Hadez's second trip (354 mg DXM + Cannabis)

This trip was a lot different from my first one. I think this was mainly due to a totally new environment while being on the drug. The first dxm trip i had (which you can read in the trip section) was done in my house. This one, well read on :)

I had gotten a bottle of Robo Max 4oz (354mg) earlier in the day. Around 7:30pm I downed it. My brother's girlfriend was picking us both up. Around 8:20 she arrived and I was feeling it pretty well. We next went to pick up a friend. It was starting to him me good at that point. I was the only one actually tripping or on anything. I was sitting at his kitchen table and the girl driving was making phone calls for a party. As i closed my eyes and started getting cev's, my friend's mom came into the kitchen and i snapped out of it. I tryed focusing on her face but my vision was shady. I looked down and just didn't say anything.

We eventually got notice to go to this big party (100+ people). When we got there I was almost peaking. I went inside and saw a few people i knew. The people i were with were talking to a few people. One kid said, "The rest of the party is downstairs, but i wouldn't go down there if i were you." So we went down anyway. When I got down there were people everywhere drinking and smoking. I couldn't focus at all now. My window perception kept falling into one corner of my view. Sounds are me were louder then softer and distorted on many levels. As i swung my head to the side my whole view swirled back and forth. I told my brother I needed to get outside. So as we walked to the backdoor, I could feel myself walking oddly, every step I took my vision jumbled.

I went outside and lit up a cig. Some people came out and said hi to me but i really couldn't recognize who they were. I just said hi back and continued smoking my cigarette. My brother started packing a bowl and the kid running the party said we had to smoke it elsewhere. While my friend went in the house looking for beer, my brother, his girlfriend and I went with two other kids from the party into these woods. While walking there I need people to help me walk. I kept walking diagonal and started mumbling stupid shit while people tryed helping me walk. It was like I had drank 60 beers.

We entered the woods and I couldn't see where I was stepping. I was so disoriented and peaking at this point. My brother told me that I shouldn't smoke, but I insisted to see what it would be like. I must have tried lighting the bowl for a minute until they started yelling at me how retarded I must've seemed. I was gettin frustrated and realized it was the slight wind blowing the light out. I bent down and got an enormous hit. I immediately went into a breakpoint of peace and everything seemed to tune out. I looked around and it was like i was in space. I looked up and saw the stars. I can't explain the feeling I had, but it was as if I had just entered heaven. I looked back down and told them I didn't need anymore weed, I was flying high as I have ever been.

We started walking back and I told them I couldn't handle going back into the party. They said they would go back and say bye to everyone and come back in ten minutes. I said I would wait in the car and my friend stayed with me. We put on music and didn't say anything. He was sober, I was in la la land. I was getting some CEVs of being in the woods, light glissening off a nearby river, frogs jumping everywhere, it was wierd. I opened my eyes and kinda skitzed out. I kept asking, "what the fuck is going on?" I think my friend got pissed and said "i dont fuckin know." He went back inside to get them. I closed my eyes again now even attempting to focus on something with them open again. I thought about the woods again and flying. Suddenly I was flying over mountains and going through clouds, soaring down. I swooped down to my other friends house and started talking to him. I asked him why he dicked me over to have time with his girlfriend that night. He said he was sorry and I was feeling so understanding at that point. I don't know if this was an out of body experience or what. It's very hard to remember all of this.

I suddenly awakened from this and heard people leaving fromt he party. They were getting in their cars. The sounds of everything seemed so distant it was like from some echo'd barrier of mechanical sound. It's hard to explain the effect I was feeling. It seemed like days but in 15 minutes the girl, my bro, and my friend came back. They got in the car and I could hear them talking about how out-of-it I was. They decided to go to Philadelphia really quick to get some herb. On the way down there I kept spacing out and getting more CEVs I cant remember. The music I listened to I can't remember but I know I was enjoying it thoroughly. We get down there and no one is out selling anyway so we come back. I was starting to come down now but still tripping really fuckin hard.

Me and my bro got dropped off at our house. When i stepped out of the car and realized how fucked up i still was. I could barely manage to walk. We got in and I couldn't talk to my mom so I went upstairs and layed down in my bed. I noticed a battery was missing from my remote for the tv but I didn't feel like moving so I got more CEVs. I think I was in a tuned out tripping state for like 3 hours because i finally woke up at 3:00am and I didn't feel as if I had slept any. I moved my head back and forth and felt I was still tripping. I stared and thought about shit for an hour and finally dozed off.

The next day I could still feel it or it must have been an afterglow feeling/effect. I felt like god. I felt so good. Went out to eat and enjoyed the mellow music in the restaraunt so much. When I smoked some more herb that day i could feel it more and my high was enhanced. I don't feel it now (2 days later but the afterglow effect was enjoyable, unlike the downer feeling of herb or some other drugs.) It was kind of like the after effect of ecstacy.

All I can say relating my first trip and this one is that environment has an effect on your trip. It can increase or decrease it. It was good I had some people to keep me in line, I was totally lost. It was very cool and I enjoyed it very much, just wish my vision was a little better. Go get some robo and have some fun :)


1998 The Third Plateau
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