An explanation written while on DXM (first plateau)

"Dxm is a wierd thing. It occurs in waves, much like everything in life. There are times where I need to get up and do something, then there are times where everything appears to be normal. Underneath all that, there is a blanket of lucidity and wideness."

"I was telling my friend the other day, while we were high on a small dxm trip, that it was like taking normality and pulling some of it out, like lets say normality is a stick. You add some more normality to that stick of normality. The thing is, this normality is a different, odd, synthetic-almost, normality. That is a small scale dxm trip. It's taking normality and living on the edge of it and staying there for a while."

"I find myself in a spiritual rebirth, but as that on a computer. As in a color-infrared chart on a computer screen of the scanning of a brain and brain activity. All the while, I totally forget where I am. I just keep dancing in my trance. I find myself becoming individual parts of a whole. I make up every substance and get into everything. It is sort of like being omnipresent. Wondering through time and through different dimensions. Connecting my usual plane of consciousness with the elevated one I am currently on. They are almost identical, exept that the current one is slightly more free and more condusive to the reality of the brain. It is very easy to understand everyday thought, but impossible to understand the blandness and routine of every day life. We seem to waste our brain capacity and our true, spiritual selves in the clamour of everyday life. Spirituality and our curiosity is lost and it becomes a chore to find out who you really are. In this higher state of consciousness, it is second nature. You do not even need to want to have the need to find it. It is here in this plane of consiousness and can either be produced by psychedelic drugs or deep meditation. The drug, though, seems to automatically take you into that meditation. How dare governments make this reflection illegal. How dare they infringe on my rights to explore my true spirituality and life. It is my buisiness what corners of my being I want to explore and how I should go about doing it. Mine and mine only."

1998 The Third Plateau
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