A trip in a public place

(note, this essay has bad grammar and can be easily misunderstood.)

I must tell you a few of my storys the first was the 2nd time i took dmx i took one pill and only weighing in at 130lbs it fucked me quite nice till i went to the store with 2 of my friends at 2o'clock in the morning i was to fucked to go in a public place so i sat out back and waiting for them it took a good 30 minutes when everything around me started getting dark and the little green plants turned neon green then everything went black except an ambulance station about 50 yards away was the only thing i could see and then i started getting paranoid cause cops come back every once in awhile to see if anyone is behind the store still with everything black except the station i felt bugs crawling all over me so i ran out from behind the store and went in falling on my face twice and making a fool of myself in front of 2 fine ladies but i couldn't focus on their face so it dont matter when i went into the store i even scared my friends cause they said it looked like i just seen a ghost and i was about as pale as one i dont know if you would call this a bad tripp or just severe paranoia and 2nd while playing the game The Need For Speed at my friends house on 2 pills and i could feel the Ferrari's 512TR suspension move and i was actually deathly afraid of hitting walls my friends said i didnt talk to them for 4 hours straight cause i was to into the game i set a new record for each track by far that is my most interesting tripp stories.

1998 The Third Plateau
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