An IRC log experience from #DXM

Handle: Z*****
Dosage: 390mg in the form of 13 Coridicin tablets
Wieght: 140-150lbs
Tolerance: Obviously not very high

Here is a little irc log of me trying to explain what Sunday (yesterday) was like. Toby, a friend of mine, came downstairs to my room at about 9:45am. We then proceeded to the dining hall, ate, and returned to the dorms. At about 10:30 we took the dxm, and played lanquake for a while waiting for the effects to begin. Before this I had taken various doses of dxm, with 7 drix caps (210mg dxm) as my highest, which produced a mid 2nd plateau trip. This is, at least what I can remember, what happened yesterday.

#dxm buffer saved on Mon Nov 03 21:30:54 1997
*** Now talking in #dxm
[X] y0
*** Z***** changes topic to "DXM IS BAD FOR YOU "
[X] hahahaha
[Z*****] dood
[Z*****] yesterday
[Z*****] was the most intense day
[Z*****] of my life
[Z*****] :)
[X] hey :)
[X] i mean
[X] wewt
[X] to
[X] it
[Z*****] i duno dood
[X] so
[Z*****] you would not believe it
[X] when you 'were not here'
[X] where were you?
[Z*****] dunno
[Z*****] but as i remember
[Z*****] well see
[Z*****] let me first explain
[X] ok
[Z*****] that it was as if i had never been alive
[Z*****] i had no idea of what a "person" was
[Z*****] or what a "body" was
[Z*****] i was just a thinking entitiy
[Z*****] in this gray space
[Z*****] no body
[Z*****] (didnt know what a body was)
[X] you saw stuff?
[Z*****] nov
[X] oh
[X] just grey?
[Z*****] nothing
[Z*****] yeah
[X] were you scared during it?
[Z*****] not really
[Z*****] it was really starange
[Z*****] the bad part
[Z*****] was that when i was peaking
[Z*****] every little movemeent
[Z*****] created a sensory overload, beacuase all the senses were chaningn
[Z*****] and it made me feel really really disoriented and almost sick, but not really
[X] wierd
[Z*****] but there was one part
[Z*****] where i went to the bathroom
[Z*****] but when i got back
[Z*****] i had no idea that i had moved
[Z*****] and i was like like: did we just go somehwere?
[X] thats really strange
[Z*****] and toby was like yeah, we just went to the bathroom
[Z*****] you did really well
[X] oh, he took you
[Z*****] and i was like, wtf?! really!?
[X] i was wondering how you could have done it by yourself
[X] like i thought you couldn't move
[Z*****] after i epaked
[Z*****] well actually
[Z*****] see i remember getting ready to go the bathroom now, and a bit of the bathroom
[Z*****] and this was after the out of body thing
[Z*****] i forced myself to get up
[Z*****] and i felt really shakey, but i managed to get used to standing
[Z*****] but my interaction with the floor was wierd
[Z*****] i was sort of floating on the floor
[Z*****] and when i would fall to the floor
[X] wild
[Z*****] it was not really like falling
[Z*****] it seemed like i was just getting smaller or something
[Z*****] i dunno
[Z*****] it was SOO intense though at the paek
[X] so has it changed your look on life?
[X] :)
[Z*****] well
[Z*****] actually
[Z*****] kinda ;)
[Z*****] i dunno, i was just thinking today about alot of stuff
[Z*****] about life itself, and also drugs
[Z*****] wierd, but strangly profound stuff
[Z*****] i still feel a little afterglow too... like when i yawn, i get the dxm muscle thing
[X] well
[X] you did do it 3 times in one week
[X] so
[X] for a time
[X] you were a being of pure thought?
[X] like in Orblivion
[X] at the end of that 666 song
[X] about what humans will evolve to
[Z*****] yeah
[Z*****] exactyly
[Z*****] i dunno dood
[Z*****] i bet it sounds crazy
[Z*****] like it wasn't possible
[Z*****] but i happaened
[Z*****] the thing i remember the most
[Z*****] was touching my nose
[Z*****] and feeling it
[Z*****] but it wasn't MY nose
[Z*****] it was my body's nose, not MY nose
[X] it doesn't sound that strange
[X] i mean
[X] paired with the other stuff
[X] you told me
[Z*****] i dunno
[Z*****] the scariest poart of it all
[Z*****] was that on the drug, i was like NEVERNEVNENENVENVNENRE NR again
[Z*****] but now, i feel this strang compulsion to do it again, even though i really didn't get THAT much pleasure out of it
[X] well
[X] from what i heard
[X] was
[X] that it blocks something
[X] that would make your remember
[X] if it was good
[X] or something
[X] so its kinda anti-addictive
[Z*****] i dunno
[X] hmm
[X] well, just wait a while
[X] and then decide later if you want to do it again
[Z*****] yeah
[Z*****] good call.. that's what i was thinking
[Z*****] you need a WHOLE day for that kind of trip though
[Z*****] iu mean.. that lasted forever
[X] and you need a sitter also, right?
[Z*****] and for hours, i was so gone, any interaction with athaurity or others it would be very badd
[Z*****] i dont think you really need a sitter, but it makes it easier if someone else is there, just to talk to at least
[Z*****] cb/c even at some of the high points, i could still talk
[X] so were you talking the whole time?
[X] oh
[Z*****] and from what im told i talked ALOT
[X] coherently?
[X] :)
[Z*****] except for that part when i was totaly dissociated
[Z*****] not completely coherently
[Z*****] usually i had a lot of thoughts to get out
[Z*****] and they would all run together
[Z*****] toby says i tried to explain to him how "my body is
here, but im actually over there"
[X] hhahaha
[X] :)
[Z*****] then ryan and charlie
[Z*****] came
[Z*****] and THAT was something
[Z*****] ryan came in
[X] bad?
[Z*****] and i dont think at first he noticed i was gone
[Z*****] but toby went out and explained them everything
[Z*****] and then they helkped me out into the lougne, which i was pretty afraid of b/c i was afraid of other people
[Z*****] and i sat in the chair
[Z*****] when them watching/laughing at me
[X] um that prob wasn't a good idea for them to do
[Z*****] then they said: you're comming the the HDH meeting, right?
[X] HDH?
[Z*****] and i was like.. oh shit
[Z*****] HBH rather
[X] ?
[Z*****] HomoBiHetero alliance
[X] oh
[Z*****] so i was like i dont think ican make it
[Z*****] and they were like, oh come on, you can just sit in the corner and not talk
[Z*****] and i could barely walk
[X] hahahahah
[Z*****] so they took me by the arm and helped me ouside
[Z*****] and it was a sensory explosied
[Z*****] explosion
[Z*****] so much new stuff and new sensations
[Z*****] wind felt SOOO wierd
[Z*****] so we made it over to Blake (building)
[Z*****] and went up to the room
[Z*****] where we waitied for the other
[Z*****] then charlie gave me her sunglasses (new ones)v
[X] um, didn't this look wierd, i mean a couple of guys helping you around by the arm?
[Z*****] by this time i had big black circles under my eyes
[X] i mean, didn't people think you were fucked up?
[Z*****] there weren't any people there yet
[X] outside?
[Z*****] most people were inside, off campus, or doing sports
[X] any people outside?
[X] ok
[Z*****] so im sitting in this chair
[Z*****] with these funky sunglasses
[Z*****] looking totally stoned
[X] hehe
[Z*****] and other poeple come in
[Z*****] and i am officially "very tired" (yeah right)
[X] hehe
[Z*****] half way through, i start freaking out
[Z*****] and tell toby i have to get out
[X] ahahahha
[Z*****] so ryan goes to the bathroom with me
[Z*****] but i sort of staggered out of the room
[Z*****] and i think it looked pretty bad
[Z*****] i went, couldn't piss, so sat ouside on the ground
[Z*****] and just sortof floated around
[X] was there any kind of authorithy at this meeting?
[Z*****] are you logging this btw?
[X] no
[X] i don't log
[Z*****] there was a teacher present, but she was like 24 and wouldn't of cared
[X] ok
[Z*****] wel cann you save this buffer? i want a copy :)
[X] oh, ok
[Z*****] but anyway
[X] ok
[Z*****] after about 03 minutes, (30)
[Z*****] we go downstairs
[Z*****] and go to the snack bar
* Logging #dxm to: [#dxm.log]
[Z*****] and i order a milk shake for $2.50
[Z*****] i try to drink it
[Z*****] but i can't taste it
[X] heh
[Z*****] and im like fuck
[Z*****] what a waste
[Z*****] so i force half of it down anyway, b/c i was pretty hungry, and we go back to my room
[Z*****] adctually here
[Z*****] i dont really remembner what happened next
[Z*****] i think we went back to my room.. oh yeah
[Z*****] wait
[Z*****] before we went to the snack bar
[Z*****] ryan took me back to my room
[Z*****] and i was lying on my bed
[Z*****] looking up at the upper bunk
[Z*****] and all the springs and stuff were doing strange things
[X] wierd!
[Z*****] and suddenly i felt really wierd and noticed i was a person
[Z*****] i sat up
[Z*****] and was like.. im back
[X] ahahahhaa
[X] :)
[Z*****] and ryan wsaid: um.. ok
[Z*****] and i started feelng aorund, like i had just woken up
[Z*****] then we went to the snack bar
[Z*****] then toby and i came back to the room
[Z*****] chilled for a bit
[Z*****] then we went to dinner, where i was told i looked like either hell or like i was sick by a few people
[Z*****] i was still, officially, "very tired"
[X] of course
[X] :)
[Z*****] then i went back, tried to play some quake, couldn't, chilled, then went to work job
[Z*****] right before workjob my vision started comming back so at least i could read words on the screen
[Z*****] but it didnt really come back decently until 9:00 or so
[Z*****] the beginning, about an hour after taking it, it was cool
[Z*****] i started feeling awesome
[Z*****] we put on some trance music
[Z*****] and danced around
[Z*****] it was very cool
[X] hehev
[Z*****] but then i sat on my bed, and said to toby: "im stuck to the bed toby"
[Z*****] and he was like, ha ha ha
[Z*****] and i was like, no really, im STUCK to the bed
[Z*****] and then i started hating music
[Z*****] it sounded BAD
[Z*****] it was like too much information trying to entery my brain, which could not cope with such massive ammounts
[X] so overload was a problem
[X] thoughout the trip
[Z*****] a real problem
[Z*****] i read
[X] dood, you need to upgrade
[X] the bus in your brain
[X] its like 8bit or something
[X] :)
[Z*****] that the other drug in coridicin (4mg per tab) can cause confusion
[Z*****] and make the trip more confusin
[X] you took coridicin!?!?
[Z*****] hahahahah yeah .. it was all i could find
[X] it specifically said
[X] that it would alter it
[X] and make it lame
[X] :)
[Z*****] i read around, and people said it would be ok, but just not like above 20 tabs
[X] i went to two stores today
[X] and couldn't find it
[Z*****] maybe it was the coridicin that made it lame, i dunno...
[X] i think it might have been
[X] if there is a next time
[Z*****] it was like being stoned, very drunk, and very dizzy, plus some, all at the same tim
[X] use the drix
[Z*****] i think there will be a next time, just not anytime that soon
[Z*****] i felt so ehausted after the trip
[Z*****] i was very drained
[Z*****] i had sweat alot too
[X] hmm
[X] i guess anything that intense will do that to you
[Z*****] that's whgat i was thinking
[X] so do you think you will do p1 or low p2 again?
[X] those seem more 'fun'
[Z*****] yeah
[Z*****] they are good
[X] rather than the mindphuck dose you took
[Z*****] i will prolly have no problem doing those again
[X] :)
[Z*****] heh.. mindphuck dose :)
[X] heheh
[Z*****] i dunno, yesterday is fading from memory though..
[X] well
[X] i logged this
[Z*****] it all seams like a dream
[X] so
[X] maybe it will refresh your memory
[Z*****] most of what i saw, and what i felt, feels alot like i lived in a dream
[Z*****] the "dream-like" description is spot on
[Z*****] that's what vision is like
[X] hmm
[X] i am really hungry
[X] i am gonna go get some phood
[X] i'll be back in like 20 minutes
[Z*****] good idea
[X] or so
[Z*****] food is goo
[X] :)
[Z*****] d
[X] yeah
[X] well they close the dining hall
[X] at 10
[X] well
[Z*****] i didnt eat much yesterday
[X] actually
[X] they don't push you out
[X] they just stop letting people in
[Z*****] because when i tried to put food into my mouth, it was like feeding someone else
[X] wierd
[Z*****] and today, i had no breakfaste, and a half a grapefruit for lunch
[X] yesterday sucked d00d
[X] well
[Z*****] heh
End of #dxm buffer Mon Nov 03 21:30:54 1997

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