The Marshmellow Trip

dxm: 1800-1900 mg

I began one of my most wonderful expieriences with just under 2, 89ml (5ml=30mg ) bottles of delsym dxm polistrirex. I really don't know if I calculated that right because I'm guessing and I also took about the same amount a little while ago...

I began to walk with *sealegs*, a wonderful dance and balancing act that others see as *stumbling all over the place*. My thoughts were fluid, I was beginning a cosmic voyage. I laid down, closed my eyes, and my whole body was millions of shards of silver hologhrahic light. I could see my movements and hear their rhythm. I began to think (as this was my best as of yet) that I had found what i had been looking for in acid and shrooms. I felt the same level of unity that I did my first night camping in the Balck Rock Desert (another wonderous mind trip but w/o chemicals). I lay naked with my live in guy. We began to roll around and I became pleasantly entangled in all of him. I was never more happy. We eventually went to sleep, but when we woke up we had the greatest conversation. He's a wonderful person.

acid: so hard to tell

this was quite a few years ago, too many to count, but my recollectin is vivid. I had dropped at about noon for my 2nd time. my 2nd times have historically been the best for me. I had a great friend at the time(who I've lost track of) that dropped with me and we went downtown. We took the bus and there was this guy talking to us. we were just starting to feel it. He said that his brother burned him witha marshmallow and showed us this scar. I didn't really think much of it untill I came down. We went on the trail that goes under the brady street bridge, and sat under one of the buildings where the erosion leaves dirt rooms with concrete ceilings. As we left I found my favorite pipe that ended up getting confiscated. it was just lying ther in the dark under this building in the dirt. I picked it up and marched on. we saw a car with 666 on the plate. There was a joke made about the marking of the beast. we passed some flower shop and there was this pot outside with this bee on a wire. it's wings blew in the wind. I took it with no regard that this could be someone elses. I walked around with it for a while and bent hte wire and put it in my backpack. we went past the new osco and it seemed pure evil, I vowed never to go in there and I never have. we walked down the street and the pinkish blue pulpley clouds danced above the old Italian houses I was hallucinating something fierce. someone honked. I couldn't figure it out but a friend of mine told me a few weeks later that he had seen me. We went into one of my favorite coffeehouses that looks different now. The table was painted all funky and I began to trip off that. I had this computer drawn picture of a volcano with waves crashing against a volcano. I saw and heard the waves crash in detail. Some lady lifted her glass and began to make a sound that I can do better than explain: *daing gaing gaing* we left, walked around a bit and sat above the harbor and watched the lighrs on the lake. at another coffee place we met some people that dropped acid there. we ordered hot chocolate and it came with these HUGE marshmallows! we wandered around the city for a while, only to find ourselves at a mc crappy donalds. I ordered marshmallows. I don't know what I was thinking, but she gave me a cup of marshmallows and charged me 65cents. I choked on them a little but saved the cup. we went back to my friends house where the bee and the pipe were put into action. I began to swing the bee round and round in the plant filled living room and he flew off. I still have him. we nichnamed it the marshmallow trip. It was a very fun trip, that I always wanted to record for my personal benefit .

I can hardly type to begin with and the dxm is kickin in so I'd better stop wasting time rambling about the wonderful past and participate in the wonderful now.


1998 The Third Plateau
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