The Summer of DXM

The Summer of DXM, by "Agaton Sachs XIII",

This summer, 1997, I didn't have a summer job for the first time in years and years, and since my interest for drugs had grown, especially the more psychedelic one, I decided some self-expermentation would be a good way to get a few non-happening summer days to pass.

In the beginning of the summer I bought 10 g of DXM HBr, out of 2 that I sold to my friend.

Most of the time I ingested the powder by mixing it well with Orange Juice, following it up with a clean glass of OJ. I did, however, try it with lemonade, believing the citrus fruit would cover up the taste, but it really didn't do the job as good as orange juice.

150 mg (1.8 mg/kg)

I tried this dose once in an attempt to reach the 1st plateau, And well, it didn't do much at all. I could feel some slight effects, such as enjoying watching TV, but it was more or less gone in a couple of hours. I didn't find it much interesting at all.

500 mg (5.9 mg/kg)

This is the first dose I tried, and the one I did most times, because I still felt able to go out for a walk or a bike ride, without looking too strange and be able to answer the phone if neccessary etc. The flanging/"wavey" effects were there, and when I closed my eyes I never saw anything special, but I'd feel like I was stretching out and getting taller, or that my hands were swelling. A couple of hours after the peak I'd usually feel talkative and a bit hyperactive. I always hit the 2nd plateau with this dose. I once combined it with nitrous oxide, with positive results, the nitrous "kick" was longer, more intense and "heavy".

900 mg (10.6 mg/kg)

This trip should have sent me off to the 3rd plateau, but it didn't. I think this was because I puked, so it was more like a 2nd plateau trip. I did enjoy it however.

1200 mg (14.12 mg/kg)

After the 500 mg dose, this was the most common one for me, I did it four times, and I was only able to keep myself from puking once. One time it didn't feel at all like a 3rd plateau trip, but most of the time it was around 3rd/4th.. One time I tripped on it, I found a headshop in Sweden which sold mushrooms, so I spent most of the peak trying to order some, which was interesting, but since I didn't concentrate, I missed the interesting effects of the peak.

However, the one time I managed to keep myself from puking (by breathing deeply and preparing myself mentally by telling myself over and over that I was gonna be able to keep it down), I had the most intense trip of them all.

With my walkman playing a some home recordings done by a girl I know, and my eyes closed, I almost felt connected telepathically to her, and when I later called her, she had just come home after being away from home for a long period of time, so who knows, maybe there was something there, or maybe it was only coincidence. The telephone call itself was really weird though, and not that rewarding.

With my eyes closed, I'd usually get either something resembling computer generated repeative patterns in 3 dimensions (like you can get quite easily from ketamine), and sometimes I'd feel like I levitated and as I did this, I saw a blurry image of a globe disappearing in the distance, and as I lost my concentration, I'd slowly return by the same path closer to the globe.

Another common visual effect would be the feeling of being inside the movie tron (another effect more prominent from ketamine), and seeing weird 3-dimensional stuff, almost like inside the big alien mothership in independence day. Once I also felt like I was floating above the water outside a big city late at night, with lots of skyscrapers with small lights in every window, which, however, seemed a bit unrealistic.

Cons of DXM

Well, above I've pretty much told you what I like about DXM. However, most of the time I found the feeling of being hyperactive yet tired was a bit annoying, especially when it tended to go on for several hours. But I usually just went for a bike ride if the weather allowed it to solve that little problem. Another bad thing is the feeling of the jaws aching a bit, and also other muscles felt a bit strained. Since my experience with DXM is limited to a rather short period of time, I can't tell much about long-term side effects.

Personally I feel that I'm done with DXM, despite it being enjoyable most of the time, I don't feel like it has much more to offer me.

Note to Swedish readers

Dextrometorphan is available in the cough syrup called Tussidyl, but you need a perscription to get it, and I can't imagine drinking syrup being an enjoyable thing, so I reccomend buying some DXM HBr powder instead. From my knowledge, importing it is no criminal offense, since its recreational use isn't something big brother has found out about yet.

1998 The Third Plateau
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