Diamond's Experience

I have done DXM many times (around 40) but usually at 3rd or lower plateau. One time however, I tried a solid 4th plateau dose with 1 bottle of Robo and 2 boxes of Coriciden Cold & Cough ( a total of about 960mg ). Im only about 135 pounds, and quite young, so this was a very high dose for me... Anyway... I took it all at about 6:00 PM. I was at a friends house who was also taking DXM, but only at about 450mgs... At around 6:45, the effects were starting to get good, and it was becoming hard to walk and I had a terrible case of the giggles... At around 7:30, the effects became full force... first, I was laying on my friends couch listening to Dark Side Of The Moon.. When I closed my eyes, I was zoomed into a futuristic world of robot war (seriously). And there were lights and explosions and many other trippy things happening. I practically lost reality until I opened my eyes without even realizing it and only 10 mins. had elapsed! It had seemed like a lifetime... My friend was also tripping, but not too hard, and he said I wasnt acting to strange, so we went upstairs to look at Acid Warp on his computer. It seemed impossible to walk up the stairs and i would weave back and forth aimlessly. ( Now keep in mind the rest is accounted for as best I can and may not even be exactly what happened, because it took me a few days to even remember some of what happened, and some is just what my freind told me I did...). We were upstairs watching Acid Warp, and it was like I was inside the patterns, and there were colors all around me. I could hear voices form all sides, but couldnt make out what they were saying. I then snapped out of it and decided to get a drink of water... I walked to the kitchen, and all of a sudden I heard a door creak open and his mother walked out! I thought I was fucked!!! I couldnt even stand up or talk straight... Anyway... his mother started talking to me and told me that I was acting strange and that I should get some sleep... and then she started spouting of jibberish and I couldnt tell if it was me or her who was tripping! Ok, but now the weirdest part, when I FINALLY got back to my freind... he siad that his PARENTS WERE GONE FOR THE WEEKEND!!!!!. I had talked to his mom, but she was never there... This REALLY tripped me out and I stumbled back downstairs and put on some Greatful Dead. Next thing I knew I was a flower... I dont know how I got that way (Dream, Hallucination, or Imagination?) but I felt all the powers of the plant. I lived its entire life in a matter of (apparently) minutes! I knew the feeling to soak up the warm water of the rain after days of drought... I felt how it was to open my petals for the morning and get the first glimpse of the rising sun.. I knew what it was like to wither and die at the oncoming winter. After this experience I never looked ant ANY plant the same way... it was almost as if I was on of them and they knew I understood them. Later that night all I can really remember is seeing not through human eyes, but more like bug eyes where everything was shown hundreds of times as through a giant kalidescope (sp?). Then it was like my body lifted away and left my soul to sit and comtemplate the ways of life, and time seemed to stand still for an un-explainable amount of time. At an unknown amount of time, I then fell asleep and woke up the next morning not remembering much, but feeling refreshed with no "DXM Hangover" whatsoever like I usually experience. Later that day, and through the next few days I began to remember more of what happened that night, but its all still fairly blurred. All I know is that every time I go on a DXM trip (mostly at higher doses) it changes my life. Not in a "I found the meaning of life" kind of way, but just in a way that opens my mind to new things, and allows me to look at things in a different and less judgemental way. I would never recommend this drug to ANYONE who doesnt have an extremely open-mind, and is not afraid of having things happen in a way that is impossible in normal life. These experiences can be intense and very realistic unlike most Acid or Shroom trips, and you have to be ready to handel them. The one thing to never forget is that every trip is much different on DXM and never to "expect" anything because many things happen that could never be expected, and you will either dissapoint yourself or freak out and end up in a mental hospital, YMMV !!

1998 The Third Plateau
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