Purple Haze Hyper Space

Me and Two friends (Turtle and Nig) experiences with 720mg of DXH Hbr.

Me Turtle and Nig decided we wanted to explore hyperspace, since me and Turtle had recently been dabbling with DXM, we suggested it to Nig, whos house we had spent the night at. So we mentally prepared for the dose by taking a smaller trip the night before the big one (480mg via coricidin hbp) The experience was mostly weak for me and Turtle but Nig got off well and had an out of body experience more than 3 times, as did I, but it was so short, not worth mentioning. The next afternoon we went and uhm *cough* got 4 boxes of Coricidin HBP active ingredient DXM HBR 30mg/per pill. We ate 24 pills for a total of 720mg of DXM. We began to set up a room with a mirrored ball, speakers, a music selection (we eventually chose Hendrix at woodstock), covered the windows so that no light could come in and topped it off with a blue light bulb. Sitting around and chugging orange juice (wich completley kills the nasuea/vommitting for me and Nig) Turtle convinced Nig to conn his older brother out of a bowl (pipe loaded with marijuana for you retards) of some commercial shwagg. We decided that the best time to smoke was when we were feeling the effect hard. 45 minutes passed and I was feeling like I had eaten 60mg of Valium, so we turned on the mirrored ball, the blue light and turned on hendrix at slightly uncomfortable decibels. I could bearly move my arms when the pipe came in my direction, (I dont smoke pot unless with DXM, because DXM/THC is a mindblowing combination, other than that pot doesn't appeal to me) but nontheless i still took two small tokes and crawled into my usuall corner of the small room with my face to the wall. The last thing I remember I was floating upwards into a deep purplish-blue world of bliss (my eyes were closed I think), and I was the size of a pea while flying all around this place, I had the feeling that I never wanted this to end, but I knew it would...then...something happened all of a sudden that snagged me out of my nice little comfortable world....The purple swirls quickly melted and twisted into a thicker storm of metallic black liquid with the presence of death seeping out of every square inch of it. Great I though, I overdose on cough medicine and now Im going to die...this really sucks, my dad is going to be pissed....and after what seemed like about 2 hours of the entity I percieved as death stripped my mind of my past, my body (the remaing parts i could feel anyway ), and finally my personality I slowly heard this slightly familar voice singing "PURPLE HAZE") and I saw a oddly dressed black man kind pull a magic 3-d eye thing out of the black liquid and start screaming lyrics to a song that seemed so strangly familar...

Somehow I found myself in the threads of time I guess you could say, and a gentle voice was telling me that it had been waiting for me to finally arrive. Having been practicing a few shamanic techniques as of latley, I knew what was going on, I was having contact with an entity, a guardian of some sorts, because I felt incredibly safe and I felt the darkness of death leave my mind. All over the arched slopes that these red, blue and orange ribbons of ethereal energy were rapidly flowing through, I was seeing many pleasing images, and almost immedeatly thank the presence that was there. The entity seemed quite ammused at this at said choose what time you want to visit, so I some how said the 60's. Well whatya know, i was all of a sudden in front of a stage watching the oddly dressed black man that was singing earlier..I reconzied him this time as Hendrix, and realized I was in woodstock. I wandered around through that decade for a few minutes and decided to ask the entity a question...i forget what exactly i asked it..but the answer was that the government has been doing studies with psycometric drugs particulary LSD and its brainwashing abilities while under a heavy dose of the drug. Eventually over the years the government had discovered a chemical that has all their desirable effects at small enough doses that people do not realize anything diffrent, plus an added bonus that it helps with a cough. Images of experiements with this new chemical on monkeys, oddly dressed prisoners and the military flowed through my field of vision. I realized that on average most people get a cough 3-5 times a year. Thats atleast 30 times a decade. If they use cough medicine that At least 60 doses of cough medicine (**DXM, a chemical that makes you suspetable to stimulus**) depending on how much they take to get better. Then I realized that the FDA KNOWS that DXM is a very very powerfull drug due to their extensive tests on it before they put it out on the streets. Then I thought about all the other OTC drugs...like dimenhyrdrinte (motion sickness pills..HMM), diphenhadramine (allergy medicine BENADRYL) and so on. I understood now that the government was feeding us small doses of specially designed halloucinogens in cough and allergy medicine and god knows what else to keep use docile and to make us conform, and the beauty of it is that the only people who could figure this stuff out would be the people who would like to get "high", and those people are systematicly destroyed by our oh so fair "legal" system. Images and visions of mind controll experemients flooded over me and I sank through them like a brick and noticed that my eyes were opened and tears were forming in my stinging eyes...trying to sit up really sucked.....I could hardly walk and everything looked like a jackhammer was vibrating my skull....I actually believed that i took a crap in my pants at that point......I looked down at Turtle and Nig and we continouslly said nothing but "That was fucked up, that was reallllly fucked up" untill we eventually passed out about 10 hours from the start of the trip.

I repeated that dose 2 days later, after I pause from my week long DEXperience to enjoy some realllly good hippie acid. This time I kept my eyes open and completley melted..I had the most incredible OPEN eye visuals of all sorts of really fucking cool stuff. I could controll the room with my mind...it was amazing. DXM knocks you out of the swing of things...And from my new found knowledge, THAT IS A GOOD THING..... keep trippin' folks.

-Geno from the southside of Birmingham Alabama.


1998 The Third Plateau
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