A recalled experience from 1992 (8 oz robitussin)

About six years ago, myself and two friends endulged in a DXM experience that I will remember forever. We used 8 oz bottles of Robitussin DM. It was too long ago to relate everything chronologically, but I will at very least describe some highlights, and impressions.

I remember first and foremost that we were able to engage in something that I refer to now as narrative hallucination. When closing one's eyes, a fantastic foray into fanciful landscapes and continually changing scenes presented themselves, seemingly without ever exhausting the potential to completely engulf the whole being. One person typically would 'lead', and the others, upon listening to his description of the events unfolding in his mind, would experience these things as well. We were amazed. It became a sort of guessing game, whereby each of us would ask if the others saw particular elements, "...a sea of blue triangles radiating outward from a pulsing red center and exploding on the periphery of vision like waves crashing on a beach...", and invariably, they would. I myself touched the stones of the gates of hell, unafraid.

On a lighter note, one individual and myself had the uncanny ability to swap faces. We would stare at each other for a moment, and one would soon utter "...hey.you've got my face." This was indeed hilarious, but only would function between two of the three of us. This is somehow related to the ability of both of us to move each other's foot. Very odd, and yet, I feel somehow that I have a bond with this individual because in essence, I let them control my body for a moment or two. Fascinating.

I would recommend, in light of my experience, that we NOT smoke pot while DXMing. I would also not recommend the 'headrush' thing. Allow me to explain: Take five deep breaths while leaning over. Hold the fifth. Look upwards and press on either side of your windpipe toreduce blood flow to your brain. This feels like nitrous to me, but only for a few seconds. Well, we pulled a few bongs and headrushed, and the room turned a very bright blue. My legs spasmed and threw me against a speaker (I was knelt on the floor) and I thought "I am going to die" as I spasmed for 3-5 seconds. Never again. In retrospect, it was rather stupid.

One of my friends described the carpet as a faraway forest below his feet. I and another began to speak to each other in a language that we synthesized on the spot. I still remember some of it's key phrases. The name 'Dan' became d'Vinzi. He was unable to move for a very long time. I have a picture of him as such. It still makes me laugh.

We dropped each other through the floor. That one is hard to explain. What I recall most is that the whole experience progressed in surges, or 'waves' as we referred to them then. We would query each other, like surfers with cellular phones-- "Where are you!" "..just over the top..." "here it comes!" "whoa, I'm down again. 'You down?". The surges became stronger and stronger, and finally levelled out to an intense level before receding again.

-Corndog of Carbondale

1998 The Third Plateau
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