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The List of Chemical DXM Suppliers

I'm always getting questions asking if these companies are legit. Here are some tips:

I've heard only good stuff about WANMAN. Almost everyone I have talked to gets their orders sent in a relatively short time. The packages are securely wrapped and shipped with care. The tradeoff is that WANMAN offers a little more money for the security.

JLF is reputable. Friends of mine have purchased many things from them (not DXM, yet) and have had no complaints. They are a large business dedicated to selling "poisonous non-consumables", so they have no room to scam people. They are not a fly-by night reseller. They are the first big business (besides the old Sigma company) to get on the DXM bus.

I have gotten some bad information about Sunset Ph. I've heard of orders not being delivered and emails not returned -- almost as if they packed up and left.

Kristopher Kindell seems reputable, though I haven't heard any information about him (as of 5-6-98). I emailed him and he replied the same day with a friendly message, so his email DOES work.

I have no information on Zachary Earnest and Sean McKeon. From their emails, they seem reputable. At least they do respond to emails, unlike the DXM suppliers of the past that have since gone out of business.

Before you place orders with any of these companies, email them and ask them about their services. You might also want to ask around on the newsgroups/DXM message board if anyone has received bad service from any of these companies.

Also realize that the net community is in close relations to these companies. If one person gets screwed over, he/she would go on the newsgroups and report it to the entire internet. The companies know this, so they won't try to do bad business. They couldn't afford it.

Also, as of now, buying DXM powder is legal to buy and sell for research purposes in the US. It is not legal to buy and sell the powder for recreational drug purposes. These companies sell the powder for research purposes and for study ONLY. They don't sell it to trippers. If you want to place an order with any of these companies, don't state your reasons why. It is legal to buy pure DXM powder, but it is ILLEGAL to consume more than 30mg of it, unless directed so by a doctor.

The only thing that would make buying DXM powder illegal is the misuse of it. If you sell this stuff on the street, all it takes are a few kids who are curious to get pure DXM powder illegal. Here is what William White, the author of the DXM FAQ says about this issue:

"I think if anything is going to end the Robo Party it'll be people who buy DXM HBr in bulk form and resell it on the street. All it takes is for one kid to buy some and say "hey I wonder what happens if I take ten capsules" and we can kiss the ol' Deus-X-Machina mistress goodbye."

If you sell this stuff on the street, you are putting the whole DXM community at risk. Ignorance is not a good thing. I suggest that you don't sell this powder on the street. Keep it to yourself and to your close friends. All we need is for 20/20 or dateline to find out about some kid that took 4000 mg of DXM and died to have it become a household name and become illegal. Look at what happened to GHB. You used to be able to buy GHB at any nutrition store a few years back. Now it's being called the "date rape drug" and is on its way to being made as illegal as heroin and cocaine.

If you sell/resell pharmaceutical grade dextromethorphan, please contact me at I can advertise your services here free of charge.

Note: I am not affiliated with any of the following companies or people. I just advertise their services. This information is here for the sake of completion. Use at your own risk. I don't recommend the consumption of DXM powder!

All prices are in U.S. dollars. If you need a currency converter, go to

When dealing with DXM powder, you will need a scale that is accurate to at least 1/10 of a gram (100 mg). There are quite a few inexpensive scales out there that can do this for under $40. If you need info on ordering a scale online, go to For inexpensive, yet accurate scales, go to the under $85 section.

WANMAN Enterprises:

Dextromethorphan Hydrobromide, USP

This product is not recommended for human consumption and is not warrantied for ANY particular use by WANMAN.

You can contact them at:

WANMAN Enterprises
1505 Bridford Pkwy
Greensboro NC 27407

Current DXM prices (as of 2-4-98):


All prices include shipping and handling. Orders are shipped to USA, Canada, and England only, and are shipped within 24 hrs. (sundays excluded) USPS Priority Mail (2-3 day).

Only checks (not recommended), or certified money orders are accepted. Large orders (over 100g) should be cleared in advance through email.

JLF Poisonous Non-Consumables

Dextromethorphan HBr USP

JLF also sells a large amount of plants, chemicals, and chemical supplies.

It is best to do business through their website, due to the fact that DXM is just one of the hundreds of products they sell.

All products carry a 100% money-back guarantee of authenticity.

Orders are usually sent in unlabeled/mislabeled (could say anything from pampers to motor-oil on the box), recycled containers.

To order from them, you must call them and read their "Ordering Agreement Statement & Required Release" into a tape recorder. This is necessary to solve any legal problems that they may encounter. More information on this, including the statement itself is located at

You can order their printed catalog for $2.00.

You can contact them at:

JLF Poisonous Non-Consumables
P.O. Box 184
Elizabethtown, IN 47232
Phone: 812 379-2508 (24-7)

Current DXM Prices: (as of 5-14-98)


Kristopher Kindell

Dextromethorphan HBr USP

Please note when ordering that I take no responsibility for what you do with this drug. Your an adult and can make your own decisions.

You can contact him at:

Kristopher Kindell
8340 W. Markley RD
Ludlow Falls, Oh 45339

Current DXM Prices (as of May 6, 1998):

50 grams.....$65.00
100 grams.....$110.00

All prices include shipping and handling to the continental United States.

Orders will be shipped within 3 business days if payed for with money order or cashiers check.

Zachary Earnest

Dextromethorphan Hydrobromide USP

This supplier has an excess of powder left (over 200 grams), and he is trying to get rid of the excess by selling it. The powder is first come first serve. Supplies are extremely limited!

As a special bonus, gelcaps will be sent out with all orders.

Note: If supplies run out, the money will be sent back within a week

Sold only for "research purposes". Zachary Earnest is not responsible in anyway for the usage of his product.

Urgent note (5-24-98): Due to unexpected family problems, a friend will be handling his orders while Zachary Earnest takes care of some business. Therefore, the address will change. All orders sent to PO BOX 476 Mountain View, Arkansas 72560 will be sent back the same day they are recieved. If your order has already been processed, it will be sent out.

Greendrag's Note: This guy sent me a long email explaining what happened. In it, he told me many times that he doesn't want to screw people over. He definitely is sincere and I do think he is still reputable.

As of 5-24-98, send orders to Mr. Earnest's friend:

Note: Make the address on the envelope (that contains your order) addressed to Robin Branscum, not Zachary Earnest. Still make all money orders out to Zachary Earnest, but address the envelope to Robin Branscum.
Robin Branscum
HC 73, BOX 532
Mountain View, Arkansas 72560

Still address all money orders to Zachary Earnest, since the business is still in his name. The only thing that has changed is that his friend handles all orders.

Current DXM Prices:

Sales are limited to under 100 grams per purchase.
$4.50 a gram
At 50+ grams, the price drops to $4.00 a gram

Gelcaps (included with every order unless specified):

20 size "o" pills (hold up to 250 mg)
10 size "oo" pills (hold up to 500 mg)
If more caps are needed, include an extra dollar and a specified number of caps needed.

Orders will be sent out 1-4 days after their arrival. Only cash or money orders will be accepted.

Sean McKeon

Dextromethorphan HBr USP

The powder has already been placed into convenient ~250mg gelcaps, size "o".

Note that it is not intended for human consumption. Sean McKeon can not be held responsible for any misuse of the product.

Contact him at

Current DXM Prices:

1-15 "grams".....$8/g
16-25 "grams".....$6.50/g
26-50 "grams".....$5.50/g
100+ "grams" him

Payment in cashiers check or money order only (well, you could send cash, but I wouldn't, just go to 7-11 and give them the 79 cents, and make everyone's life easier).

Sunset Pharmaceuticals

Dextromethorphan HBr USP

Any intentional misuse of this product is the sole responsibility of the purchaser. SUNSET PH does not support or condone the use of this product at doses above that of typical medicinal use.

Note: reputability of this company seems sketchy, since I've heard of quite a few complaints from around the net.

You can contact them at:

PO Box 180684
Austin, TX 78718-0684

Current DXM Prices:


All prices include shipping and handling for US residents. Int'l orders must add US$5 additional for shipping.

DxMan doesn't seem to be selling DXM anymore. Both of his addresses don't work.

DXM King also doesn't seem to be in the business anymore. His email address "has fatal errors" (doesn't work).

Biogenesis emailed me and told me they are no longer selling DXM or Ketamine. They are selling GHB and their website is located at

Softearth is no longer supplying DXM.

Plateau Labs is no longer supplying DXM anymore as of May 1, 1998. If you have ordered from them and haven't gotten anything, you'll get your money back (so I'm told).

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