A DXM Experience in Meditation


I just thought that I'd submit my experiences with dxm, as they might be helpful to someone. I'm currently 19 years old and I've been taking dxm for spiritual growth.. I spend most trips doing meditation... I have a strong intrest in out of body experiences and a detailed knowledge of them.. I've tried to invoke them with and without dxm.. With dxm I have had much more success than without.. I've really only had two trips worth mentioning.. The first was around 200mg.. I did several relaxation exercises and mediation exercises after it took effect.. I then tried several styles meditation, all with great success into getting into strange states of mind.. The last time I took around 350mg and did several hours of meditation with a lot of strange effects.. At some points I used the program flasher at around 7hz.. I then started doing some standard breathing exercises that I've learned through transcendental meditation.. After I got into a good trance I started staring into the blinking lights.. There were some great clear visual experiences. At some points the lights would get faster and faster but I found it hard to concentrate on them. What I experienced was, if I concentrated on the lights they would apprear to get faster and faster until I felt like it was a steady light and my whole body was vibrating.. The only problem was it was extremely difficult to get into the state and hold it. (That state commonly comes before having an obe, and so that's something to work for.. Be warned though that if you get a pulsing feeling in your eyes this could possibly lead to seizures and it's best to stop..) Getting into the state took no more than staring into the light and putting all concentration on it.. The problem was that visual hallucinations kept distracting me.. It was very hard to ignore some of them and the more i tried to ignore them the stronger they seemed to get, and each time it led to distracting me.. The only other thing that happened that is worth mentioning would be the sleep relaxation exersises that I did before going to sleep.. I tried doing meditation while trying to fall asleep... This was an extremely powerful experience with dxm.. I had a lot of trouble getting into a trance because I was very tired.. What would happen was whenever I came close to getting into a trance I would be distracted by some halucinations that would lead off into drifting into a light sleep and having extreemly detailed dreams... Almost all the dreams seemed to end with something strange happening, I then realized I was dreaming, and then became lucid for a few seconds, and then woke up (as I almost always do when I become lucid in dreams)... I tried several experiments and learned that I could easilly control what I would dream about by creating hallucinations in my minds eye and "playing around" with them until I drifted off.. I would then experience a dream that was a continuation of that halucination.. All of these dreams and halucinations were incredibly detailed and realistic (although some of them were cartoonish)..

I have been unsuccessful so far at having an obe, but I have come closer than ever with the use of relatively low doses of dxm.. There are many reports of high dosages of dxm causing OBE's.. I believe that if a person is trying to learn to have controlable obe's the way to get there is probably through low to intermediate dosages of DXM and a lot of meditation.. The better way is of course a lot of meditation, but that could take a long time and a lot of work to be successful at.. DXM Could definitly be a tool to helping one achieve spiritual growth as long as it is not abused.

I must also mention that I have reactions with medicine that I was taking.. I was regularly on a high dosage of prozac and this seemed to make the trip take longer to actually take effect, and last a lot longer (one of the lasted around 3 days, of course the second and third days were just mild halucinations, and a weird dissasociated feeling... And a lot of alertness).. I wouldn't reccomend that anyone on an SSRI take any large quantities of DXM. I wish everyone good luck with DXM and OBE's.

1998 The Third Plateau
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