that kicked in just after the nausea passed (perhaps partly that I was so releaved I didn't hurl) and it lasted from about 2 pm till about 6 pm. I also noticed to some degree that my perception of space and time were distorted. The trip from 2pm - 5pm seemed a lot longer (although like any "never-been-there-before" trips (road trips, vacations, etc), it may be because of it's novelty); also, I noticed at least once when standing and looking at a water bottle on the floor that it seemed further away or that I was up higher than I was.

It's 7:10 pm. The euphoria is now wearing off (mostly gone) & I feel I'm almost back to normal still have visual disturbances 1) My eyes won't focus together I'm still needing to close one eye to read 2) When I move my gaze from one thing to another, objects take on the appearance of photos in magazines that have severe motion blur effects added to them weird) this causes me to feel dizzy or off-balance. Also, If I move around or walk a lot, I seem to start feeling a little wasted. When I sit, the feeling passes (this may be related to the fact I had only 4 hours sleep the night before). I am still unstable, the phone rang in another room and as I ran to grab it I had to have my hands out to either side as bumper guards against the walls to keep from falling.

A side note: Around 5:30 I felt hungry & ate some chicken. It actually felt a little "furry" and "cardboard-like" in my mouth and this consistancy, along with a general lack of flavor, caused me to not bother eathing anything else. P.S.: REMEMBER! I took a large dose because I've got a lot of body mass a 150 person should probably start with 4 oz and see what happens. You can always do it again like I did, but if you do too much the first time?


I've gone back and added a few things that I'd "forgotten" yesterday. Some of them were "suddenly" brought to memory while reading what others wrote. It's now the next morning, I didn't get to send this last night. I started watching TV about 9 pm and at 9:30 pm I realized the trip was completely over. I no longer had the visual problems and when I got up and moved, there was no dizzyness. There was no feeling of "coming down" and as of this morning, I still have no other adverse symptoms.

Except for the extreme nausea just before the trip got started, the entire experience was cool & I'm anticipating the next time I have a full day to waste. Plans for the next trip: 1) Take Phenergan at the same time or just after the tussin. 2) Expect the nausea, realize it will pass quickly, and don't freak out. 3) Don't try to do "work" or anything that requires concentration, just enjoy the ride.

Final note: It's Tuesday & I STILL haven't emailed this... as I've said, I NEVER did ANYTHING like this before... I don't even drink or smoke & it's a little "frightening" admitting (even anonymously) that I have. I've "remembered" even more things that occurred. The memories were again triggered by reading accounts of things others experienced & suddenly I remember doing something quite similar (and find it hard to believe that I'd "forgotten" it). These memories surfaced after reading the FAQs sections 5.x to try to determine what "plateau" I was on. I've gone back and inserted these into the above description.

Next trip I plan to do about 900-1000mg (having done 711mg this 1st real trip & I'll try to let you know the outcome. I feel small steps would be much safer than trying to "jump" immediately to the next plateau (which according to the FAQs should be between 1000mg & 2,160mg (1,250mg usenet suggested) for someone of my weight & adjusted downward using the FAQs suggested dosage of from 6mg/kg to 13mg/kg for someone much heavier than normal such as myself.

1998 The Third Plateau
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