The Parallel World (300 mg DXM in Coricidin)

This is an account of my first DXM trip (as best that I can remember). I will first start with the events that led up to my consumption of this holy substance. While talking with people on the web on various ways to trip, I spoke to a fellow that knew many of the odd ways that I had also known. He then brought up the subject of DXM. I had never heard of this and asked him what it was and he said Robotussin Extra Strength or Good Cough Pills. Well after he enlightened me I read up on various Sites on the web for information on the subject. etc., etc., time passes (about a week). And I find some Coricidin cold & cough these containing only 30mg of Dextromethorphan Hydrobromide (DXM HBr).

Later that night (9:30pm) I began to consume 10 DXM pills. I then took vitamin - C and Ginseng ( C and Ginseng always seems to help heighten the experience).

I sat on my computer and talked in some chat rooms. At about 10:30 I began to feel pretty nice and buzzing. But it did not stop there! No not there indeed. By 11:30 I found it hard/impossible to continue chatting with a friend online that was experienced with DXM. He said he understood and we ended the conversation with him telling me to sign on later and telling him how I was doing. At 11:30 I sat down in a Locus position and meditated... I found meditation infinitely easier on DXM. I was able to do what hours of meditating would usually take in matters off seconds. At this point I was begging to have closed eye visuals. Though they were mild only a little more than vivid imagination. I also had a feeling of melting into the floor and of my mind expanding and filling the room. At this point I would have settled with this... but it didnít end there.

I got off the floor drank the last of my orange juice and lied in my bed. I had been listening to the radio all evening but as I lied in my bed the music became very powerful. Even the really bad songs felt like there was meaning in ever word of the lyrics. By about 12:00am/pm (midnight) I was having interesting closed eye visuals... they werenít very colorful but they felt VERY realistic. Also around midnight Iíd figure Iíd spice it up a tad. I fumbled through my drawers and found my can of butane. I took a deep breath of the butane held it, put the can back (still holding it), lied down (still holding it), closed my eyes (still holding it). As I lied there all reality melted away and reality spun away in a pool of crystal gel. The butane helped push me over the edge to the other side. I saw a colorful spinning tunnel at which down the ways was a glowing cinder like ball that moved towards me quickly. When I got near this ball I it slowed down and while going past it I grabbed it and tucked it under my arms... figuring It to be of some importance I held on to it. As I went down the tunnel it began to turn more into a real solid world not a spinning whirling in between. It was another world parallel to ours. I then had the feeling of other entities around me they werenít the playful elves or the infamous mantis, but they were almost human like even though I never saw them well they ìgaveî ( I say gave because it wasnít quite vocalized) me the information that I was always in this world but I almost saw it (or wanted it)... and that few others ever visited these entities. They ëgaveî me the knowledge that this is where new ideas and thoughts originated. They were very solemn people when I asked them why they were so sad they responded that they were lonely and that they have infinite knowledge to share with ìmyî (humans) people just if we asked them. I didnít suspect any danger from these people they seemed so logical... yet so unemotional. At this point (12:45) I noticed my bladder (I had to go REAL bad). The other world was dissolving quickly so I said good bye for now and that I would visit them again... they responded ìwe knowî. This phrase ìwe knowî stuck in my head as I was torn back into this world.

I slowly got out of my bed and nearly fell on my ass trying to stand up. I was so uncoordinated all the physical sense of this world felt so foreign. But I got my footing... kind of. And I walked to the bathroom almost stumbling and falling on my ass once again. But I made it to the bathroom when I flipped on the light the whole bathroom looked different... the whole room looked flat and two dimensional (this made it very difficult to aim). Also the room was flickering with colored light! This was agitating to me... so I finished doing my business then turned off the light, washed my hands and get some water.

I went back to my room and figured out how to get on my computer. And remembering my password with some difficulty. I told this friend online about what it was like as good as I could. But I couldnít stay on for long... because my hands AND the keys were running away and hiding under the desk and other things that make typing nearly impossible. I signed off and went back into my bed.

While getting into my bed I took another huff of butane. As soon as I did this that song that goes ìWhat if God was one of us... a slob like one of us?î. I closed my eyes and the lyrics guided the trip. I saw myself being pulled up to GOD HIMSELF! On the way to him I was surrounded by his angels! They were beautiful! I finally reached God and I saw him. I was filled with bliss and energy. I thanked him for what I had and praised his glory. After total bliss for what seemed like hours with God and the angels I began to fall back into this world. I waved bye as I fell down and I felt full of energy and strength. The song came to an end and I was back in this world listening to the disc jockey speak his words.

I opened my eyes and for awhile and took a look around my room trying to see if there was a way to grip reality. But there really wasnít any way. I was so gone it was impossible. So I laid back in my bed and closed my eyes and the music was different now it was a more chaotic tune and it made the visuals also much more chaotic. From this point on there really wasnít any particle visions that stick out. Mostly a jumble of glimpses of the future, spinning kaleidoscopes, and a dreamy vision of blowing away my parents. These flashing images were more like short little trips each one with a little story. I was completely immobilized during this period and I didnít even want to TRY to get up. I was just determined to sit here through the duration of the trip. And thatís what I did. By this time (or absence there of) time had no meaning and everything lasted forever or all at once. I tripped slowly to sleep and I really couldnít tell when I fell asleep because the trip just kind of merged with my dreams.

I woke up at about 6:00am. I felt energetic, but still a little weird. So I went to the bathroom came back to my room lied in my bed and went back to sleep again.

I woke up for good at 8:45am feeling real good and energetic like I got a real good night of sleep :) But I sat there for awhile and contemplated exactly what I did and what had happened. It now 9:15pm the next day I feel a little bit of it lingering but itís more of the energy that I was given.

In conclusion I believe it to be one of the best experiences in my life. There were no side effects. The only thing that I didnít quite like about it was that in this world it was IMPOSSIBLE! to focus on anything... but that didnít stop me from focusing on the other world. I would suggest this to anyone who wants to go on a real journey of the mind. ALSO IF YOU ARE GOING TO DO THIS I EMPHASISE CLOSE YOUR EYES AND LIE OR SIT DOWN!!! DO NOT EXPECT TO HAVE VERY GOOD OPEN EYE VISUALS! CLOSE YOUR EYES AND LIE DOWN! DONíT WALK AROUND! Peace, Love, and happiness to you all! Get high and stay there!

©1998 The Third Plateau
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