A story of getting kicked out of school for distributing DXM powder

So what's my current situation? About 4 days ago I was expelled from school for drugs...

I had ordered 50 grams of freebase dextromethorphan (for those who don't know, it's the active ingredient in cough syrup and a pretty powerful hallucinogen) and was giving it out rather loosely (one night I had 2/3 of my dorm tripping...it was really chill and everyone had a great time). 1 week ago, Saturday night, when I was tripping rather hard (850 mgs DXM/135 lbs body), a girl showed up at my dorm and asked for some DXM. I was barely coherent enough to answer her, but since I had given her DXM before and she was relatively experienced, I told her to help herself but to be careful. Obviously this wasn't the most intelligent thing to do, but I was tripping balls and it didn't seem like a bad idea at the time.

Later I found out she hadn't weighed the DXM (I had a scale but I guess she didn't see it); she had just filled up 8 gel caps as full as they would go. This means she consumed somewhere around 1.5 - 2 grams of DXM. She's a 120 lb. person.

Later that night, the school's assistant director, dean of students, and school nurse busted into my dorm. I was still flying pretty high, and I had a terrible time understanding what they were saying to me. Basically they told me a girl had overdosed on DXM and she was in the hospital, and she said she got the drug from me. They said they wanted to test the DXM to make sure it was pure, so they could be sure she was safe and hadn't taken 50% DXM, 50% drain cleaner. With a few well-placed lies I could have gotten out of the whole thing. (My room, which they subsequently searched, was totally clean. I had all my shit, including the DXM, stashed elsewhere.) I was almost positive the DXM was clean; I got it from a reputable source and I had taken it (albeit in smaller doses) frequently with no ill effects. However, I was primarily concerned with her safety, and because there was the possibility she was in danger (a small possibility, but still...) I handed it over.

Of course, it was pure as I had expected, and the next morning she was as good as new. And I was irreparably fucked. Despite the fact that DXM is legal, I ultimately got nailed for dealing, and was expelled. She ultimately got put on 'probation' from school, which entails a short suspension and counts as a 'final warning' for drug use.

The school was initially completely ignorant about DXM, but I explained it and its legal status to them as best I could (considering the fact I was still hours away from coming down off a heavy trip) when they came to my dorm. I compared it to NoDoze...would they have had a problem if I'd had caffeine pills in my room and she'd taken 20 of them and sped around campus all night? They ultimately treated the DXM the same as an illegal drug as far as the consequence they chose for me, which is unfortunate but I can also understand. I wouldn't be surprised if they update the school handbook next year. But it's a tough call. Where do they draw the line? They serve coffee in the KDU...Kava Kava is available at the Putney coop only a mile or two off campus. Hell, the Putney General Store stock extra strength Robitussin! At least I made them take a long hard look at school policy and hash out some of the ambiguity.


1998 The Third Plateau
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