A fourth plateau tale from evilfrige

I am Evilfrige...

This is an account of my activities during a 4th plateau fix. I dont remember the entire thing, but I was in the company of others. They filled me in on what i dont quite remember.

I downed an 8 oz bottle of Maxi Robo in 7th bell on a Wednesday. Got into a friend's car (lets call the friend Ludwig) after school. I sat in thee back seat with another friend (call her Thee Muffin). I remember being extremely cold as the euphoria began. As a result, I started to complain. Muffin asked if I wanted her to keep me warm. I told her she was much colder than I. So she backed off...but then I felt like a fuckup. So I requested that she hold me anyhow. I ended up fucking in a car for the first time. It was a most delightful experience until I came. Then Muffin started to look odd. Her face wasn't there anymore. Errr...it was there, but it was wrong. It had a pale green colour to it. She was dead.I could tell.

I could feel vomit start to rise...not much came out though...just a tiny bit of brown liquid. Muffin laughed...then pointed out how disgusting my vomiting had been. But I couldn't help it...it was her fault anyway for being dead and fucking me. As we drove I stared at people on the street...they were all dead...or perhaps just rather sickly. I looked in the rear view. My face was uglier than the people's on the street (but I had experienced that on robo before, so it didn't bother me too much). Well, Ludwig stated that he needed gas money. None of us had any, so I suggested we hit someone in the head with a brick and take there money. They were already dead anyway. Muffin and I waited behind Media Play. I recall someone getting hit in the back of the head with a big pointy white rock. He was wearing a nice suit, so we figured he had money. I suppose I did it. It kinda felt like I did it. But it more seemed like I was just watching. I think Thee Muffin took his wallet. I never did find out how much she got though. All I remember from the rest of the fix is getting undressed in thee Norwood thrift store...and listening to the Twin Peaks soundtrack in the car (beautiful music). oh, and I gave some girl (possibly named stephanie) a massage in the thrift store. I do wish I could remember more though...

1998 The Third Plateau
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