A rememberance of Childhood (2nd plateau)

After using DXM straight from cough syrup, my friend and I tried the Lemon Juice extraction. On our second try I had an wonderful experience. It was probably a Second Plateau trip, but extremely powerful. My friends and I had just gotten through doing sommersaults across my bed (very cool, like a roller coaster) and I was sitting on my bed gazing at my drumset. All of a sudden de ja vu overcame me. It wasn't just deja vu like "Ive seen my drumset before." It was pictures from my childhood flashing before my eyes with sensations to go along with them. Personally, I have a hard time remembering my childhood. I never reminise on those days often simply because I don't remember. But this, this was incredible. Never have I remembered so much of my past life all in one night. I was so emotional, almost to the point of crying! The whole experience only lasted probably about 5 minutes, but the impression on my soul will last forever.


1998 The Third Plateau
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