DXMing on the Dance Floor

One night a friend of mine and i decided to use the extraction of dxm from sucrets techniqe .we cooked down about 5 bags and headed for a club.my friend (rob from here on out)decided to stay sober while i tried the affects of multiple bags.i took the equivelent of 3 and a half bags then sat down and listened to the music.after about a half hour or so i started feeling in and went against most advise and went downstairs (the club has to floors one for sitting and talking the other for dancing)and danced.that really kicked in the buzz.soon i was hallucinating maddly.one second the dance floor was packed the next i was the only one dancing then all of a sudden it was packed again.after a few hours of alternating dancing and sitting all the while watching people dissapear then reapear we left.rob had a few errands to run and someone to take home .so i was droped off at a mutual friends house that we were staying at.no one else was home and i was left to listen to music in the dark.it was a truly fantastic experience.soon joe another friend walked in sat down then dissapeared.this continued happening.i refused to talk for hours after people really did show up because i didn't know if they were there or not.all i can say is WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the most vivid hallucination ever.and music is incredible.my advise try it youll like it.

1998 The Third Plateau
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