First DXM Experiences

The first time I had heard about DXM being a potentially useful psychoactive agent was in 1970. The friends that I hung with were into the drugs prevalent at the time (marijuana, alcohol, and LSD predominately with some dabbling in PCP, amphetamines, etc.). Four of us were together one Friday evening, and Uncle Crud, as he came to be known, started talking about the wonders of DXM and that you could get it from a new cough syrup named Romilar.

As you would expect, the common reaction was "Ewww, cough syrup! Bleah!!!!" and we pooh-poohed the idea until one of us (not me) was game enough to try it. I don't recall what concentrations were in the Romilar, but Uncle Crud was saying you need to chug 2 or 3 4-oz. bottles to get a good buzz, so I would guess it was probably in the 5-7.5mg/5 ml concentration. Anyway, my brave friend bought 2 bottles and sucked them both down. Within an hour he got *really* sick and puked it all up. (I haven't the faintest idea as to what else might have been in the Romilar). His puke was bright, bright red and he said "If anyone else sees me puke, I'm going to tell them I drank too much Sloe Gin." He didn't get off at all, probably because he got rid of it all before much was absorbed.

I didn't think about DXM again until about 10 years ago when I was on a winter trip to Florida and we were on our way to the Salvadore Dali art museum in St. Petersburg (for those of you unaware, old Sal invented psychedelic-type art in the early 1900's). I have a history of being troubled with allergies and asthma, and I was just coughing up a storm, so we stopped at a drug store and I bought a 4 oz. bottle of Robitussin Max Strength Cough (for STRICTLY therapeutic purposes, mind you!). I read the directions, and you know they always put such wimp doses on the label that I thought I would just suck down a few gulps. As I got the bottle to my lips I had a mental flash of the 1970 epsisode, and I wondered if you really could get high on the stuff. I decided to get the whole bottle down, but stopped at about 2/3 after remembering the puking. So I guess I got in the neighborhood of 200-250 mg. of DXM. Jeez, that stuff was enough to gag a maggot!

Anyway, we spent a number of hours at the museum, and before leaving I actually got a reaonable effect from the DXM. I didn't get sick at all. Yes indeed, I was on to something here! Good old Uncle Crud was right after all.

The next day I went to a drug store and bought an 8-oz bottle of Robitussin Max Strength (they do make them that size, but I don't see them very often). I drank about 6 oz. of it (~ 450 mg.?), gagged again, went back to the hotel and within an hour got involved with some sexual hanky-panky. I don't want to get too explicit here because I want this epistle I am writing to remain within the bounds of decency and not become pornographic, but I noticed the effects the DXM had on my ability to ejaculate. I really had to work at it but eventually did achieve an orgasm. As I have deduced since, if I had waited another hour or so until the DXM had reached a stronger effect, I would not have been able to do this.

After about 3 hours I started getting some really nice visuals, very strong with eyes closed and a few occurrences with eyes open. Patterns and designs over the entire visual field. A note here on my eperience with visual effects (aka "hallucinations"). I have had a *lot* of experience with LSD, PCP, DMT, DXM, etc., and I have NEVER had a hallucination where I have seen a standard 3-dimensional object where it didn't really exist. With strong psychedelics I get colored geometric patterns, replicated designs, paiselys, Mandelbrot curves, etc., superimposed on the visual field. They can be so vivid as to obscure what is actually in front of me, which can be cleared by a shake of the head and a concentrated effort, but NEVER have I seen anything which could be mistaken for reality. Don't be mistaken and presume that I have never really taken high doses- I just don't see things except in the manner I describe here. Incidentally, I get the same sort of visuals from a hefty dose of any opiate.

Well, that's my early experience. In the future I would like to post rather *long* ramble on the experiments I have done on using DXM to enhance and prolong the arousal time & pleasure of a male (namely, myself) during sexual encounters. If I ever get this written, it will be a must read for any male who has an interest in sex (the last phrase is probably redundant).

How I got to like Brother Cain

WARNING-- The following encounter contains a description of drug use which should NOT be repeated. I would NEVER repeat this, hope no reader does. I wish to encourage you all to be safe in any of your experimentation.

The time: August, 1995.
The drugs:
I took the diphenhydramine and the Robo (gag!) and waited about 90 minutes. I then got the Absolut out of the freezer and enjoyed some nice toonies, having about 1/2 bottle (~375 ml) in about 45 minutes. After another 15 minutes or so, I did 10 mg. butorphanol IM.

PLEASE, Don't fool around with needles! If you do, DON'T do any IV injections.. . I have been around the scene for quite some time, and a lot of my acquantances are now dead (OD, Aids, liver failure) which is directly the result of needle use.

So I was sitting in my stuffed chair anticipating a great time; I was going to listen to some CDs of various types, and I really started getting off. I had done this exact combination of poisons about a week before, EXCLUDING the DXM, and it was quite a good dosage for me. About butorphanol- It's an opiate-type drug, similar to pentazocaine (Talwin), fairly uncommon, and a usual IM/IV dose as a replacement for morhpine in pain management is about 1-3 mg. Don't even ask where/how I got it...

I wanted to go to the kitchen to get some potato chips, and started walking in that direction. I got about half way there, and the poisons had REALLY hit me. I was standing in the dining room, about 6 inches from a wall with my back facing the wall. I thought I would fall over, so I leaned back and slowly fell against the wall- CLUNK!- and stood there, supported by the wall. (I probably would have fallen to the floor if the wall wasn't there.)

Oh God, the hallucinations were the most incredible and intense I had EVER seen! As stated in the previous rambling, I don't really see 3d objects, but it was the most fantastic cartoon-like rendering over the entire visual field. Flames, oriental pagodas, castles, dancing devils, angels, cathedrals, just writhing over everything. I just stood there, with my jaw dropped, in awe of the whole scene. I don't know how long I stood there, flopped against the wall, probably 5-10 minutes, it seemd like hours. Strongest visuals I have EVER had- the only thing that ever came close was a time about 20 years earlier after taking some GOOD LSD, then smoking a lot of marijuana, and then smoking a goodly amount of DMT. But the strongest was yet to come. Needless to say, by this time I had totally forgotten about the potato chips.

I made it back to the chair, put on the headphones, and played the Brother Cain disk "Bad Seeds". I only really liked one selection on it, "And Fools Shine On", and put it to that cut. Just great! There I was, listening to something that I really liked, with this intense cosmic light show swirling about me.

So that cut ended, I was holding the Walkman in my two hands, and I had my fingers positioned over the little buttons. I wanted to push it back and re-play that selection, but I just couldn't get my finger to move. It was, maybe, 1/2 inch from the button. And I tried, and I tried, and I just couldn't get it to happen. And I really tried! I started to think that I was totally paralyzed, and I became quite concerned that I might, like die sitting in that chair. You know, complete muscular paralysis extending to the muscles responsible for breathing... I wondered if I died how long it would take for someone to find me in that chair. The telephone was about 2 feet from me, but I knew I couln't move a muscle to pick it up to call 911.

Meanwhile, Brother Cain was playing some other tracks. I began to concentrate on my breathing, feeling each breath and how strong it was, trying to judge how shallow/deep each breath was and how many times/minute I was breathing. I convinced myself that my breathing seemed stable enough... Fairly soon I tried again and I could move my fingers, and my hand, and my arms. So I really felt good and relieved; I concluded that I was not going to die afterall and I just felt really good.

The stars and galaxies swarmed about me, the devils and angels continued to dance, the kaleidescope continued to fascinate me as I let Brother Cain play out the disk. Such wonderful music! How could I have not liked anything except "And Fools Shine ON"? Yes, I really developed a great appreciation for that music...

I eventually came to normalcy without incident. Never again have I repeated this insane combination- Never again will I. Watch out for strange drug interactions- particularly when using things that are rare or little-known.

1998 The Third Plateau
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