An accidental 1800mg Delsym Experience

From: Charos
Dosage: 1800 MG (I know...I'll explain)
Method: Delsym syrup
Weight: 60 KG
Situation: both parents at work all night, Sister home but in bed.

OK...I know 1800 is just a schizo dose of DXM, especially for someone at my weight, but let me explain...both my parents had left for work and I'd gone out and gotten 3 bottles of 250 mL of Delsym...Dextramethorphine Polistirex (SP?) and thought it couldn't have more DXM in it than the last time I'd done it...which was about 250 MG per bottle, so I downed 2 bottles, read the ingredients and kept finding I'd just done 1800 MG...I thought "this can't be right" so I called my friend...he did some calculations...paused...and promptly said "well,'ve just drank 1800 MG, hang on for the ride". I staggered around my house thinking to myself "this can't be right...I just keep getting higher", finally I went up to my room, managed to slip in The Chemical brothers "Lost in the K-Hole" and fall on my bed, still on the phone...finally my friend had to go, he said later by the time he'd left I was incoherent, leaving out strange consonants and syllables, and wouldn't even notice I was missing them, soon after he hung up the phone rang and things went crazy, I stupidly picked up the phone, and immediately I saw a bird's-eye view of my head saying in a stupid, gutteral "HE-HE-HELLO???" it was my father, who kept commenting on how I sounded "pissed out of my gourd". After that I don't remember much, probably for the best, at some point in the night my bed collapsed and I tried to fix it, that was just hopeless. I remember finding myself on my couch watching Twister, then I remember needing to get rid of the bottles and found myself at the door to my house, then laying on the ground outside my house putting the bottles in, then being inside again, finally I just went to my bed and tried to get to about 8:00 I managed to, woke up feeling tired, slight headache and still slightly tipsy,all in all not something I would want to try least not without someone else there. Just goes to show you, CHECK YOUR DOSES!!! If you don't you're liable to get in over your head...I know I did.

1998 The Third Plateau
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