Dehydrated Trip

I am an experienced DXM user and have had 40-50 very rewarding trips. However, I really feel the need to relate the following story of an ill fated DXM experience that could have ended up pretty bad. Whatever you do, don't repeat this stupid mistake.

I am a 32 yoa male and weigh about 190lbs. Recently I came down with a mild flu and started running a fever. Always the experimenter, I was curious to see what would happen if I dosed on DXM while in a feverish state. I ingested 600 mg of DXM in the form of Sucrets cough drops and settled back in my recliner watching TV. My ususal dose is 900 mg so I figured I would be pretty safe. The trip came on mild and had the usual effects of lower level experiences for me. I awoke the next day with no problems other than my flu symptoms. This itself was stupid and irresponsible and I should have stopped there. The day after that (two days after a 600 mg dose) I had to get up early and attend a self defense class. I took a single dose of Tylenol OTC antihistamine that had come in the mail as a sample. To get myself going that morning I drank a few diet sodas and had a medium sized lunch later on. At the end of the class I was called on to do some physical exertion which caused me to sweat quite a bit.

I got home and noticed I was still sweating a lot but drank plenty of bottled drinking water and thought no more about it. I guess the flu clouded my judgement and I got the stupid idea to dose with 900 mg of DXM cough drops again. I was thirsty and went through several glasses of water while I sucked down the cough drops. Later that night my wife came home from work and we sat on the couch watching TV as the DXM started kicking in. I usually go through a slight state of agitation and maybe nausea when the trip first starts. This time the agitation seemed to linger though and I noticed I was feeling worse than usual after three hours into the trip.

Eventually the feeling of something being wrong grew in intensity and in the back of my mind I knew something wasn't right. I was sweating badly and tried to stagger into my bed to sleep it off. I had an incredible thirst and was gulping down water as fast as I could. I continued feeling "bad" in a way I can only describe as primitive panic as something in my head was screaming at me. This was no ordinary DXM trip. At one point I glanced in the mirror and noticed I was as white as a sheet. My breathing became difficult and I finally collapsed on the couch unable to move. This was not at all typical of any DXM trip I had ever had. My wife was freaking out even though she was also a DXM user and knew I had dosed. I could feel something important slipping away and with my last surge of strength told my wife to call and ambulance.

I was taken to the local emergency room where I was treated for sodium and electrolyte depletion resulting in shock. For a few hours I was scared to death that I had fried my brain and that maybe something in the OTC cold medicne had caused a bad reaction. I kept my mouth shut about the DXM and none of the doctors seemed to pick up on it in my lab results. After a few days in the hospital I was released and in normal health.

The moral of my story is this. DO NOT take DXM if you are sick. The inert ingredients in the cough drops probably helped to flush my kidneys and speed up the dehydration process. Im also sure the antihistamine contributed as well. Despite postings I've seen about how antihistamines enhance the DXM trip I would suggest avoiding them. I remain convinced that DXM is a safe drug if used wisely so please consider my example as a good way not to use it. I've since used DXM with no ill effects but I make damn sure to drink some Gatorade (water does no good for advanced dehydration) before and after the trip. Also, give your body plenty of time to recover before dosing again. Please be careful and have a safe trip.


1998 The Third Plateau
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