DXM and Flasher.exe

Age: 16
Sex: M
Weight: 145
Alias: DexdBob

It was saturday night, at about 11:30 PM. My parents were off to bed, my sister was "out" somewhere with her friends, so it was perfect to trip off 708mg of dxm (2 robo 4oz bottles). I am not too experienced with dxm as I have done only 10 or so lower dose trips before, so I was in for something new. I went down to the kitchen, popped out the 2 robo bottles on the counter, prepared my "before drink", "wash down drink" and crackers for afterwards.

The first bottle was kinda bad.. sick tasting. I'm suprised I didnt gag. The 2nd bottle I had to take in steps. (Robo is nasty, very nasty) After it was all finally down I went back upstairs and got on the computer, and chatted with some fellow dexers on IRC. About 40 minutes into it I begain to feel nauseous, and layed down on my bed, hoping it to go away. I got back up feeling better, then suddenly felt like I was about to puke. I Immediatly layed back down, trying to think of a "happy thought" so the nasia that hit me would go away.. eventually it did and I got back up and sat down infront of my computer.. I decided to load up a program called FLASHER, and got some old Nine Inch Nails bootlegs (Rusty Nails I and II) to play.

When I got flasher ready, I used these settings: (some were random, because I was really getting into the dxm buzz and didint know what I was hitting) 3 (delta wave), red, Epsilon pattern.

Then I played NIN Rusty Nails II, sat and leaned back in my chair (the chair I was in was designed to be leaned back on and not fall) and stared at the monitor. Nothing much happened for a while, so I closed my eyes, getting the flashes through my eyelids. I sat there, and still not much.. then when the particular song playing was getting close to ending, I was about to open my eyes and get up to stop the flasher program because nothing was happening.. Then suddenly I felt strapped down and I started to spin clockwise.. My sence of surroundings dissapeard. It looked like and felt like I was in a spinning carnival ride (called the Twister around here). Also The flashing because less noticeable, and when the song ended and a new song started, I was in a different "scenerio" that didnt suddenly change, but gradually changed unpon a turn of the "carnivle ride". Whenever the song changed the "scenerio" gradually changed upon a movement. Many "scenerios" were based on being "lost in space" and/or flying around, sometimes at the speed of light, and going toward a light. Other "scenerios" were based on things down on earth that I have seen, and was flying around them, not nearly like in an "airplane mode" but very fascinating. One "scenerio" was when I fell into a bunch of red liquid (lava? who knows) and was stranded for the remainder of the song that was playing. A few "scenerios" I remember were also speeding through tunnels, and the flashing came as a light source while spaces on the side of the tunnels caused the flashing. During the other "scenerios" the flashing was not noticable unless I focused on it and not pay attention as to what was going on in the "scenerio" which is very hard to do, and I only did probably once. I could also tell that I was moving my eyes up, down, and about like REMs (Rapid Eye Movements) during sleep, so I could be able to see my surroundings (I suppose). One wierd thing is, the lyrics had little or no meaning as to what was going on in my trip. If the lyrics were talking about suicide I might as well could of been in a "happy place" during the trip.

By now the CD had looped many times, and I felt more of a come down, and opened my eyes and I was back in my room, looking at a flashing monitor. I decided to pop in NIN Rusty Nails I and see how that works for a while. I sat back and closed my eyes but couldnt really get into it. The flashing was very noticeable and I couldnt get into my surroundings again. So then I thought that I had already peaked, I closed flasher, and somehow managed to get to my bed, and lay there with my music. (It was a portable cd player and large headphones) I checked my watch to see what time it was. It was a little after 4:00 AM. I layed there for a while and then I thought I was looking up at the celing, but when I waved my hands infront of my face I didint see them. I felt my eyelids and they were closed. Then I looked over to the remainder of my room. I could see almost everything. The TV. The computer. The window, even the blinds on the window. I looked at the floor (supposidly) and I saw random junk that I knew wasnt really there. Everything was in a CEV (closed eye visual) texture. I am not shure what this was but it was fascinating to gase upon my room with my eyes completly closed. When I waved my hands infront of my face again, still I couldnt "see" them.

After that I had the courage to get back up to the computer and see if any of my fellow dexers were on irc. I turned on my monitor and was amaized to see a fellow dexer up at 5:00 AM. I tryed to type, and it was very messed up. I wasnt even understandable. I couldn't hit the right keys, and I am a typist, I even type well in the dark. (I typed like: mahi juftfe ehro bnery psdy'l) Luckly the fellow dexer online understood how messed up I was and I layed down again, hopefully to fall asleep. I did fall asleep rather well and woke up at 2:00 PM, going very strong on DXM afterglow. (DXM hangover) I could barley even walk correctly. I made it down to the kitchen again, and got myself a glass of water. My mom started blaring questions at me, and I was so out of it I didint care as to what she was asking me about or what it was she wanted. After that battle I made it back upstairs to chat with my fellow dexers over irc. I could type alot better and told them about my experience last night.. (or should I say earlyer that morning).

Throughout the day I was on major DXM afterglow and it was hard to perform many skills, especially driving, I almost had an accident. Ick.

1998 The Third Plateau
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