A descriptive first-time experience (354 mg)

I had actually tried dxm the night before but it didn't work that well. It was a half empty bottle of Robo DM which only gave me a mild buzz. I also ate a lot before downing the bottle which I'm sure lowered the effects.

The next night I went to get a 4oz bottle (354mg) of Robo Max Strength with 2 friends. One of my other friends got a bottle also after me explaining to him what kind of trip it can produce. 10:00pm came around and we both downed a 4oz bottle each (I weigh about 115, pretty light). We went to McDonalds and I just got a cheeseburger because I didn't want to ruine my trip again but I didn't eat dinner so I thought it wouldn't hurt. 10:30 came around and the girl driving had to go home because she was leaving for college the next morning. I told the other kid to have a fun trip, walk around a bit and try other various things to enjoy his trip.

Around 10:40 i got home and stood up. When i got out of the car and could feel a little buzz, about the same level as the night before. I walked into my house and acted normal in front of my mom who always suspects me of being on something. I layed down on the couch and waited for the effects to get stronger, which they did;I was feeling drunk now. Around 11:30 - 11:45 i went up to my room and it was starting to hit hard. I closed my eyes and put on "Led Zeppelin - Dazed and Confused." After a few minutes laying on my bed i started zoning out into another world. I saw spiral formations with different ringed colors. Center points of these spirals moving in different way. I saw land formations and so many different radical images changing. I can't remember all of it but I can say it was truely awesome. While enjoying these CEV's in my little own world i suddenly felt my body kind of "fall" and it was as if my body had turned into liquid. I kept my eyes closed thinking it would prolong this experience. Continuing this sensation it felt as if my body kept dripping down and down. It was one of the coolest effects I've felt from any drug.

Somehow I woke up and tryed walking a bit. I was peaking already. I felt extremely stoned and drunk and just so fucked up. I looked into my mirror and couldn't see my face very well. I looked around and everything I looked at seemed like i was looking through dirty broken glass. Vision under DXM gets boggled from my experience, but it adds to your trip. I went downstairs and just stood in my living room staring into a distant space. All of the sudden my brother walked in from smoking herb all night. I looked at the clock and it was 12:15am from what I can recall. He walked by me staring oddly and went downstairs. He came back up and said "What the fuck are you on?" I said, "DXM" and he asked me for some but i told him i only got one bottle. I had been trying to get him to try it with me but he had refused. I guess after him 'seeing to believing' the effects convinced him. He called his friend and I could hear him distantly talking about how good i was tripping. He then handed me the phone and I was talking to the kid. The conversation must have lasted 10 minutes. I think I only heard about 3 things the kid said because while on the phone, I kept spacing out and closing my eyes enjoying my trip.

After that I went downstairs and went onto my computer. I started talking to other dxm trippers and other people I usually conversed with. Vision was severely impared now. It seemed as if the computer screen was cracked and some liquid was smeered on it. While typing the keyboard felt as if it was broken into a bunch of pieces but i managed to type, surprisingly. I put on "The Doors - Light my fire" and started zoning out again. My eyes were still open and I felt my body spinning faster and faster in the chair. I could still faintly see that I was looking ahead, but the rest of my body was spinning.

I finally snapped out of it and went back upstairs. I looked at the clock and it was 1:30am. I went into my brothers room and asked him if he wanted to have a cigarette with me. He said no and I agreed. I look up at his ceiling and just stared. Suddenly everything started spinning very fast, much faster then i could vision on an lsd trip. Overwhelmed by this I left and went outside for a smoke. I cigarette never tasted so good. I came back inside and went downstairs again. I saw my mom sleeping on the couch and talking like a drunk, i told her to go upstairs and go to sleep. I was staring at her face and everything around her was disorted. Trying to focus on anything was nearly impossible. She finally went up and I layed down and turn on the tv. It was about 2:30-3:00. I started to come down so I tryed to get as many more CEVs as i could. The rest of the night was spent with my imagination making up worlds in my head and various wierd things i was thinking about. I must have dosed off and woke up the next morning feeling fine.

Overall this has been definitely one of the best trips of my life if not the best. I recommend anyone facisinated in psychedilcs to try it but to keep a few things in mind. Don't each much before taking the dxm. Get some music handy. It was fine doing it by myself, but maybe it would be safe trying it with another person first or having another person to make sure you're alright. Don't take too much the first time, 4oz bottle of robo max is good. Most importantly, read the faq at http://www.frognet.net/dxm - very helpful to explain about the drug.
Have fun!


1998 The Third Plateau
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