DXM + Acid experience

First of all, please excuse my bad English. Although I think you'll be able to understand me, my English is not perfect, and I often misspell words. My wording might seem a bit special sometimes, to you, but you should understand what I mean. I'm French Canadian (from Quebec), and I'm actually learning English.

I've tried DXM several times (maybe 10 times), at various dosages, and liked it from the beginning. The first time, I had to drink cough syrup, which I found disgusting, but after a few times, I found "Contact CoughCaps", which are pills that contain 30mg DXM ONLY (no pseudoephedrine, nothing!). However, these pills aren't sold anymore in Canada (the only place where you could find them I think).

The first time I tried this (DXM + Acid), I loved it immediately. I liked my first experience so much that I couldn't wait until the next, where my friend and I planed to double the dosage for both products.

Before describing the trip, I'll give you a little background on myself, that will help you understanding better who I am, and what kind of person I am (which influences a trip a lot). I'm actually 16, and I've started smoking pot occasionally when I was 14 (I took alcohol for the first time at 13). I kept smoking pot (or hash) for 6 months, without taking anything else. I was smoking once every two weeks, then once every week. It was great.

While browsing the Internet, I heard about DXM (which was pretty unknown at that time. I found the DXM FAQ version 1.x!). I read it, and it seemed safe to me. The fact that I could get some at the drug store was very interesting (easy to get). So, I called 2 of my friends, and convinced them to try it. We drank the equivalent of 300mg DXM of cough syrup, and had a very great time. We were in a small forest near the town where we live, and it was just great. Tripping in nature is awesome (I like nature very much). This stuff was a lot better than pot!

I stayed away of it for maybe a month, and then, took some again. I took 720mg that time. Although the set and setting weren't very great for this trip, I spent a part of the trip alone, and tripped a hell of a lot. That was fun.

After drinking 720mg of DXM in the form of cough syrup, I didn't want to drink that stuff anymore. It almost make me puke. So, I started looking for pills. We discovered "Contact Cough Cap", which contained ONLY DXM. We tripped again in nature (300mg), but we were in Autumn, and all the leaves in the trees were red, orange, yellow, etc (fall here in Quebec, Canada is quite awesome!). I experienced what I was calling "hallucinations" for the first time with all these colors (later, when I discovered LSD, I knew what I experienced wasn't hallucinations, but only "mild" visual effects). I loved it.

Soon after, CoughCaps were withdrawn from the shelfs, being replaced with brands that contained DXM and pseudoephedrine. Actifed DM was a popular brand. I had read somewhere that pseudoephedrine started to be dangerous at 1000mg, and could be lethal at 2000mg. A box of Actifed DM contained 360mg of DXM, and 720mg of pseudoephedrine. This seemed safe to me. I tripped on these maybe 4 times. I found this combination to be even better than DXM alone. Pseudoephedrine being an amphetamine (speed), it helps not to get too lazy, and keeps you moving around. Your mind also runs at 100mph, and this, combined with the "strange" and "weird" effect of DXM is quite something. I would recommend this every time.

When I was 15, in the summer, I took LSD for the first time. This was about a year later than my first DXM trip. From the very beginning, I learned to love LSD, and didn't use DXM anymore. Although DXM is great stuff, LSD is far greater better, really. On a scale of 1 to 10, I would classify pot at 2, DXM at 4 or 5, and LSD at 7 to infinity (depending of the dosage). The first time I took LSD, I took only one hit, and had SOOOOO much fun. I never laughed so much of my entire life. I liked it so much than a 2 weeks after, I dropped 2 and a half tabs. This was one of the most awesome trips of my life. I now knew what hallucinations really were, and how _wonderful_ they are. LSD became my passion. Also, after this second trip, I noticed how I was feeling. All seemed very clear, and I was thinking a lot about myself, my life, who I was, what were the consequences of my experience, etc. This is what all started my passion for LSD: a thinking drug.

Although I liked it very much, I was careful not to take it too often, because I was scared of mental addiction (I loved it soooo much!). We are now a year later, and I've used acid maybe 10-12 times, at dosages ranging from a hit to 5 hits, sometimes combined with pot. There's nothing like it.

At school, I always have been a "smart" guy. My grade average is around 90%, and I know that if I would want to work a bit, I could get far better than this. When I was a child, I was fascinated by everything. I loved to learn, and I was very curious. This is still true, but less intense. LSD brought this back a lot. After a few trips, I noticed how "spiritual" LSD could make me feel (this is a typical effect of LSD on people that don't take LSD for partying), and so, I started to read about LSD and it's effects on a person's spirituality. About 6 months ago, I started to read about Buddhism, Zen, meditation, etc. I've grown a lot spiritually, and this is in part due to LSD (50% LSD, 25% meditation, 25% getting older). So, you could qualify myself as a "spiritual" tripper. I've read the Psychedelic Experience by Dr. Timothy Leary, including "The Tibetan Book of the Death", and have spent several trips thinking about this. I'm very interested in the "intellectual" part of LSD, and so, I stopped using drugs in parties, and started using drugs in more useful ways.

Also to note, I've tried PCP a few times (3 I think). This drug is very similar to DXM, but also very different. You have more energy than on DXM, generally. Also, I find it to be somewhat more powerful, especially at high doses. I achieved total dissociation several times with PCP, what I never achieved with DXM (maybe I never took enough DXM).

So, in short, the user background for myself: 16 years old, male, 125 pounds. Intellectual type of person, better than average at school. Smoked pot maybe 75 times in 3 years, used DXM about 10 times in 2 years, dropped various dosages of LSD about 10-12 times in a year (from a tab to 5 tabs) (sometimes mixed with pot), tried PCP 3 times in various setting (party, with a friend and alone), tried codeine once. Very interested in the spiritual and intellectual aspects of LSD, which is now the main drug I use. I'm now used to taking something once every month or so.

Recently, I was able to get some pure DXM. This stuff is absolutely DISGUSTING. Impossible to swallow it down normally. You HAVE to mix it with something. The best way we found to ingest it is to mix it with orange juice. We take a bottle of orange juice (about 400ml), and mix 400mg of DXM in it. This tastes like badly made orange juice (bitter to taste). Drinking it that way is quite easy. The more orange juice you use, the less bad taste it has (!).

Someone, by e-mail, had advised me to try taking LSD in combination with DXM. Which we tried. Since we didn't known too much what to expect the first time, my friend and I took 400mg of DXM in orange juice, waited about 15 min, and then, took a hit of LSD (good one, about 70mics) (when I say 400mg of DXM, I mean 400mg of DXM each, not for the both of us. Same for the acid). At first (when the LSD started it's effect), it was a bit uncomfortable. Quite confused, feeling like druggy, drowsy, along with nausea and an impression of heat in form of "hot-flash". Although not too bad, we felt better after we lied down. Maybe 15 min after, these feelings were gone, along with the confusion. The dissociative effect was more noticeable (we just wanted to stay on the ground, lying down with walking being too tough. We also wanted to keep our eyes closed, because keeping them opened was tough). And so, even though we didn't move for a couple of hours, we were not asleep. We were continually talking to one another (my friend and I), and sometime, just enjoying the eye-closed visuals. Although I had some very interesting eye closed visuals on LSD, these seemed a lot more clear and colorful when on DXM-LSD. They were all in flashy colors (very bright yellow, purple, red, green), and I could understand the movements in them more easily. The hallucinations were a lot more structured. Although VERY enjoyable, we felt that a bit more would have been great, and so, we decided that next time, we would double the dosages.

I would recommend 400mg DXM + a tab to anybody with experience of both LSD and DXM (taken separately). Taking 2 or 3 hits of LSD is probably a good way to prepare someone for the intense confusion there is at the beginning. Also, it would be good to tell people that they might feel "sick" at the beginning. This is normal, and not dangerous. It quickly goes away. Lying down is the best way to stop this feeling.

About 2 weeks later, we were ready for our double-dose trip. We took about 650mg of DXM in orange juice (each), plus 2 hits of LSD (each) (from the same sheet as the previous trip). The "bad" effects quickly came, and were more intense. The confusion was also VERY profound. We just felt sick, and we hoped we wouldn't feel that way for a couple of hours, because we could well end at the hospital (but we didn't knew how we could get to the hospital!). The hot-flashes were very intense. We felt like if it was 110F outside, we were quite fucked up, and very nauseous. My friend, which had already experienced "robo-itch", which is like an allergic reaction, experienced it again. The upper part of his back, along with his neck and chest turned RED, and he told it was _very_ itchy. So, he kept walking around, making wind with his t-shirt to reduce the pain. He was trying to itch himself, but I told him not to do so. We were feeling quite bad. My friend was getting quite anxious (have we OD? will we be OK?), and I didn't knew too much what would happened next. I knew such dosage wasn't dangerous, but... Finally, my friend decided to lie down with me (I was lying down since a couple of minutes already, watching him walking around). When he did so, he calmed down, and the robo-itch stopped. I was still feeling very nauseous, and quite fucked up, and then, I felt it: I'm gonna puke! I just went a little further in the woods, and threw up. This was nothing. I was so high, that I almost didn't noticed I was puking. This felt me like 5 seconds, but my friend told me I puke for about 30 secs, non-stop. But I didn't care. Immediately after (in less than a second), I start feeling well. All the bad feelings were gone, and I was now tripping. I came back to the blanket were we were lying on, and lied down. I was now just feeling great. I forgot that I had puke.

Although very intense, the confusion and sickness feeling at the beginning didn't last long. From the first minute of feeling bad, to puke, maybe 15 minutes have elapsed. It doesn't feel very long, and when the trip begin, you completely forget it, really.

The trip in itself is quite hard to describe. I could say that I never felt so well of my entire life. I remember telling my friend how good I was feeling (this was experienced by him also), that it was like being in paradise, etc. Curiously, we knew where we were (in a field, in the middle of a forest, near our town), but at the same time, we didn't felt like if we were there. We were in a field, of course, but it felt like if this field was somewhere else, but we didn't knew where. This was special at the same time, because we knew where we were. It just didn't feel like if we were where we were supposed to be. We were something else. Maybe this can seems scary, it was a _very_ good feeling.

Although we were behind a tree, there was still too much light for us coming from the sun, an my friend had the idea of putting a piece of clothes over our eyes (we put a t-shirt, folded in 4). We continued to talk, and although my eyes were closed, I wasn't experiencing any eye-closed visuals (I didn't tried to have any. Later in the trip, I closed my eyes with the intention to have some, and had). It was just like normal, rather black. The dissociative effect of DXM was noticeable, and we didn't felt our body anymore. We felt like if we were, my friend and I, in a kind of bubble, because we were talking to one another, and this was the only sounds we were hearing. When he was talking, I was trying to listen to the other sounds around us (birds, wind in the trees, etc), but the only sound I was able to detect was his voice. We talked that way for about half an hour, and then, removed the t-shirt from our eyes, and opened them. What we saw was quite breathtaking!!! It took us quite a while to realize it could be possible to be there. We were now in a field, can you imagine! We were now back to the same field we were in before putting this t-shirt over our eyes. It took us about 5 seconds to realize where we were. After that, we start laughing about how stupid we were... :) Curiously, when we had our eyes closed, we were somewhere else. We couldn't tell where exactly (in the sky? underground? in hyperspace? in the 4th dimension? in a world of our own?), but we were just not in this field anymore. We had completely forgotten where we were. Of course, even with the t-shirt on our eyes, I could have asked my friend where we were, and after a second or two, my friend would have answered "in the field", but when we weren't thinking about it, we were something else.

Want a cheap way to travel? Buy yourself 2 tabs and some DXM! :)

Although we could have tried to "explore" this world, we didn't do so. We have learned from experience (mainly from LSD), that it's best not to "force" something to happened, but just to let it happened. Although we didn't tried, this feeling came back from itself. We were now eyes opened, watching the sky, the clouds, etc. And the way we were lying down, we couldn't see the ground around us. Again, we sort of didn't felt we were in this field anymore. We still couldn't tell where we were, but we were not where we where supposed to be anymore. Maybe we were just in the sky now, since this was what we were watching at. We dunno! It was just an awesome feeling.

After maybe 3 hours, we did something that was quite something: standing up. From nowhere, we were in the field, and it took us a couple of seconds to locate ourself. The last time we had realized where we were (after the t-shirt thing), we had only looked around us, but still lying down. Because of the accidented surface of the field, we could only look at about 30'. Now, we were standing up, and discovering a whole new part of the field. We could see at about 2 or 3 kilometers (a mile and a half maybe for you US guys). And this was quite something for us (we were quite something ourself at that time!). We walked a bit around, hunt for some wild raspberries, explore a bit. We then came back to our blanket, and lied down again. We stayed there, tripping, for another couple of hours. We were feeling soooooo _GREAT_. The length of the trip is a fun thing, because it enables you to "explore" this state. With LSD alone, I often have the feeling that the peak doesn't last long enough.

After the trip, I concluded that this disorientation effect was caused by the mutual action of DXM and LSD. DXM is a dissociative, and it "dissociate" you from reality. Physic reality, and mental reality. LSD is an hallucinogen. It can modify reality. When experiencing LSD alone, only the "normal" reality morphs (sometime, reality completely changes, but it's not often). Although a tree can look quite funny when on LSD, you know it is still a tree. When taking these 2 drugs at the same time, I think DXM dissociate you from reality, and LSD creates a new reality for you. You are then in a "new" world (should I say universe).

We had taken the stuff at 10:30am, and at around 6:00pm, we start wondering whether or not it would be a good idea to come back home, meet our parents, etc. This was in some respects similar to the end (tail) of an LSD trip. Although we were not "fucked up" anymore, we felt like social interaction would make us feel uncomfortable. And our eyes were still "red", and all that stuff. But the trip was finished. A DXM trip is usually done since about an hour after 7 hours. An 2-tab LSD trip isn't usually. And so do we felt. The feelings we were now experiencing were more LSD-feelings.

I would also advice this trip, but I would greatly recommend experiencing with the low-dose mix before. Although some aspects of the trip are similar to an LSD trip, and some others to a DXM trip, the trip as a whole is very different than both drugs. So, experiencing with a lower dose before is probably a good idea to get used to the feelings. It would also be important to advice people that there is an _intense_ confusion at the beginning, and they will surely feel sick (with a lower dose, I'm not 100% sure that they will feel sick, but at the double-dose, I'm about 100% sure). Lying down at the very beginning of the bad effects is probably a good idea. Having some water to cool you down while experiencing hot-flash is another very good idea (not for drinking, but to drop it on yourself!). Also, warn people that it's probable that they'll have to throw up (vomit). This is far more pleasant than puking on alcohol. It didn't felt difficult at all to puke, and I could almost say that it was pleasant, because I was already feeling well. All you have to do is to close your eyes, and open your mouth, it goes out by itself. You're so confused that you almost don't notice. And you forget it very fast. This shouldn't scare people.

Although these bad feelings at the beginning can seem quite scary, they are quite nothing once they have end. You forget them very quickly. People should focus on the "trip" in itself, and just do it. They'll feel bad at the beginning (maybe), but about 10 minutes after, it's all done. And these 10 minutes goes quickly.

Because of these reactions at the beginning, this combination should only be taken by experienced people, in good health, knowing what will happen. I think it is quite safe. Although I can easily forecast physical problem related to frequent use, I don't think occasional use (once every month, every 2 months) shouldn't be a problem.

Addiction potential? Of course there is. But if taken by responsible and mature people, this shouldn't be a problem. I've taken it twice, but although it was the most wonderful trip of my life, I'll wait a bit until I try some again. Probably 2 or 3 months. Since when tripping on that stuff you enter a "new" reality, IMHO, I think it's important to take the time to completely re-come in the real world and spend time in this real world before tripping again.

DXM when combined with LSD (I think I should say LSD combined with DXM) is a very valuable tool to explore other dimensions of our mind. I would be pleased to see other people repeat this experience, if done responsibly.

1998 The Third Plateau
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