Jetboy's DXM Chronicles

The following DXM trip reports are from Jetboy, a dedicated Delsym tripper. Most of them are from DXM polystirex, and a high amount of it. Enjoy

First Report
Date: Friday June 27, 1997
Dose: 510mg 7:10pm, 510mg 11:00pm
Brand: Delsym DM - dextromethorphan polistirex
Other: Cannabis

Showed up at at Daphne's party at five-something. After sitting around listening to music for a bit we went off to get some flashing keychains a friend had at his house. Played with some waterguns there, then Erin suggested cough syrup. Went to PharmaPlus with Erin and Showball and Erin bought a bottle for herself and I. We sat down on steps near the drugstore, and within sight of the police station. Erin downed her bottle and a cop walked by. We went away from the police station back towards Daphne's place and I downed my bottle over the subway tracks - "Trespassers may be electrocuted" - and we continued back to Daphne's. Twenty minutes and Erin started feeling the effects. It took me over ninety minutes. Took a five-dollar bet and french kissed Jon. It was fun. Went back to get more with Erin, Dave and Luis, but PharmaPlus was closed. Went back to the party. Was told that Shoppers Drug Mart was 24 hours. Went there with Erin and Snowball. Snowball bought a bottle for himself and I. Back at Daphne's we drank them. Then Daphne wanted some. Went back to Shoppers Drug Mart yet again. Daphne and Erin bought a 150ml/900mg bottle and split it. Walked around the streets a bunch. Went to a parky-thing and started to feel really good. Ease of physical movement and wicked feelings while looking at the sky. Went back to Daphne's. Saw the last of the party ppl off. Sat on the porch while time slowed down. Daphne's sister Sonya returned with her bf Dave and brought out some industrial-strength bud. One toke and I was gone. So, apparently, were Erin, Snowball and Daphne. Time stopped. Got down on the grass and *became* Jackie Chan. Kept saying "I am Jackie Chan" and doing martial arts moves that I could _never_ get my body to do while not on dex. Someone brought out blankets and I "slept" (not a wink) on the grass with the other three. Rubbed my leg up against Erin, being horny, but she covered her face with her hands which was a clear sign she didn't like it. I stopped. We lay there on the blanket outside all night. Got kicked out at eight o'clock. Went home.

Second Report
Date: Sunday June 29, 1997
Dose: 510mg 9:10pm
Brand: Delsym DM - dextromethorphan polistirex
Other: Alcohol

Showed up at Nic's, hung around for a while, drank the bottle and then a Snapple iced tea. Drank some beer and stuff. Was buzzed. Was tormented over drinking cough syrup by my bitch of an ex-gf and her loser of a new bf. Got Leor to drive me to the "24 hour Shoppers Drug Mart" which closed at 12. Fuck. Went back, was teased more. Slept a little bit. Got up with the rest of the ppl. Was teased more. Went home. I'm never taking just one bottle again, it'd have been better to just drink a few beers if that's all I'm getting, with the addition of ppl bugging me for drinking cough syrup.

Third Report
Date: Friday July 4, 1997
Dose: 900mg 10:00pm
Brand: Delsym DM - dextromethorphan polistirex
Other: Alcohol, Nicotine

Showed up at Matt's and drank the bottle at ten o'clock. Took quite a while to get the bottle down, I almost puked a few times while drinking it (the other two times it was very easy to drink the syrup). Had a couple beers. Smoked a couple cigarettes (I'm not a smoker). Took two hours for the effects to start, then they really got strong. Drank a bit more. The being stoned was really fun. I was so incredibly stoned, I couldn't stop saying "I'm so fucked up" and could hardly hear my own speech. Time got really slow (I asked ppl what time it was every two minutes), I got really energetic. I kept forgetting ppls' names. When I moved to another room in the house, a few minutes later I'd forget there was a world outside of it. Apparently, so I was told, I was actually quite good at climbing stairs. I was so amazed when I went up some stairs and realised the house had an upstairs part with bedrooms and such. Then things got fucked up. I thought I was going to be stoned forever. Not in the sense that the trip was lasting a long time and I wanted it to end, but I *really* thought I'd be stoned for life... I thought that I'd never get to university. I thought I'd be completely fucked up forever. That I'd be a druggie who never became anything, that I was the epitome of dysfunctionality. Then, this is what really scared me--I forgot what a family was. The idea of parents became *so* abstract. I lost the idea of living with parents. I thought that parents were like God--that they existed but I couldn't grasp them, that they weren't physical. I knew that I used to have real parents but couldn't remember what it was like, and was immensely upset I couldn't do so. I was nothing. I thought I might die. My heart was racing. Far after my peak I remembered to get someone to check my heartrate and it was 140 bpm then (around 80 is my regular). I can't imagine what my heartrate would have been when I was at the peak. But I didn't have a single hallucination. I don't think I'm going to take any DXM polistirex again. Time to try a new HBr syrup. Prolly Vicks Formula 44.

Fourth Report
Date: Tuesday, July 15, 1997
Dose: Approx 250mg 7:30pm
Brand: PharmaPlus store brand - dextromethorphan hydrobromide
Other: None

Alright, you may have noticed the small dosage of today's trip. I'll explain why. Snowball and I each brought two bottles which each contained 300mg of DXM HBr to trip on while watching Men in Black today with a bunch of friends. We went to the cinema washroom just before the movie to down the bottles. Snowball managed to get both bottles down, but I couldn't even finish one of them because it was so horrible to drink and I had nothing to wash it down with (grape flavoured and with the minty taste not in Delsym). I came very near to hurling there in the washroom while downing (most of) the bottle. We went back to watch the movie. I felt a little buzz like drinking a couple beers, and Snowball, who had done 600mg, got into it good. He got very itchy (neither of us got the itchies before, although I have a sunburn-like feeling for a half a day or so after the trip). And of course he got pretty fucked up mentally. He got the catch-up eye thingy I think is mentioned in the DXM FAQ, and just felt pretty awesome. After the movie I helped him walk the stairs out of the movie where he went to the alley next to the movie and threw up big-time [ I'll leave out the description of the hurling ] ... He had a lot of pain due to gas buildup, and I hurt a good bit too... Oh, I'd like to mention, no guaifenesin in this syrup, but the sweetening agents were sorbitol and sodium cyclamate and, well, they don't seem to be very good on the stomach in both the keeping-it-down and digestion departments. Anyway, we walked around a bunch with some friends, with me helping Snowball to keep on the sidewalk and eventually Snowball and I went to his place. Just the thought of cough syrup made me sick so before we went to sleep I made a vow never to drink it again. But I did still have a whole bottle and a bit of the stuff left...

Fifth Report
Date: Wednesday, July 16, 1997
Dose: Approx 350mg 2:00pm
Brand: PharmaPlus store brand - dextromethorphan hydrobromide
Other: None

I drank the bottle-and-a-bit down by mixing it with cola after waking up. We called Daphne over to dye her hair blue with the blue left from the bleach/dye job I did on my hair the week before. My stomach hurt for a while and then, after about forty-five minutes I began feeling pretty good and would have gotten into a nice mini-trip if I didn't get it into my head to jump on the stationary bike Snowball had in his basement with a little pulse-thingy you clip on your ear and see how high I could get my pulse up by pedalling as fast as I could. Anyway, I did that, I can't remember what I got my pulse up to, but when I got off the bike I had to go walk slowly to the washroom and throw up. After that the high feeling came down pretty quickly, seeing as most of the syrup was now in the sewer system, not my body. After a fun day of hair dying and other such things I finally went home and wrote these here last two chronicles in Jetboy's Dexperiences. Hopefully I'll get some better chronicles in the future. I think I'm gonna go back to Delsym until Snowball and I can get enough money together to get a good scale, capsules and some DXM HBr from WANMAN.

Sixth Report
Date: Friday, July 18, 1997
Dose: Approx 900mg 11:59pm
Brand: Delsym DM - dextromethorphan polistirex
Other: None

Damn. I think I've already got tolerance. I bought a 150ml bottle of Delsym instead of the Vicks 44 I kept telling myself (and others) that I'd get next because I just couldn't get over having to pay three times as much to get the same amount of DXM and drinking all that crap! I arrived with the rest of the crew at Karen's summer house at around ten o'clock. We set up the tents and stuff and got settled in. Finally, I convinced Karen to let me drink the syrup, having to let her have my share of the night's beer to do so. I drank the bottle down losing one mouthful due to gagging reflex. Effects started in earlier than the last time I drank Delsym (one hour instead of two). I got high and felt wicked but nowhere near as strongly as the last 900mg experience. It may have been due to the fact that I walked around far more the last time. I did have some fun with flips and things again, though. I also had some fun with Danielle (but we won't get graphic here =). All in all, it was a fun night but I didn't get any hallucinations or cool mental effects. I was functioning almost completely normal mentally and for most of the night you couldn't even tell I was high. I'm prolly *still* going to do Delsym again even though I didn't get the effects I wanted because I can't get over how much it'll cost to get 600-900mg of Vicks, and more importantly, the idea of drinking so much icky cough syrup. Maybe I'll do two small bottles for a total of 1020mg next time. I'm still going to look for other higher DXM content syrups whenever I can cos I do want some cool experiences to write up for these chronicles. Hey, there's a party this coming Friday.

Seventh Report
Date: Wednesday, July 30, 1997
Dose: 900mg 10:30pm
Brand: Delsym DM - dextromethorphan polistirex
Other: None

Screw that tolerance theory I had last time I took DXM. This night was amazing! Alright... I was contemplating doing DXM at home while my parents were sleeping but I was really afraid I'd get caught. I went on #dxm and talked about it a bit and figured I'd do it. I went out and got the syrup and went back on #dxm until 10:30 when I finally got myself to drink the stuff down with some Sprite as a chaser. I felt nauseous for a couple minutes, but it passed without incident. The effects started at around 11:50. I went onto a local BBS at midnight and talked to a few friends, only telling one of them that I was on cough syrup, Daphne, who had shared in my first DXM experience. When I was high enough to think it would make it cool, I went outside and lied down on the roof of the car and stared at the stars. I kept thinking about life and God and all sorts of deep philosophical stuff. I came to the conclusion that God really rocks. I guess it's cos I just felt so happy with my life and blame/give credit for things that happen to me to God, so if my life's going great, it must be cos God likes me or something... Anyway, I was really thankful for DXM, a great family, a girl who I just recently started seeing (met her at a party I was supposed to do DXM at but couldn't get the syrup down--thank God, I'd prolly have been too caught up in the trip to pay attention to her). Anyway, I felt awesome and at peace with the universe. I had a walkman on and the music sounded tinny--not very pleasing. That was to change, tho. I went to the park behind my house and sat around and smiled at the word "pot" which was spelled out in these letter things at the park which you turn to spell different three letter words. I went back inside and talked more on #dxm and watched as my typing skills (which aren't too sharp in the first place) deteriorated. I was pissed at the keyboard which had a stuck "r" key due to my spilling Sprite on it earlier. I checked the mirror and I was really pink (my face felt really hot too). I decided to go back outside... I walked around the neighbourhood with the music playing in my ears. The music was completely different now. When walking around, the music felt like it was inside me. And it felt like it fit so well... like the music was the soundtrack to my life. I looked around to see if I could find any kids smoking pot to join them, but the world seemed abandoned. I thought about going to the corner store and buying a popsicle or something but thought better of it. I just went around jumping and twirling around in the streets feeling amazing. Then I went back home and sat on the bumper of the car. Some guy drove up to the house, shoved his hand in our blue box, rifled around, got back into his car and drove off. I was puzzled. I went back inside. I went back on #dxm again (on a different computer, one without a fucked up keyboard). I wondered if there was a "sing" command on irc (I'm new to irc, so I didn't know much about it). Since I wanted one, I went to a talker. I used my girl account, as I do sometimes. It's fun being a girl online--ppl talk to you more, and guys are so friendly. Anyway, I talked to this guy and told him all about DXM. I felt like a midget. And I felt like the keyboard was really far down and I was stretching for it. I was *really* high at this time, and wish I'd closed my eyes cos I know I'd have seen stuff. Anyway, after talking to him for a while, I went back to my room (I never actually used the "sing" command =). I accidentally turned the computer on--it's a Mac and you turn it on by the keyboard and it was on the floor and I was playing with the keys with my feet. I went back on #dxm for a minute or two and then lied down in my bed. I turned the light off and saw black waves and gray/black checker-like patterns--with my eyes open. Sometimes I could see the outlines of stuff in the room and when I shut my eyes I could still see it. Music still felt like it was inside of me (I had the walkman on through the whole experience--it would have been boring without it, I think). Eventually I turned the walkman off and lied down, trying to sleep, even though I knew it was hopeless. Eventually everyone in my house got up and left for work, leaving me all alone. I got up and felt *amazing*. Honestly, I think I felt happier than I have ever felt in my life before. I was so content. Everything was perfect. I ran around the house talking to myself, doing impersonations, making silly noises, acting like a complete child. I was so completely in ecstasy with life. I'm still amazingly happy. And my parents didn't suspect a thing. Definitely the trip.

Eighth Report
Date: Saturday, August 2, 1997
Dose: 900mg 10:45pm
Brand: Delsym DM - dextromethorphan polistirex
Other: None

Okay, this entry is included just because I wanted every trip documented. The reason why it's "just" this is because the trip was about the same as last Wednesday's trip. Except there was no guy who shoved his hand in my recycling box and there were no hallucinations in the dark. There was, however, more going to a talker and teaching someone about the joys of DXM thing and more wandering around the neighbourhood looking for kids smoking pot in parks while feeling cool listening to headphones. This time, a bunch of ppl who were hanging around a car were laughing and talking about "how high this guy walking by" was. =) Again, I felt amazing in the morning. Very talkative (this time my parents were home in the morning and I talked to them). Tomorrow (August 5) I'm probably going to a party and if I can get the money, I'm going to do a pack of Dimetapp Cough and Cold (the only capsules available here with DXM and without acetaminophen and/or guaifenesin) and ten Dramamine (Gravol). This will be my first Dram trip, and my first time on Dimetapp. The DXM will be to help keep me awake since Dram makes you sleepy (y'know, as well as because I wanna be on a DXM high as well). If I do go to the party and take the Dram/DXM, this should be interesting.

Ninth Report
Date: Saturday, August 16, 1997
Dose: 1020mg 11:10pm
Brand: Delsym DM - dextromethorphan polistirex
Other: None

Okay, to follow up, I didn't do DXM with the dram that I mentioned in the last chronicle, so that experience isn't going to be included. Anyway...

I got myself to down two small (85mL, 510mg) bottles of Delsym, and went on #dxm to talk. What followed was *something*...

It's *really* hard to describe. Someone once said "To those who believe, no explanation is necessary. To those who do not believe, no explanation is possible." If you've had this experience, I think you know exactly what I'm talking about, but if you haven't, I don't think I can explain it... but I'll try. I didn't feel like I was God, as some people have said DXM at high doses does, but _damn_! I felt like God was my best friend... Like I knew him intimately. Physically, I was like... well, I've never felt like that before, it was just amazing... No hallucinations as such, but who cares, this was amazing. I sat there and typed *horribly* on #DXM, relating a few things about what was happening to those online, but just being too out of it to say most things. Then... I saw my future! I *saw* it. Fuck... I mean, I know it wasn't actually my future, I don't believe in prescience or any of that crap, but it felt like my future--it felt *so* right... And the weird thing was that I was married to one of the girls on #DXM (we'll leave her nameless, but pretty much all the #DXM ppl know who I'm talking about =) Anyway, I saw my future with her, and we all had a good laugh about it. I really saw it. Well... like, I didn't visually see it, but I didn't just think it. It was like in between the two. Things get really cloudy after this, like time stopped flowing in a linear fashion and I was like jumping back and forth thru the trip, time, everything. I dunno. I got off #DXM and just lied there in my bed. I started pondering everything of importance, and the importance of everything. My future, my past, the universe's future, the universe's past. God, Satan, life, death, heaven, hell, sex, drugs, (no rock 'n' roll, tho =)... I listened to music thru all of this, and the music seemed to bring all these things into my mind... each song would conjure up a new image, a new thought, a new way to look at life, the universe and everything. But none of these words even begin to convey what I really felt. After that I just lost it... The trip lasted _forever_, and I felt so great after that.

Tenth Report
Date: Monday, October 6, 1997
Dose: 270mg 5:15pm
Brand: Sucrets Wild Cherry Cough Drops - dextromethorphan hydrobromide
Other: None

It's an hour or so before I have to leave for night school. I want to try getting high off Sucrets (since I realised that we actually have the DXM-containing ones here) and getting high in school (at least a little), so I decide to go out and get some Sucrets. I had just gone out for a bike ride a couple minutes before, so I'm wondering how to say "mom, I'm going for a walk" without her going "hey, you just went for a bike ride" when she says "why don't you do for a long walk each day so you'll get used to standing on your feet all day?" (I just recently got a job at a warehouse and my feet kill every day). I say "okay" and jet. I check the drug store at the top of my street and find millions of packs of mint Sucrets, but no wild cherry (someone must be like me =). I hate mint (and hear they'll make you puke), so I try to walk fast to a far away drug store (so I get back in time to get to school), but my legs start to kill me cos I'm walking so fast. So I come home, tell my mom my legs are killing cos I was walking too fast, then grab my bike and ride up to the other drug store. I find a bank machine card while at the mall. I get the Sucrets home, tell my mom I found the card and give it to her, eat dinner, then get the Sucrets down. Ick. My jaw hurts from all that chomping. Anyway, off to school. Takes like an hour and a half to kick in, and it's not all that good. We listen to Hamlet on tape while reading along in our books. I keep losing my place, and this dork behind me asks me questions about my brother and what music I like. He asks what I've been listening to while pointing to my walkman and I say "I've been lisnin to the radio". I have to repeat myself cos he doesn't hear me and again I say "lisnin", as if I can't speak properly. It gets better when I go out for my 15 minute break and listen to my walkman thru it. A friend asks me if I smoke and I say "nope, but I do other things". He says "what?" and I reply "I don't smoke, but I'm high". I tell him it's nothing he's heard of when he asks "on what, shrooms?" I come back and we watch the Mel Gibson Halmet and I'm really restless. I can't decide what to do with my arms and legs while sitting at my desk. I get home, talk on #dxm while the dxm fades away and then write this up. Anyway, that's it--come on, it was only 270mg.

Eleventh Report
Date: Sunday, October 12, 1997
Dose: approx 650/700mg
Brand: Delsym DM and cherry Sucrets
Other: None

Okay, so I'm checking out Queen and Yonge streets, Toronto's "cool shopping streets" with my girlfriend Daphne, and we decide to do some DXM. We get to the Eaton's Centre, a big-ass shopping mall and get a 900mg bottle of Delsym and a pack of cherry Sucrets. We also get some Sprite to wash the syrup down with and some Pringles, for salt, because I hear salt sometimes helps hallucinations on DXM. Anyway, we sidle on over to an alley where we drink the syrup and eat the chips (and watch some guy smoke up in a doorway) and I start in on the Sucrets. We go back to the Eaton's Centre to do a little looking around. I get a couple tapes--Chumbawamba's Tubthumper and a double tape of retro. We decide to go to Eglinton Park, a park near where Daphne lives, so we take the subway there and I start feeling the effects of the DXM while on the train. We get to the park and lie down on a hill and I try to listen to the tapes I just bought in my walkman, but it breaks on me. So I listen to the radio instead. Daphne does as well. After a while of sitting there my eyes are fuct and I go running around jumping on rocks and shit. Then we go to this wall and lay on it listening to the same station in both of our walkmans, looking at the sky and shit. I run up and down this little hill near the wall and twirl around and do all sorts of cool shit. Then we had to use the washroom, so we went to some bar and asked the bartender where the washrooms were and then stumbled around getting to them. We walked around a bit until the DXM was nearly all worn off for me and then I went home.

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