A second plateau trip mixed with cannabis

My first exerience with DxM was with 8oz (10mg/5ml...or however that goes again - I've been out of the loop for awhile now). I wasn't ready for it. I was expecting something more visually trippy. I found myself barely able to hear & in a situation where hearing was important. It was cool enough for try #2.

If I remember right, try #2 was also a quasi-flop. I spent half the time in a college dorm attempting to talk to women when I had no control over my body. I was constantly shivering and hearing up and shivering again. I can still remember it, vaguely. I do recall everyhting seeming to be from sort of fairytale - even thought I had been in the building a million times before (it should've seemed familiar but wasn't).

Finally I came around to try #3. This is when I really experienced how ultra DxM could be. It was the first tiem that I experienced the thc/dxm thing. My timing was right and I loved it. At one point in the evening they both mixed and BAMM! Everything became alive in a cartoon world. The tv was on - only it wasn't showing a picture. There was a narrow stream of pixels flowing forth from it and hitting me and causing Pink Floyd to be playing. I sank into the couch until the couch wasn't there anymore. I was vaguely aware of the person to my left. When I looked to my right, my friend "the gimp" was fully, completely animated and in no way, shape or form even hint of being composed of flesh. Floyd continued to play. Everyone else was like my friend, "the gimp".

The problem was that I wasn't prepared for this. Friends hadn't told me of what happens when thc+dxm were mixed. I wrestled with myself - debating if I had passed out or not - and if I had if I was dieing. As many people know, anxiety and dxm do not tend to mix well. ONce I entered this debate, it took a long time to loose track of it.

1998 The Third Plateau
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