Shapes of Plasma

Ok well heres how it goes its friday night im drunk and im talking to my best friend and my girlfriend on 3-way on the phone. My best friend was sussposed to come over and chill with me but circumstances prevented that. Im pretty drunk and happy and just chillin. Ok im no longer drunk and im on the phone with my friend he encourages me to take 480 mg of DXM via coricidin hbp. I was kinda wairy or mixin alcohol and DXM and thought that the trip would suck. Ok im off the phone and feelin the dxm kick in I just sit there and watch tv until I decide to listin to my wide collection of MP3's on my computer with my great headphones ( they cost like 80 bucks ). Im lying on the floor talking on the phone in the dark with the stereo/computer with good speakers. Oh I guess I forgot to mention my friend called back. Well after about a hour of talking to him I relized I craved music I let my friend go and put the headphones on. I close my eyes and listen. All of a sudden I realize something different than any other trip when I close my eyes and concentrate on the music Im carried away from my room and im floating on the dimly lite colorful shapes of plasma its 3D totally and its all im my head WOW. this went on for like 2 hours then I just went to sleep and I havent been able to reproduce those effects and im pissed that was a great trip. Oh well

lost in boredom

1998 The Third Plateau
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