A Group-trip experience

Okay, I've been doing dxm for the past year, and for most of that time, it has only been me and my girlfreind tripping on it, as I want to keep it quiet. Anyway, I finally started to tell a few other freinds about it, and introduce them to low dosages of dxm. Of the 8 people I gave the stuff to, only one person didn't like it, so he never went on to a higher dose. Anyway, the others wanted to try their first third-plateau trip, so I came along for the ride. Now, usually, high level trips involve being in nice comfortable surroundings, with trippy music on, and eyes closed, watching the visions. This time, just as we were coming up, everyone decided that they wanted to go for a walk. Most people would say that when your expecting to come up on a third level dxm trip, you should stay indoors, and I used to be one of them. Not so any more. If you walk around, in a group, it is the most chaotic, bizarre, exhilarating experience you can possibly imagine. It's like it's a totally different drug. At one point, we were all walking through highfields, one of the most dangerous areas of the city, holding hands to keep the "bubble" together. I remember visiting a freind, and we had to walk down this long alley way, still holding hands. I remember the alleyway twisting away in front of us, into this black space beyond the orange street lights. It was totally fucked up.

The "bubble" was one of the strongest influences on the trip. It was like we were all one body, or entity. If we split up, everything seemed to change, and we would all have this urge to get everyone back together. The person who had separated from the bubble was usually fine about it, but everyone else in the bubble would constantly be feeling as though someone was missing. When we got back to the flat, everyone just collapsed on the floor, entwined amongst each other, still holding hands, and everyones consciousness sort of melded together. It was really like we had become one. Sometimes we would all just start laughing, and even though their was nothing funny, we all knew we were laughing at the same thing. Then Helen decided to put on this CD a freind had lent her. She didn't even know what was on the CD, but it was the most perfect music you could ever have chosen for that situation. At one point I was visuallising the music as three dimensional, with a flat base, like a huge plain, and with the rest of the music coming off this base like multi-colored mist, kinda like the northern lights. When we were well over the peak, we were all lying on the floor drifting off into our own world, when I turned my head, and it kind of rested against my girlfreinds heads. Immediately, it felt as though our brains had melted together, and liz, who has a lower tolerance than me, and so was still getting very vivid visuals, started to send me halucinations. It was so weird, because I had previously stopped getting much in the way of visions, and all of a sudden, my mind was flooded with abstract pictures and colours. When liz would ask me what I was seeing, I would tell her, and it would be exactly what she was trying to send me. She would ask for the colour, and it would always be right. Sometimes the images were very complex abstract patterns, and I would be able to describe them in detail, and it would match up exactly to what she was sending me. Nothing like this has ever happened to me before, and it absolutely blew me away.

I sent a message just recently to the guestbook, saying that I thought dxm trips were very inward looking, lonely experiences. I don't take that back, as they sometimes can be. I now realise that it was my state of mind causing the trip to be as it was. This trip was one of the most amazing, bonding, empathogenic experiences I have ever had. It has brought me closer to my freinds and my girlfreind in a very real sense, and in a way that ecstacy never has. Ecstacy, much as I love it, does cause a degree of fake emotion, and although it's good for making new freinds, it has never really brought me closer to anyone in the long run. This caused all of us to be under very strained, scary conditions, and we got through it together. This naturally made us much closer afterwards, in the same way that any traumatic experience would do. The thing was, that even though it was a hectic, and sometimes difficult trip, it ended up in the most amazing feeling in the world. It is a feeling that I hope everyone on earth has at some point, with or without drug use. Wow.


1998 The Third Plateau
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