Friday Day Trip

Name: Johnny Stucco
age: 16
amount taken: 1000mg-1080mg.
in the form of: 600?mg. powder from 2 bags of Sucrets and 1 box of Corriceden.
weight: 170lbs

Hello All, I figured i might as well make a submission myself. I had done DXM many a few times before this. In the forms of Corriceden and CVS max syrup. The most i had done before was 600mg. But i had heard about the sucrets method and decided i would try it. I went to Wal-Greens and bought my supplies. I was getting out of school early on Friday so I figured I would try it then. I made the powder on thursday and capped it then too. At 1:30p.m on Friday i took them all. Many pills it was indeed. Anyway. I was not feeling much so I went upsatirs and put in a video tape of a Radiohead concert. I lied down on the bed and watched it with my little sister. She is 14 and knew what i did. A half an hour later i got up to piss and BAM! I felt it good. I knew soon i would be gone. I urinated and went back to the bed. I closed my eyes and just listened to the music. Radiohead is my fav DXM music. It just was so good. My legs started shaking alot. My sister thought this was funny. Within another half hour i wsa truly felling it. I felt a bit sick( I often vomit on DXM I have learned to accept it, if there is nothing in your stomach except some fluid the puke is no so bad). I went into the bathroom and thought to my self that if I vomit now i will lose some potency. so I held it back. It went away. I the just sat by the door and tried talking with my sis. She was a midget. I told her that she was timy like the bug. She got up and left. I stood up and watched her go down the stairs. I then felll down and i was watching myself fall down from outside. I could see my head and face as I fell. I then went back into the bathroom, i liked the color of the walls,. I just sat there for a while thinking about my friends and this one girl. I thought that if she really liked me she wouldnt mind me being like I am. I figured that i was going to be like this forever. It did not bother me. I felt content with that. Like it was ment to be that way. I Just sat and thought about if love could be synthasized and sold on a buyers market. I don't know how long I was like that but it was awhile. I eventually crawled down stairs and saw my sister on the computer downthere. I lied down and closed my eyes and looked at her through my mind. After that everything is vailed. I vaugly remember puking and doing it quickly, the next day my sister said i puked for 3 minuets straight. The rest is gone. I woke up the next morning in my bed fully cloths. my glasses filthy and the FLASHER program on my computer. I do not remember coming upstairs or putting on the computer at all. i had a hangover all day and did not eat for a while. My tail is done.

1998 The Third Plateau
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